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Best Battles in New Comics: 08/23/13


Wow, there was a flood of epic battles this week. Not that I'm complaining or anything, but we had a ridiculously tough time narrowing it down to just three highlights. As you'll see, the honorable mentions section is quite packed this week, but we're certain the three we've selected are thoroughly awesome and more than deserving of the focus. Don't forget to chime in with your own top three, too!

Did your favorite melee not get a mention? Well, it's possible we didn't read that issue, so be sure to make suggestions in the official Best Battles Discussion Thread from now on. We review that before writing this weekly feature and do our best to get our hands on the issues suggested!

Wonder Woman, Orion, War vs. First Born (Wonder Woman #23)

It's time for a big ol' brawl between some formidable powerhouses. Wonder Woman confronts the super-strong First Born, but instead of taking her on, he sends his goons after her. Naturally, they're no match for the Amazon, but there's still a lot of 'em in her way. To even the odds, War calls upon a massive army consisting of warriors throughout all of time on our little planet. As the two sides clash, Orion attempts to go for the big kahuna. Despite landing one helluva first strike, First Born has no problem handling Darkseid's son and makes rather short work of him.

A strike worthy of a 'THOOM.'

Before the villain can deliver a killing blow, Diana steps up to the plate, prepared for a bloody bout. The iconic character goes full speed ahead, grabbing her foe and taking the two high into the sky. She hits him across the face with a thunderous punch -- one which makes blood spew from his mouth -- but it still isn't enough to put an end to the big man's madness.

Okay, that warrants a 'THOOM!' as well.

Losing control and throwing around fists like a boss still won't faze First Born and it's not long before he turns the tide. The large villain wraps his arms around Wonder Woman and sends the two rocketing back down to Earth... face first. First Born walks away from the staggering crash landing. Wonder Woman? Well, the impact has her down for the count... for now, at least. The powerful antagonist then sets his sights on Hera and grabs her by the throat. War, however, is able to divert the terrible man's attention with a bullet to the man's head and so begins a battle between finesse and raw might.

"How's it taste?" reminds me of Chappelle's skit about Sam Jackson's beer. Somehow, I doubt Azzarello had that in mind.

War is now at First Born's mercy and Wonder Woman is still reeling from that slam. What will happen next? You didn't honestly think we'd ruin it for you, did you? Go get that issue, Viners, and thank us later.

Batman, Nightwing, Damian vs. The Heretic (Batman & Nightwing #23)

Batman's five stages of grief comes to an end. What started with a powerful silent issue wraps up with an explosive yet gripping issue filled with emotion. Bruce is trying to prove he could have saved his son on that terrible day by enduring a simulation over and over (dubbed Internet 3.0 Resurrection Program). Thus far, he hasn't been able to save his son and the best case scenario was a blast which killed him, Damian and Heretic. However, Dick Grayson agrees to jump into the virtual reality with him and the two are able to assault the lumbering enemy before things go downhill for Robin.


Now that Batman and Nightwing are in the picture, Damian is saved from an absolutely brutal onslaught of attacks. But for how long? Can these two change his fate now that they're in the fight at this critical moment? They're sure as Hell going to try and they unleash viciously against Talia al Ghul's beastly ally.

That's a rather harsh Bat-beatdown.

The trio of heroes continues to struggle with the ginormous brute. To make matters even more difficult, they're attempting to dispatch the numerous gunmen surrounding them, too. There was a reason Bruce has been unable to successfully end this simulation, after all. Unfortunately, one of the said gunmen has a RPG and the blast drops the Dark Knight. As if things couldn't get any worse, The Heretic pins Damian to the ground by impaling his cape. The fiend readies his sword, prepared to deliver the killing blow on the child. Concurrently, Batman throws Nightwing a spear. Who strikes first? Let's take a look.

If only...

The five stages of grief definitely hit some speed bumps, but it ends on quite a strong note that's sure to make some tears flow. Plus, more art from Patrick Gleason is ALWAYS a good thing (as seen above).

Superman vs. Captain Atom (Injustice: Gods Among Us #32)

The last chapter of Injustice concluded with Superman holding a seemingly defeated Captain Atom by the throat. This was certainly a disappointing cliffhanger for fans of the character, but this issue makes up for that and then some. Tom Taylor writes a gloriously epic brawl between these heavy hitters and the art team (Jheremy Raapack, David Lopez and Santi Casas) bring the cinematic smackdown to life with exceptional talent. Prepare your eyes for awesomeness.

Never has a "*#&$ just got real" meme been more fitting.

Atom reveals he's been playing possum, hoping Superman would do the right thing. But upon seeing Clark's gloves are off, he throws the first attack and Clark goes FLYING (as seen above). Atom flies after Kal and hits him with an absurdly strong punch, savagely sending Big Blue back to the surface. The Man of Steel's impact creates quite a crater, but he quickly recovers and gives Captain Atom a taste of his own blunt-force medicine.

Now THAT'S a punch!

That's quite a hit from Supes, right? In spite of it being such a devastating attack, it's not nearly enough to keep Batman's ally on the ground. In fact, all it does it make Captain Atom come back with a right hook of his own. Unfortunately for Superman, it's way more effective. So effective that its "KOOM" warrants two extra letters. That's quite a wallop, folks, and the art team does a killer job with the splash page.

NEVER challenge Captain Atom to a punching contest. He'll KOOOOM you ridiculously hard.

Superman goes down from the punch, but what happens next? Well, I suppose you'll just have to buy the digital comic to find out! Seriously, it's totally worth the whopping $0.99 price tag.

Honorable Mentions ( yeah, there's quite a few this week)

What were your 3 favorite fights this week? Share 'em below.

Don't forget to make nominations every week in the official thread or tell Gregg via Twitter.

Posted by UltimateSMfan

Those were some goooood battles.

Posted by cbishop

The Wonder Woman battle was absolutely epic, and it solves a long-standing problem for her characterization. :)

Posted by Outside_85

Hmm, so the only way they could have saved Damian, was to have broken the code... if that had happened, I am betting it wouldn't have gone down well. It would now since they know how it really ended, but had this been the real ending chances are that Nightwing would also have to go through the mill Batgirl is.

Posted by saoakden

The First Born looks crazy powerful and to take a hits from Wonder Woman and then take her down. That is one guy you don't mess with unless you have a death wish. Poor Damian. He shall be missed. Bright side is that we get a mini-series staring Damian. & Superman vs Captain Atom. That's crazy.

Posted by Jackmaa

I haven't pulled any WW comics but after this fight I might get on board, when this comic will begin a new arc. I count on you viners to tell me when it's a good start to read about the Amazon.

Posted by herrweis

@jackmaa: the series has been great since issue number one

Edited by EvilPenguin543

Wonder Woman in God Mode = awesome.

Edited by Deranged Midget

Yeah, it's incredibly difficult to top Injustice week after week. Quality right there!

Edited by kpung

@jackmaa, after villains month would be a good time to jump onboard but I strongly suggest picking up the older TPB’s.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous






Posted by hamlet33

Arsenal vs The Assassins was AWESOME

Posted by Overlander

A very DC episode of Best Battles...

Marvel got some honorable mentions, but the Warner Brothers were laying the best beat-downs this week.

Edited by Dead_raccoon

I imagine Batman screaming "I'm right here, son!" in a rapper-like voice. "I'm right here, boyee!!!"

Luckily with last weeks Batman and Robin Nightwing we finally see Bruce over Damian to a point where it's no longer a haunting burden that keeps him in his depressed grieving-isolation. Also, I would've loved to have seen Alfred open up a can in the simulator, lol.

Posted by ravisher

superman got owned

Edited by Dead_raccoon

@hamlet33: I agree. That was some Grade-A ass kicking though I feel he may've needed another 10-20 guns.

Posted by tessmercer51

Superman has gotten into a lot of fights this week!?!

Posted by Queso6p4

Nice stuff! Seems it was the week of onomatopoeia.

Edited by LordRequiem

I find it difficult to understand why a grown up Damian would be so much more formidable than Batman, Nightwing and Young Damian all at once, that's just stupid. Also, finally good to see some Captain Atom, it's been far too long.

Edited by Mezmero

This is why I still like comic books. So many awesome battles every week.

Posted by StMichalofWilson

The Superman vs. Captain Atom fight was epic!

Posted by GraniteSoldier


Great picks. Captain Atom was pretty boss in Injustice this week. Oh, and I have a more appropriate "sh!t just got real" meme:

I apologize for the language.

Posted by TheFirstLantern

The Superman vs Wraith battle was very one sided.

Posted by XImpossibruX

I really wish Captain Atom would win...

Posted by Cavemold

Really no avengers epic space battle? No so serious

Posted by Rossnrachel4ever

That panel of Nightwing stabbing the Heretic and saving Damian got me a little misty. I really miss that little guy.

Posted by RustyRoy

A very DC episode of Best Battles...

Marvel got some honorable mentions, but the Warner Brothers were laying the best beat-downs this week.

More like a Trinity episode of Best battles.

Posted by k4tzm4n

@cavemold said:

Really no avengers epic space battle? No so serious

Second paragraph: "Why doesn't anyone like me? :("

Posted by apg103

i thought Damien was dead

Posted by The_Titan_Lord


Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Atom v. Supes for the win!

Edited by Jake Fury

Supergirl vs the I'Noxians

WW and Friends vs the First Born and his army

Posted by k4tzm4n

@apg103 said:

i thought Damien was dead

He is. It's explained in the article.

Posted by TheCheeseStabber
Posted by lilben42
Posted by eagerbuttermilk

superman got beat down lol

Posted by smithadam7

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Posted by Donovan Montgomery

Wow, sad so much spam :( (I know, hard to keep up, good job mods )

I now need to go find that Injustice series.

Posted by Bezza

WW fight was epic. People have been moaning about how weak she is, but rather miss the point that First Born absolutely hammered Orion, a character who historically has given Superman some good fights. WW may have got smacked down, but she got up again, which is more than Orion did. Great stuff!

Posted by Bezza

No mention for Flash v Reverse Flash? A fight that lasts nearly the whole comic?!

Posted by k4tzm4n

@bezza said:

No mention for Flash v Reverse Flash? A fight that lasts nearly the whole comic?!

Well, seeing as this is last week's best battles...

Posted by Bezza

Fair enough! Jumped the gun as usual.