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Bendis Talks Marvel Movies!

In an interview, the Marvel writer talks about his involvement with the 'Thor' film as well as the great perks of his job

Although Thor isn't set out to be released until 2011; we can definitely expect an action packed display of awesome-ness. Oh, and if you didn't want to get into comic books already, did I mention how many perks you get? Both Brian Michael Bendis ( Avengers ) as well as Editor of Marvel J oe Quesada , had the opportunity to sit in for the reenactments of "Thor," which probably means they got to catch Director Kenneth Branagh's interpretation of some crazy battle scenes. Bendis let readers in on what it's like working side by side with film makers, and talks about the cool perks he gets for being a comic book creator in an interview .

“[It] was Shakespearean, with flourishes,” Bendis said in an interview, "It was cool. It was a lot of fun...[This] is a little different than how Hollywood usually does it, which is a compliment to [Marvel Studios chief] Kevin [Feige],...Usually, Hollywood just does what it does. I know there are some comic book movies I hear that the people never even read a comic book based on the thing they’re working on."

Bendis, who is currently the writer for Dark Avengers in addition to many other Marvel titles, is part of the group of comic book writers that give the screenwriters and film makers a better idea of how to translate their characters from the panel to the big screen.

“They’ve asked me to be part of the team of guys who pick their brains and take their advice,” Bendis continued. “And for me it’s great to watch these writers deal with it and handle it. Watching them is a lot of fun.”

Wow. I can't begin to tell you how happy this makes me. To know that Bendis will have a hand in the interpretation of these characters gives me a very positive feeling about how these movies will turn out. Bendis also went on to add that the script for Iron Man 2 is "so good," that he read it 30 times. I am very excited about this. I think over the last few years we have seen some very disappointing films based on comic books and comic book characters, and I think that the best thing that these film makers could have done is to allow comic book writers to get involved in the scripting of these films.

Might I mention, I am way jealous of Bendis' job. Are you?
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hells yeah

Posted by danhimself

that's great...I'm still kind of worried about how the Thor movie will turn out but with Bendis being involved it makes me feel a little better

Posted by sora_thekey

I wanna do that for a living... well at least now we now know this is not going to tank!

Posted by Anderson: Agent of SMITH

I remeber watching the making of Iron Man thing on the DVD and I saw Bendis, Joey Q, Millar, and a bunch of other writers there. That was a good feeling. If you picked up Ultimate Spider-Man #133, then you might recall Bendis talking about the Spider-man movie in the interview in the back of the issue. I found it kind of funny how he wrote all these jokes, and there was one about Gobby's suit, so when he shows it to the executives, one's just like, 'That suit cost a lot of money. GTFO.' I see that they're taking the collaboration thing in a new direction, which is refreshing.  

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:: chillbumps ::

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This is some really news. Marvel is on roll with their live-action movies.

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I've been jealous of Bendis' job my whole life. Since before I knew who the hell he was lol.

Posted by Donovan Montgomery

Knowing Bendis is involved in future Marvel movies has me no longer looking forward to them :(
Having that job, however,  would rock.

Posted by jefprice

This is great. All his current books are top notch. As are more then 75% of his past work. I'm really looking forward to this even more then I was now.

Posted by elessar

I hope Iron MAn 2 will be awesome !

Posted by SUNMAN

no judgement will be given on my part till I see the finished product

Posted by Dusty.

Bendis is good with ideas sometimes.  Not sure what to think.  I don't want shock value stuff or changes for the sake of them, as he's done in his comic work, but we'll see.

Posted by Dusty.

Bendis is good with ideas sometimes.  Not sure what to think.  I don't want shock value stuff or changes for the sake of them, as he's done in his comic work, but we'll see.

Posted by geraldthesloth

The Job is fun

Bendis sucks.

Posted by SUNMAN
@geraldthesloth said:
" The Job is funBendis sucks. "
well said
Posted by PhsycoPirate

lol what a relief I have stuff to look forward to now life no longer sucks!!!!

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Thats great!!

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I have to say thats the most intelligent thing Hollywood could do. Before hand many of the comic book based movies that were coming out were not of a caliber that many comic fans would enjoy, simply because Hollywood would not let the comic book writers and creators in to help with the work in adapting the comic to the movie. I am also really exciting about Thor, with Branagh working on it theres only one word to describe the way Thor should turn out...EPIC!!

Posted by ritchman678

i personly think bendis is a good writer but even though i hope things slow don and develop after it is over same gos for dc.

Posted by johnjcoe9198
I actually had an idea for a Thor script that I think works really well.  The thing is, the Asgard angle WILL make for a great movie...just not the first one!  You have to play to the general audience who will be lost without some context!  So, with that in mind, I think this is a great idea for a Thor movie:
     Open with Thor, in costume during an epic battle with the World Serpent (I'm thinking make this thing Godzilla-size, for an epic battle.  This goes on for maybe 5 minutes as an intro sequence.  All kinds of action, with the final shot showing Thor leaping at the monster's open mouth, hammer in hand, looking like he's heading for certain death.....
     And then cue Donald Blake waking up from a terrible nightmare.  He gets up from another night of fitful sleep and terrible nightmares.  This has been going on for a while.  To the point where its effecting his work.  And considering he's a physician, that could be a problem.  These sequences are incredibly vivid, to the point of feeling like memories.  I also envision a sequence much like JMS's Thor series, where he gets interrupted by Odin, whilst in the middle of a threesome (It's important to note this scene is to show what an arrogant prick Thor is turning into, since he's the greatest Asgardian, and he KNOWS it).  These scenes need to be intercut with Blake's everday life, showing the juxtaposition between the mundane that is Blake's life, against the fantastic, otherworldly, and exciting "life" of his dreams.  When he starts to faulter at work, he sees a shrink (great opportunity for Doc Sampson cameo i.e. Ty Burrell).  Sampson notes how detailed and graphic these dreams are, to the point where they almost seem like...memories.  So, after his performance continues to deteoriate, he's forced to take a leave of absence.  So, with a vacation in mind, he goes to Greenland (despite suggestions of someplace sunny, he feels drawn to the place).  While sightseeing, he wanders into a museum with several displays of Viking and Nordic myths.  While seeing an exhibit, he sees the warhammer from his dreams.  (it isn't named as Mjolnir)  He's startled by how familiar it looks to him.  Compelled by forces he doesn't understand, he grabs the hammer and BOOM!-Thor is reborn.  From there, he remembers all the past events that brought him here-Ragnarok has come and gone, but due to Odin's curse that he become mortal UNTIL he learns humility, he is continually reborn until he re-connects to his old life.  From there, he learns that the other Asgardians are also reborn, with the same sort of amnesia which afflicted him.  (I know I'm stealing from JMS here, but you have to admit, it works really well in a movie.)  Also of note is the tone of the movie, where Blake genuinely thinks he's going crazy.  I think having him experience hallucinations, to the point where everyone else thinks he's losing it, too, works well in the context of the film.  Also note, in flashbacks, he's dressed as classic Thor (think of the paintings in the Comic Vine gallery, of the miniseries).  The modern version looks like the Ultimate costume.  Including the trenchcoat, which simulates the cape.  The appearence of Mjolnir, I leave it up to Hollywood.

Obviously, it's rough, but it seems like a pretty good beginning to me.  What do you think?  I send it to you, because I wanted an honest opinion on it.