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'Ben' Discusses Final Season Of 'Lost'

Actor Michael Emerson leaks a few spoilers...

It seems as the 'Lost' has been on forever and that following next season, the show will be coming to a close. Going on it's sixth season, does anyone even still watch the show? In an exclusive interview with Sci Fi Wire , Michael Emerson who plays 'Ben Linus' gave a few spoilers on what we can expect for the 'Lost' final season. If you had been following, then you know that in the season finale of the fifth season, there was a massive bomb explosion in the past that may have changed the present time-line.

"My understanding is that I am (still a part of the show),...There are some gaps in Ben's bio, and I think we may look backward a couple of times this season. I'm just guessing...Ben has always seemed straightforward to me, and I don't think Ben has changed much over time," he said. "I think audience perceptions of Ben [have] changed."

So we know that Emerson's character will more than likely be a part of the next season, but what do you guys think? Did you watch the season finale? What do you believe will happen to the characters on the show? What would you like to see happen?
Posted by Black X

Lost needs to end...

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

I can't remember when i started watching this and I know why I stopped, but strangely not when.

Posted by PrinceIMC

I think the past two seasons have been really good. Some have complained that it got too science fiction-y after the first season but the smoke monster and polar bear was seen (or at least heard) in the first episode. They've finally been paying off lots of the little things that have been set up since season 1.

As for Ben and the activities of the survivors affecting the past I think its more likely that their actions caused the future events, Ben's corruption, the destabilization of the magnetic pocket at the Swan station and such, like it was all meant to be. I just hope that Jacob and his nemesis are explained in the last season and their connection to the ruins all over the island like the temple and the statue.

Posted by Neuron

I think shows like ER had the "been on too long" syndrome, but not Lost.  If anything, it's only gotten better.  By far the best time travel fiction I've ever checked out.  If it needs to end, it only needs to do so to wrap up the story nicely instead of dragging on forever (like some shows do artificially).

I'd love to see a kind of "empowered reset", where the main characters involved in the bomb blast get sent back to Day 1 (the plane crash), but this time they know what will happen and immediately use their knowledge to try to fix everything.  Probably way off base, but that's my guess.

Posted by Tyler Starke

I didn't like season 5 as much as i did the other seasons, Maybe it had something to do with the watering down of sawyer and jack ,or how much unnecessary time was spent in the dharma village with those awful awful jumpsuits when we could have been jungle romping and mystery solving instead, and the show became predictible for the first time ever, Plus they happenend to kill off in my opnion the best actor/character they had, Don't get me wrong the season finale was pretty damn good, despite the Oh yeah guys did you know that Jacob was like totally around a bunch in flashbacks aspect, So I'll keep watching it but season 6 better be amazing.

Posted by themaskedhero

I started watching the show this season while checking out the other seasons online, and I love the show, to think there is going to be only one more season sucks, but unlike Heroes I think it improved over the first season and had some bumps in season two, but has reached a peak and stayed there. It was a smart thing to say 3 seasons in that season 6 was going to be the last one because it gives the writers a clear ending.

Posted by Sparda

I've been watching the show since it started, and while it has been frustrating at times, it's still good and I still keep on coming back for more (like the sucker I am :l).

I'm anticipating the final season, and I just hope that they manage to wrap it all up and give it a nice, satisfying ending.

Edited by Grendel

Sounds like they do reset history...but the island doesn't take too kindly to it.

And screw the haters. Season 4 picked up the slack.

Posted by jefprice

I continue to be a fan of this show. I'm really looking forward to see how they wrap it up.

Posted by Reaper 13

I love this show!  Its so frikin confusing that its not even funny.  Thing is thats why I like it so much.