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Behold the Lastest Wolverine Hot Toys Figure

Hot Toys draws some inspiration for their latest Wolverine action figure from the 2006 'X-Men: The Last Stand' movie.

We love toys here on Comic Vine, so when Hot Toys releases new figures, we tend to get pretty excited. With all this news about Hugh Jackman's The Wolverine movie in production, what better time than the present to release a Wolverine figurine? Hot Toys recently unveiled their Wolverine Limited Edition Collectible Figurine based on the Wolverine character that appeared in the 2006 film X-Men: The Last Stand.

The figure debuted on the Hot Toys official Facebook page and its resemblance to actor Hugh Jackman's portrayal of Wolverine in the film is uncanny. From the detail in the head sculpt, to the character's suit and adamantium claws -- the company really managed to capture the likeness of the actor. If you decide you don't want your Wolverine to display his claws at all times, you're in luck. The figure comes fully equipped with two additional sets of hands -- a total of three to choose from. The figure also comes with a light up stand. Details regarding the size and cost of the figure have not yet been revealed by Hot Toys, but we will update this post when they are announced. What do you think of the Wolverine X-Men: The Last Stand figure? Is this something you would like to buy, or would you rather hold out and see whether Hot Toys makes a The Wolverine figure, based on Jackman's current film that is in development?

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Source: Hot Toys

Posted by Scarlet_Rogue

so dumb.

Posted by EmmRoss

Well, this is five years too late.

Posted by cattlebattle
@EmmRoss said:

Well, this is five years too late.

It doesn't even really look like Hugh Jackman anyways
Edited by kartron

A good figure but I guess its a bit late releasing a figure of a by-gone movie. Also in the face closeup I see the eyes are a bit squinted if looked closely.

Posted by Txapote

Es cojonuda.

Posted by Deranged Midget

That's insanely detailed.

Posted by Crash_Recovery

This figure just really hit it home for me how impractical leather uniforms are.

1. Crap maneuverability

2. Uncomfortably warm

3. Hard to get into. Harder to get out of.

4. Silly looking

That is all, thanks.

Posted by Wolverine0628

I like it, but they never seem to get the hair quite right.

Posted by danhimself

I would really consider buying one if it weren't the movie version.

they should have included a hand with just the middle claw popped

Posted by ThreadPool

Why is this so bad? Compare this to the TDKR and Avengers 1/6 scales and well... There's no comparison.

Posted by CRTrobinson

@Scarlet_Rogue: glad your comment helped contribute to this article. don't think I would have enjoyed it unless I knew someone thought it was "dumb".

Posted by Scarlet_Rogue

@CRTrobinson: you're welcome.

Posted by TheBigRedCheese
Posted by Fudgie29

He looks so cool!

Posted by Trixie

It looks so realistic

Posted by FiguredOut95

Looks real nice, but then I remember the Hot Toys price tag.

Posted by ClawFist

This is late, but it looks pretty damn cool looking. I did wish it was a comic book version of the character though, maybe with a removable mask?

Posted by GR2Blackout

Creepy... looks like they copied then pasted Hugh Jackman's face onto an old Wolverine toy they made back when the movie first came out....

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

So very lifelike and detailed but yeah...why are we just NOW seeing this? O_o Wolvie come lately..

Posted by KRYPTON

I am sure that Tony will soon pick this up and place it on one of the featured "Awesome Toy Pick Sundays" maybe not this Sunday, but soon.

Posted by xanthiss

I wonder if that company has seen the movie yet? Probably not, or they would have never made that.

Posted by GolDEnsPectre

Wow! Im sorry, but i think im about tired of seeing wolverine. Couldn't they make a Hot Toy figure based off of someone else? Like for example: DIFFERENT X-MEN: Like Nightcrawler, Phoenix, Or Storm

Posted by ArtGamer

@danhimself said:

I would really consider buying one if it weren't the movie version.

they should have included a hand with just the middle claw popped

second this

Posted by yeahbowen

The "Lastest" Wolverine? Hah!

Posted by The_Peter_Cosmic

This is curiously late, but pretty cool IMO. As far as the leather uniforms being supposedly impractical, if it were loose enough and lightly lined (so as not to be sticky) the warmth would be the only real problem and it would afford pretty good protection for hand to hand combat.