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Batwoman Primes New Readers with a Zero Issue in November

A true comics jam.

 Williams' cover...

If six months is too long of a wait for Batwoman fans eager to see Kate Kane in her own title, DC’s going to meet ‘em halfway in November. Straight from the Source, we’ve got word that a zero issue’s coming out that’ll be a primer for any readers who've yet to meet this creature of the night. Introductions will be a theme in more ways than one, actually, as the issue will detail the first meeting between Bruce Wayne and this iteration of Batwoman. You’ll recall that the characters sorta/kinda/not really met in BATMAN & ROBIN: BLACKEST KNIGHT, wherein the whole Bat family encountered a Lazarus Pit-revived, Darkseid-created bogus Bruce Wayne. One can only hope that such mistaken identity unpleasantries hasn’t already soured their relationship…

 Reeder's variant. I REALLY hope she's listening to Prince's BATMAN soundtrack.

Anyway, the BATWOMAN solo title’s been in the works for a while. It was announced back in April that J.H. Williams would continuing working on the character after his stint with her and Greg Rucka in DETECTIVE. For the new series, he’ll be splitting writing duties with W. Haden Blackman and switching off arcs on the art with Amy Reeder. This zero issue will actually be even more of a jam, as he and Reeder will be working on every page together. DC hasn't specific if that means they’ll exchange panels or trade off on pencil and inking chores, but it'll be an intriguing stylistic dialogue, either way.

Back to what’s really going to get you hooked - - Batman I meeting Batwoman II for the first time. Will Bruce approve of this new addition to the Bat Family? Will Kane prefer Grayson’s bat-style over his? Will they come to blows? Will they become dearest friends? How do you Comic Vine maniacs see this playing out?

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Posted by MatKrenz

I can't wait for her series but this should tie me over until it starts.
Posted by JCJQLB
Posted by longbowhunter

I just read about this on Newsarama. Rucka's run with Batwoman in Detective was great. With the bar set pretty high this creative team has a big job ahead of them. I will be picking up #0.
Posted by Asymmetrical

never read the DC run but I was always wanting to based off the exquisite covers...maybe this is what I needed, though I should probably read that other run first regardless

Posted by B'Town
@aztek the lost: 
The Batwoman pages inside Detective Comics are every bit as beautiful as the covers.   
Williams nailed Kate as Batwoman.  Rucka did a fine job but for me it was J.H. Williams III, who wowed me page after page.  When the writing is moving me I'm flipping the pages fast but in the case of a book like Elegy I pause studying each page, turning back more often, than forward.  
Elegy is drop dead gorgeous. 
Posted by sora_thekey

Never read Batwoman... Yet I guess this issue #0 will catch me up in time for the ongoing series...

Posted by ForbushBug

Need... Batwoman... now...

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I might pick it up

Posted by NightFang


Posted by Duo_forbidden

YES. Will definitely pick on this series when it comes out.

Edited by antiterra

New readers should really get Batwoman Elegy. It is by far one of the very best, most impressive, well-written, beautiful, multi-layered and all-around brilliant comics published by DC in years.

Anyone who has even a passing interest in Batwoman and who intends to pick up the upcoming series absolutely owes it to themselves to read Elegy.

THE HYPNOTOAD SAYS, 'BUY IT'! (Yes, the Hypnotoad can speak, now.)

Posted by mimschkin

This is so exciting!!! I really can't wait.
And yay PRINCE!

Posted by RedHurricane24

About. Fucking. Time. I was a huge fan of both the Elegy and Go arc in Detective Comics, and to see Batwoman getting her own ongoing monthly is a dream that finally came true. Come November, I'm copping it.

Posted by Joey Ravn

Ehhh... Yeah, the artwork was amazing in Elegy and Go, but I think that's about it for me. I never liked the character, I've always thought it was too forced and redundant. She's Batwoman, but she has barely had any interaction with the rest of the "Bat-family"... Dunno. I know people like her, I just don't seem to be able to get the gist of the character, that's all. Maybe if I drop something I'm reading by the time this comes out, I'll pick it up just to see what it's all about.... but I doubt it.

Posted by burningmidnight

I will definitely buy it!  

Posted by CellphoneGirl

I'm picking this up.

Posted by Cherry Bomb

I'll most certainly be buying this series! [: 

Posted by 604comics

I'm looking forward to it. But February is so far away! #0 better be awesome.

Posted by DeadlyWolverine

Great news, I'll definitely be looking into the series.

Posted by batmanboy11

This sounds awesome. I'll be following this series for sure.
Posted by WW-Fan

yay i am so going to buy it :O

Posted by SirSparkington

I hope the ongoing series is a good as the DC run of Batwoman.

Posted by Illyana Rasputin

Definitely on my list of reads.

Edited by Secret Identity

Great news. Go is one of the very best stories I have ever read in comics and easily one of the most emotional, gripping and beautifully written origin stories.  

 ….. One big Question though. Will we be getting a Question Second feature in the main book? Rucka is the only one who ever gave a damn about the character and treated her well.

Bring her back for a second feature in this(with a writer who understands her) and this is the BEST comic to be coming out in the future.  

 I NEED my Question fix. What happened to her since she and Huntress took on Vandal Savage? where will it lead?  
Can't wait for this book. It will be superb.
Posted by JuniorMints

She looks pretty awesome to me! Kind of like Batman Beyond 

Posted by Mumbles

should be good

Posted by Pizawle

I feel it it going to turn out great. Looking forward to it.

Posted by LordGunzantli

Banzai ¡¡ awesome art keep, waiting until november

Posted by BoOMbOoMpOw

I soo can`t wait for this :D

Posted by UnsolvedParadox

Who picked it up? I got it on the Wednesday it came out, pretty excited about the launch of the actual ongoing series. 
That JH Williams III art still gives me chills.