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Battle of the Week RESULTS: Deathstroke vs. Taskmaster

So, who should win this fight? Come see what the voters have to say about it!

Deathstroke and Taskmaster are both incredibly talented mercenaries and feared by many in their respective worlds, but what would happen if these two skilled combatants bumped into each other and didn't get along? What would a clash between these two look like and who'd be left on the floor? The Comic Vine crowd has been thinking about this melee since Monday and they've picked a winner. Ladies and gentlemen, it was a close race, but the people have spoken! Slade Wilson, a.k.a. Deathstroke, wins!

The dude from DC earned 54% of the votes and Tony Masters, a.k.a. Taskmaster, earned a respectable 38%. 8% of voters think this one is just too close to call and both sides have an equal shot at winning.

So, why'd Deathstroke win? Sure, we all know Taskmaster can be a jobber from time to time, but that absolutely does not mean we should overlook his ability to duplicate numerous (and not to mention impressive) styles and his own commendable physicals. He's blocked projectiles, danced around Venom, and held his own against Steve Rogers. However, as good as he may be, the voters have good reasons for siding with Slade. First and foremost, his enhanced physicals are worth noting. He has ridiculously gifted reflexes and he's stronger than his foe. He also has a healing factor that's worth taking into consideration and his own level of speed and agility has been praiseworthy since his first appearance. Then there's his commendable intellect/tactical mentality and his gear -- especially his power staff -- can turn the tide with a good connect. Plus, as good ass he may be, Taskmaster occasionally seems to relish fighting a new opponent. As he learns about them, he sometimes becomes arrogant enough to talk about his abilities. If he did this against Slade, it would really hinder his odds. It'll be a hugely entertaining fight, but in the end, Deathstroke's long history of impressive combat feats and physicals could grant him the win over the lethal mercenary from Marvel. Now, let's see what the community has to say about this one.


"I'm siding with Deathstroke.

But I'll admit, I was hovering over the Taskmaster button for a few moments. Taskmaster can copy moves to the T, and has done so in a moment's notice, but as been stated numerous times, and even shown, Tasky does not have superhuman powers unlike that of his competitor, who does have superior reflexes, speed and strength; We've seen Taskmaster doesn't stack up evenly to people with superior physicals and skills to boot. Not to say Taskmaster will roll over for Slade either, and it will be one heck of a fight, but Slade should get the majority out of this one. The way Slade thinks though, he will definitely learn this fast and exploit it."


"I would go with Deathstroke in a good fight.

Funnily enough Udon Taskmaster has another good speed feat, I believe he used Bullseye's moveset to catch a bullet at nigh point blank range (rather than the aforementioned double time). Taskmaster is more skilled, and has a wealth of fighting styles to draw on, but Slade has fought toe to toe with some of DC's best Martial artists. Taskmaster might know more moves, but Slade has fought people who I apply a a wide range of martial arts knowledge, and apply it more efficiently- namely Batman. I think Slade's tactical mindset may be a bit overplayed here, Taskmaster's cockiness may land himself in trouble- and Slade capitalizing on that is more common sense then anything, I think its Slade's physical advantages in healing, durability, speed and I guess strength which will get him the win. I would also say that sans Udon Gear, Slade's gear is more effective."

The Lobster

"I have to go with Taskmaster.

It wasn't easy. Specially since both Taskmaster and Deathstroke have fought their universe's top superhero team (Avengers and Justice League) all on their own. That's no easy feat. But Taskmaster's photographic reflexes, combined with all of the fighting styles of some of the best fighters in the marvel universe, fighters like Captain America, Iron Fist, Wolverine, Daredevil, etc. It'd be like Deathstroke was fighting half of the marvel universe on his own, with no after a few minutes he'd be fighting himself as well. That's a feat, even I think Deathstroke couldn't pull off."


"My choice for victory would be Deathstroke. Both of these mercenaries are bad@$$es who walk around with an impressive arsenal of weaponry and military hardware. However, I will have to say that I believe that Deathstroke probably has a slight edge over Taskmaster in this respect. While Taskmaster is equipped with functional shield, broadsword, bow/arrows, batons, and even guns; Deathstroke easily matches or surpasses him as he regularly carries rifles, machine guns, or that power staff of his. So Taskmaster will probably be overwhelmed or unable to seize a definitive advantage at long range.

That leaves shortening the range and entering close quarters and hand-to-hand. While I believe that Taskmaster might surpass Deathstroke in pure fighting skill and even could preempt his techniques once he sees Deathstroke in action, the fact of the matter is that no matter how many martial arts skills, gymnastic techniques, or hand-to-hand combatant tricks that Taskmaster might have picked up or absorbed will equal the fact that Deathstroke is a SUPERhuman. That is, he is superhumanly strong, fast, and agile with inhuman endurance, a minor healing factor, and a brain that harnesses the other 90 percent of its untapped potential.

No matter how skilled he is, no matter if he can tell exactly when Deathstroke is going to kick or punch or whatever; it doesn't matter if Taskmaster isn't fast enough or strong enough to counter. He's going to get stomped, plain and simple.


Agree? Disagree? Feel free to continue the debate below! Also, is there someone you want to see Deathstroke battle next? You're welcome to make suggestions below or share them via Twitter.

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Posted by MonsterStomp
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Deathstroke vs Optimus Prime

Posted by The_Titan_Lord


Posted by MonsterStomp

Deathstroke vs Optimus Prime

Isn't Deathstroke's month over?

Posted by HellionVulcan

I'd side with Tasky .

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Posted by MonsterStomp
Posted by Wolverine08

@monsterstomp: 1 more week.

There have been 4 Deathstroke battles thus far though. Is the 5th one because of the 5 Wednesdays this month?

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@wolverine08: I don't know if they are doing a 5th, I'm just saying there is one more week so they could.

But yeah. Awesome month, 3 paychecks. Cha-ching.

Posted by Jayc1324

This ended how it should have.

Posted by karrob

Deathstroke easy

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I'm cool with the outcome. But he wouldn't take it easily. I'd give Slade 6/10.

Posted by blackkitty

Totally disagree with this decision. Taskmaster won because of popularity only. In my opinion Taskmaster has Vibranium, something Deathstroke has no access to and that is a definite game changer.

Posted by Life_Without_Progress
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@blackkitty said:

Totally disagree with this decision. Taskmaster wonbecause of popularity only. In my opinion Taskmaster has Vibranium, something Deathstroke has no access to and that is a definite game changer.

Tasky lost.

Posted by reaverlation

Should use Amalgam Deathstroke for the last battle

Posted by MonsterStomp

There wasn't much argument going on in this one. Which was depressing.

Posted by JamDamage

Taskmaster is under rated even tho he's popular. Having the styles of every opponent is insane, but it's his counter skills that are unparrellel. If you know anything about boxing you will know that a counter punch is more effective then you can imagine. A counter punch forces the other fighter to, a lot of the times, run into your punch which make the hit that much more harder. It's how a lot of slower boxers beat stronger faster fighters in the ring, and it's done all the time. So if Tasky has locked onto DS reads, then he's done in the up close range. Saying Taskmaster would lose to DS because DS is super human is a weak argument as Tasky has beaten plenty of fighters that are super human.

Posted by jaybefre

I feel if they would've specified Udon Taskmaster the outcome may have been very different. For those of us that read that run we all know that Taskmaster was pretty badass and he developed "super speed" attacks while watching martial arts films in fast forward. I like DS but I just don't see him keeping up with that Taskmaster.

Posted by Lvenger

@jamdamage: Except that Slade can think 20 moves ahead of his opponent before he even throws his next punch. It's not just his physicals that were enhanced, his brainpower was increased to him using 90% of his brain compared to the average 10% ordinary humans use. It's most definitely not a weak argument to point out that Slade could plan out how to beat his opponent before Taskmaster can read or copy his skills. The enhanced physicals only confirm Slade's victory given how Tony is often outmatched by foes such as Spider-Man and even Captain America.

Posted by AmazingWebHead

The only downside is that we can't actually see the fight. :D

Posted by MadeinBangladesh
Posted by ULTRAstarkiller


Posted by MadeinBangladesh

@k4tzm4n do either Cable vs Deathstroke or Deathlok vs Deathstroke next week!!!!

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@lvenger: Just fyi, that 10% figure is completely non-scientific BS that's become a commonly held myth.

Anywayyyy... I'm a big fan of Taskmaster... but still would have given this to Deathstroke.

Though I really wish they'd had Taskmaster switch sides, or become more of an anti-hero, after his stint with the Secret Avengers. Just as I wish they'd switch Angel back into Archangel mode and stick with him as the new Apocalypse. Sometimes it's ok for characters to switch sides and stay there!

Posted by lifeofvibe


Posted by laflux

Always nice to get arguement of the week.

Posted by Super_SoldierXII

Taskmaster would get absolutely run over by Deathstroke.

@laflux said:

Always nice to get arguement of the week.


Posted by laflux
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I'm fine with Deathstroke winning, but I felt that Tasky got a bit underrated, here.

Either way, it was a cool match.

Posted by Rainja

I don't understand. if this was Batman vs Deathstroke people would say, Batman knows over 100 fighting styles and is more skilled. When it's Taskmaster with his over 100 fighting styles it's deathstrokes superior physicals that take it. KMT

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I still think Tasky can take him.

Posted by Life_Without_Progress


Nope, a lot of people will still say Batman loses to Deathstrole.

Posted by Floopay

I still see Valiant needs to get some love in one of these Deathstroke battles.

Gilad Anni-Padda (Eternal Warrior, Unity, Archer & Armstrong)

Aram Anni-Pada (Archer & Armstrong)

Obediah Archer (Archer & Armstrong)

Bloodshot (Bloodshot)

Jacko Boniface (Shadowman)

Thanks for reading,


Posted by Rainja
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I think Blade could give him a really good battle.

That'd be a fun match.

Posted by Edstone1

If there's a next one, it's gotta be Wolvie...

Posted by JoshuaDBr

@blackkitty: But Deathstroke also has n'th metal, which is a big deal. That is if we're letting Slade have the n'th metal.

Posted by sasquatch888

taskmaster usually gets defeated by street level heroes even though he has photograhic reflexes .. moon knight , cap ect ...when hes in his own story they make him a bit more formidable but vs heroes in their books he gets over confident and loses or cuts his loses and runs like a punk ...i bet hes lost more fights in comics than won ...slade is so driven and i think thats the difference ...slade wont underestimate his foe or get to cocky he'll get the job done and slades pain threshold in higher i think ...i dont think slade would ever be a crybaby like tasky was in moonknight ...tasky went out like a sucker in that one ....slade wins ...slade also has superhuman strength so his blows would be more devestating and slade heals faster than a normal human

Posted by entropy_aegis

Slade would flatten him,people should remember Taskmaster is Taskmaster not street level Amazo as certain fans have mistakenly believed him to be.

Posted by anurag_50

If the fight happens, DS beats him in a decent brawl.

In my version, the fight for 15 minutes, and then realise there's no point, and go to have a beer.

Posted by The_RocketRaccoon

@rainja: Batman would lose to Slade! Everyone knows that! He lost to Slade a lot!

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Deathstroke won via popularity more than anything, however Taskmaster would win this...

Posted by Taskmistress

I hate to say it but this is probably correct. I'd say Taskmaster would put up a pretty good fight but in the end he'd likely end up defeated or fleeing...