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Batman - The Brave & The Bold: "The Siege of Starro, Part 2"

The Starro Invasion is not over yet. How can Batman and the other heroes save the day?

The final season of Batman: The Brave and the Bold began last week. The Siege of Starro is underway but the battle isn't over just yet. Make sure you check out Part 2 this Friday, September 24, on Cartoon Network at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT. 
Starro may be defeated but Faceless Hunter is not. The alien warrior will manipulate B'Wana Beast and force him to combine the tiny Starros inot one massive beast he plans to use to destroy Earth. Of course Batman has his own back-up...the Metal Men

If that wasn't enough, check out these images from the show. 

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Can't wait to see it!

Posted by SUPER-MAN 23

Interesting. Looks awesome!

Posted by noj

Actually they arent through with the second season yet. They still probably have around 10 more episodes to go in the second season. I'm not sure the final season is even in production yet

Posted by Video_Martian

This episode looks cool, BUT WHEN DOES THE FLASH EPISODE COME OUT?!?

Posted by Hunter114

The ending is pretty sad... one of the heroes dies :(

Posted by spiderguylll

sigh...Green Lantern didn't say anything...OH his name is BOOSTER GOLD

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Posted by Darkmount1
It comes out after this one. 
Oh yeah, did anybody spot the Kingdom Come reference? 'Cause if you look at one particular still, you'll see who the Metal Men combine into.....
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Watched this (true story) 4 weeks ago... don't cha just love piracy? 
Oh, and just so ya know, Bwana Beast dies in the end!  

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I just wanna see Superman

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" I just wanna see Superman "

Not until the third season
Until then... these cameos will have to do: 
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@Mainline: Scooby Doo?
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@Primmaster64 said:
" @Mainline: Scooby Doo? "
We've had a Musical episode... it's no holds barred! 
Cartoon crossovers actually used to happen a lot more frequently then they do nowadays so it fits in with the call-back tone of the Batman:B&B show. 
I admit  worried whether BBB was setting DC back decades in the public eye (like the Adam West show did).  However, there's certainly a strategy or wisdom to cashing in on Batman while avoiding the challenge of out-Dark Knighting the Dark Knight inside TV-friendly constraints... and given how powerful both visions are in the public eye I don't think there's any fear of people thinking Batman is just one thing or the other... if anything it speaks to his timelessness and versatility... so I've given the audience the benefit of the doubt and believe BBB continues to be a good move even if it isn't everyone's cup of tea or interpretation of Batman.
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@Mainline: LOL! So I guess they'll be using SA Supes?