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Batman In Barcelona, Maybe He's Not "Dead"

G-Man reviews Batman In Barcelona: Dragon's Knight.


It just seems like a weird time to have a random Batman one-shot.  I would say the saving grace is the fact that it's written by Mark Waid and has a nifty Jim Lee cover.  What do you think heroes should do when travel to other countries in their civilian identities?  Do you think it'd be a little suspicious if a civilian and the hero that lives in the same city happen to show up at the same time?  Did you think Bruce's hidden bunker was cool? What if someone stumbles across it?  What if they committed crimes using his gadgets?  Or do you think he'd have a fail-safe that would cause everything to blow up or something?
Posted by Blue_Shield

Nice review G-Man, and I agree with your overall assesment.  Yeah, when I read it I couldn't figure out where he got the Mad Hatter's hat either.

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If you're a super-hero that has to go overseas, I believe you have a choice to make.  If it's super hero business, then you have no reason to unmask and go about the town.  If it's personal business or whatever, then do your thing overseas and get back home.  But it's Bruce Wayne in all of his vanity.  Why didn't he just take the Batplane over or something? 

Big Jim Lee fan, love the cover...even it is Batman.

Posted by kittenpride

Good review!
I agree G-Man about Killer Croc,
He's never held my interest,
.....though i do love the Jim Lee cover..

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mattydeNero said:
If you're a super-hero that has to go overseas, I believe you have a choice to make.  If it's super ... [more]

Exactly.  No need for Bruce Wayne to travel when Batman could have done it.  Sure he wanted some info with his Bruce Wayne connections but it didn't really seem necessary.  All he had to do was look for the big green scaley dude trying to kill people.  But besides that, it wasn't a bad issue.
Posted by The Law-man

Jim Lee is a great artist, I am surprised they havent got all star batman and robin outof hiatus due to his popularity. At least he takes a break from wildstorm publications and does covers like this, which, btw is fantastic.

Posted by adoggez1

is that alfred e nuemen as batman?

Posted by Supreme Marvel

I can't remember off-hand but in one of his recent issues Bruce travelled to London and the Batman showed up there but I don't think anyone immediately thought of who was behind the mask. we're being attacked!!

Posted by NightFang

Good review.

Posted by Anderson: Agent of SMITH

Maybea person should create alternate identities for different locations. Like a different costume and persona for England versus the US.

Also, I'm don;t fully understand what happened with Batman and Darkseid, but isn't he wandering through different universes now or something? So maybe this is one of them?

Posted by Decept-O

With this being Mark Waid, I am surprised he didn't have Bruce adopt a different identity.   While not appropriate for this story, Bruce HAS used the "Matches Malone" persona when dealing with thugs and the underground.  Bruce could've easily used a different disguise while about as a civilian.  I think  he showed up as himself  because he wanted to see his mamasita. 

I am so on the boat with you regarding Killer Croc, I've never been too keen on him as one of Bats' enemies.  

I like seeing different versions of Bats'  assorted vehicles, so the bikes were pretty neat.

Posted by G-Man
adoggez1 said:
is that alfred e nuemen as batman?
Yes.  He tried winning he Cowl but just missed it.  Real close though.  For someone like Batman that wants to operate in the shadows, he could just put on a track suit and ski mask to take down Croc.  No need to advertise how great he is.  I just think Batman is such a big mythical character in Gotham and Bruce is a big time celebrity from there as well.  But this was just a minor gripe that I'm blowing out of proportion.
Posted by Media_Master

Sounds like they should have a story about someone stealing his gear

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Posted by logan48227

G-Man, you bring up a good point. Why even travel as Bruce Wayne if you have "Batman business"? Doesn't Batman have a freakin' Batplane?

Peter Parker probably wouldn't have to go incognito because he's not internationally known. Bruce Wayne, however, should be traveling under an alias if he goes overseas to do superhero stuff.

The same probably should have applied to Tony Stark before he revealed his identity to the world.

Posted by Calvin

Barcelona?  Well I guess that the closest Batman will ever be to my neighborhood....Why don't Superheroes come to Europe more often!