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Batman Finally Gets Married Wonder Woman?

I thought I would never see the day! I am sure you are probably as shocked by the title of this article as I am, and you will be happy to hear that it has absolutely nothing to do with comic book continuity, so hooray for that! However you have to agree with me, these folks have guts. It seems Comic-Con isn't enough to settle these folks' cosplaying desires. They love dressing up like superheroes so much that they decided to do it on the biggest day of their lives- their wedding day. Neil and Sharon Vaughn "tied the knot" this past weekend dressed as Batman and Wonder Woman and they got their entire wedding party to join them. 

"We're not particularly traditional, and we wanted to have a fun day with our friends," Neil told The Sun in an interview.

While I might feel that my wedding day isn't the time or the place to don my Wonder Woman costume, I admit it was pretty cute to see the entire wedding party join in their fun. What do you guys think? Would you want to remember your wedding day as the day you dressed up as The Dark Knight or Diana Prince? 

Posted by jakob187

Who are these people?  Just random folks?  Comic Vine regulars? 
Regardless, great costumes, and congratulations to them.

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Wow... Man I wish I could convince my friends to do that for their weddin~ ^_^
Posted by Asymmetrical

that looks like the greatest wedding ever!!

Posted by hellfiregod529

the best part without a doubt is the little iron man kid under yoda. He means serious business.

Posted by darkking

cool .
Posted by cbishop

DANGER MOUSE!  Frickin' awesome! lol

Posted by The_Martian
@aztek the lost said:
" that looks like the greatest wedding ever!! "
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....That's pretty strange. >_> 

Still, congratulations to the couple.

Posted by Mr. Kamikaze

That's pretty awesome. Nice to find a partner who appreciates the same things you do, and for that reason that makes this better. I have been obligated to be part of weddings or to attend weddings in the past, and i have to say if I got to dress up as some character, I would've loved it. 
Kudos. Best Wishes to the newly weds.

Posted by FLStyle

Danger Mouse. Dude dressed up as Danger Mouse. Need I say more?

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That's better than the traditional boring old white dress weddings :D 

Posted by *Girl of Steel*

Interesting choice... Cool though

Posted by gotjoe11

hahaha pretty cool.... I once went to a medieval wedding. It was pretty cool too lol

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Well good for them. I wish them well with their marriage and hope they enjoyed their unique wedding. 

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That is so adorable. Good for them. The only person missing from that crowd is Deadpool. lol
This could of been weird if it was just the couple the dressed up, but the fact that the entire wedding party joined in just makes it cool.
Is that Catwoman in the back left?

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LOL@Yoda xD
He's totally thinking "Cake over there, I see, hm?"

Posted by XFan616

lolz at the little Spider-Man, Supergirl and Iron Man :D
I would totally not do this cause I'm too shy and I want my day to be something completely unlike any other day of my life.

Posted by Portrait

That looks like so much fun.

Posted by Sexy Merc

LMAO. Are you serious?

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While I might feel that my wedding day isn't the time or the place to don my Wonder Woman costume

Yeah, the Catwoman outfit would be much more appropriate.
Posted by CosmicGod432

thats funny

Posted by WW-Fan

wow i would have want to go to that wedding lool :D
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I bet it was fun for the kids.

Posted by Marmaladebrat

That's pretty funny

Posted by shockwave632

Poison Ivy (in front of Kick-Ass) looks like she needs some pruning. From a treadmill.

Posted by The Cyan Lantern

 At least he didn't dress as the Clooney Batman

Posted by Sasuke

very cool but i wouldnt do it at my wedding

Posted by MrMazz

i would mock this but i would TOTALLY wana do that to lol 

Posted by Thor's hammmer

dammit that was my idea
Posted by TheSheepHerder

Congratulations to Batman and WW!

Posted by M.S. Feather

The thing that really makes this amazing is the fact the couple could get all of their friends and family to play along.  If I asked for such a thing from my family I think they'd just start laughing. :\
Anyway, congrats to the newlyweds!

Posted by theiconic

awesome pic 

Posted by Daniel_Newton

Batman was totally after Wonder Woman's ass in the Justice League cartoon. So this doesn't surprise me one bit.
Also, Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, take that quest.

Posted by Hunter114

Reminds me of: 
Though this makes absolutely no sense out of context :P
Posted by CosmicSpiral

Danger Mouse in the corner!

Posted by Bloodstonefreak

This is DEFINITELY going to be my wedding!  :-D

Posted by Brickabrack

Why so shocked? Batman and Wonder Woman have been romantic before.

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Nice, but perhaps he could have chosen some hero who doesn't wear mask... In 40 years his grand children will ask "Hey, gramps who's that creep with granny?... You should have kicked his ass..." or something.
Still i'm all up for a cosplay wedding... Any single girl feelin' lucky?... Just Kidding.

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Well, I guess Batman comics are gonna be about balancing the family budget now.

Posted by xscarletkittie

Awesome they got everyone to participate. It just makes it that much cooler :D

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Fredric Wertham is on to your little heterosexual scheme Batman. Don't think even for a second that he can't read that look of jealousy on Robins face.

Posted by passionfruits

I absolutely love this. Kudos to the wedding party for being so supportive.

Posted by Obsurity

Never in a million years would my girlfriend let me do this lol....