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Batman Comic Covers: First Look!

Check out the gorgeous work by Guillem March and Dustin Nguyen!

Batman Streets of Gotham #7

 Gotham City Sirens #8

Perhaps it's because I love both these artists so dearly, and that they just happen to be working on two of my favorite comic books out right now, but I was so excited when I saw these. Check out the covers to issue #7 of Batman: Streets of Gotham where we see Dustin Nguyen's take on Manhunter, and Guillem March's cover for the Gotham City Sirens #8. Images are courtesy of DC.

 I can't choose which cover I like better, what do you guys think? Are you looking forward to these issues? Are you reading these two books, both of which are penned by Paul Dini? Which do you prefer?
Posted by ARMIV

Guillem March's cover is fantastic!

Posted by AngelFrost

Amazing artwork :D

Posted by Moomin123

These covers look good. But isn't Riddler a good guy now?
Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir


Posted by Vortex13

Both these covers look incredible, but I think I like the Guillem March cover more.

Posted by Vortex13

Actually I changed my mind I like Dustin Nguyen's... damn it I can't decide lol.

Posted by Queen's Halo

Nigma is going to get his ass kicked.

Posted by jloneblackheart

I like the GCS cover better. I haven't looked into the future covers too much, but I guess they get Harley away from Hush by issue #8. I haven't been reading Streets of Gotham or Batman. I read Batman and Robin and Batgirl, do those other titles tie in nicely or are they all alone kind of stories?

Posted by Bruce Vain

I love the cover artwork they've been doing for Gotham City Sirens. Very Sexy.
Posted by Decept-O

These rock and rock hard.  Great work!
Posted by Ravn

I love the cover for Sirens, and its one of my favorite titles right now! (I read both of these titles, but after last issue with Nigma, Sirens definitely climbed to the top) Edward Nigma has always been one of my favorite characters and i'm glad to see he'll be in more issues.... even if he is get the crap kicked outta him! LOL

Posted by TheBug

Both covers are just brilliant. Gotta go with Nguyen for the win.
Edited by Fresh0133
At this poine, all of the Bat family books are kind of doing their own thing with very loose ties to each other. 

Yep, he's working as a detective in Gotham now, the last issue focused on him and his quest to use his mind for good now, it was really well done.  
Both covers are really well done, Nguyen's simpley done are really makes for a nice take on Manhunter, and March clearly has a thing for Harley Quinn.
Posted by FoxxFireArt

Those both look like pretty nice covers. The first one has a pretty interesting angle and you can have a feeling for the movement. You don't often see cities in comics filled in a snow covered settings. That's sad because it can be quite beautiful. Only problem I'm seeing is that I almost mistook her for Spiderwoman in that cover.
I like the angle of the Sirens cover, but Seline looks kind of funky for some reason. Looks "botoxed". It's hard to read her emotion. How often do you see a ceiling fan with only two blades anymore? Though, that being said, I did find a picture of a ceiling fan with bat style wings.

Batwing ceiling fan
Posted by Mbecks14

GCS looks beautiful! but why does Poison Ivy's hair defy gravity??

Posted by AlfredPMcLovely

I like the Manhunter cover a lot but the Sirens cover bothers me because the shadows don't make sense.  Why would the blinds make shadows on the front of the characters when the blinds are behind them?
Posted by Media_Master

Sirens is my favorite book out so far

Posted by Obsurity

Both great series so far simply love the artwork
Posted by NightFang
@AngelFrost said:
"Amazing artwork :D "
Posted by likalaruku

I never thought that Eddie was sexy enough to be concidered a Siren. lol. He's just one of the girls now.