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Batman: Brave & The Bold Images For Fri. 1/2/09

Here's a bunch of images from the "Day Of The Dark Knight" episode.

I already posted a couple video clips I got from Cartoon Network for the upcoming "Batman: The Brave And The Bold" episode (airing Friday 1/2).  You can also find the episode description there about Batman and Green Arrow being summoned back in time. 

I still don't understand all the resistance about this show.  Is it campy?  Yes.  Is it bright and colorful?  Yes.  Is it a fun show worth watching?  Yes.  This isn't the Dark Brooding Knight.  This is more like the Golden Age Batman adventures.  It's a refreshing change.  People have also asked when will we see the big A-listers.  I say give the smaller characters a chance.  I don't want to see the same exact characters that have appeared over and over, no matter how much I may like them.  Who would've expected Kite-Man  or Gentleman Ghost to show up?  In the show's defense, both were just the minor villains that appear in the teaser section before the opening credits.

And here are the images to enjoy.

Classic Green Arrow
Having a chat with Merlin
Morgan Le Fey
Etrigan the Demon
Potential future Batman action figure?

Check out those speed lines

Morgan and the Demon

Definitely an upcoming action figure
Playing with swords

See, it's really Batman
Fighting over Excalibur
Ollie and his fancy arrows
Guy Gardner appears in the teaser
An anvil?

The GL Corps!

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Posted by Spectrum

to be honest i hink Batmans never been so dark! Not literallly ofcourse, but they are really playing up to the idea that Batman is a lone renegade and that his war on crime is the most important thing to him. I really like it.
I do like the animation style but i can see why others would not as it does come off as something made for children...even though it was probably was.......

Having said that i think it gives an added bit of spice to the Batman animated franchise, to be honest i preferred The Batman but this is fun too!!!!

I also like the lesser characters being used, iv never known that much about Blue Beattle and to see him in the series was quite refreshing!!!

Posted by NightFang

Oh yeah!

Posted by G-Man

I don't get why some people have such a hard time with this show.  It's almost like they think it's cool to say the show is bad.  Yet the positive comments are from people that have actually watched the show.  Maybe some would rather no Batman cartoon on (with new episodes) than have this.  It's good.  I've said it a bunch of times already.  If people want to miss out, I suppose that's their choice.

Posted by danisgod6491

I love this show.

Posted by SilverZeo

Looking forward for the GL episode.