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Batman: Brave & The Bold - "Golden Age Of Justice" Images & Videos

Can Batman and the aging JSA defeat their worst enemy?

It's Friday so that means another new episode of Batman: The Brave And The Bold.  Tonight at 7:30 pm on Cartoon Network, the Justice Society of America pops in to fight an old enemy.

An aging JSA is faced with the return of their worst enemy, Per Degaton, as he returns from suspended animation to enact a plan for world-domination, while Black Canary helps Wildcat face his greatest regrets.

Here are some images for the episode courtesy of Warner Bros. (Click to enlarge):

In this first video clip, check out who the JSA are fighting.

In the second clip, can Batman survive fighting along side the JSA against their enemies?
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Posted by Quest

were is doctor fate 

Posted by Son_of_Magnus


Posted by KCsuperman09

ill be watching 

Posted by ARMIV


Posted by Benzo

gotta love the JSA !!!!!!!  :)

Posted by hdorman1

flash is going way too  slow

Posted by crazed_h3ro
@hdorman1: LOL yeah he is much faster then that
Posted by johnny_spam

I wonder what the context of this is? 

Posted by Agent Buttons
That's cool
Posted by SUPER-MAN 23


Posted by Emerald Warrior

I hate Hawkman's helmet! but the rest looks friggin' awesome!  

Posted by Argentino_18

I love Jay Garrick! Kick ass old dude!

Posted by ecm1285

what's up with Hawkman's helmet?

Posted by ClockworkDrago

hehe dr.midnight said from the look of it

Posted by NightFang

I saw this episode last night and it was so awesome.    

Posted by Gank

This show is fun and all - but I sorta miss last two animated incarnations of Batman. I like the darker version of the character.

Posted by jefprice
@Gank: I agree, though i'm not a fan of this show at all
Posted by NYCPulpWriter

gank and price are clearly insane. there is a simple solution. you dont like? you dont watch. there. problem solved.
plus, the concept of the obsessed, paranoid batman is getting tiresome and done to death. I'm glad to see this batman which is mix of the golden and silver age batmen.

Posted by Media_Master

Still looks like fun!

Posted by Gank
@NYCPulpWriter: You're totally right - I am clearly insane - how did you know? And you're right on your "simple solution". Since I'm not into the show - I don't watch it. But that doesn't mean I'm a hater. The couple of episodes I've seen were just OK. I respect the creators and fans - just not my cup of tea.
Posted by courtneymegan

Awsome show the 90s had the worst shows ever the 2000s and 2010s have some of the best shows ever God Bless 2010 !
Posted by courtneymegan

70s 80s 2009 and 2010 best times ever.
Posted by andrea_mendoza1997

Well thats is one of the reasons why I like that show  superheroes live once again!!!!!!!!