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Batman Battle of the Month: Nightwing vs. Moon Knight

The man who once wore the cowl or the fist of Khonshu? You have all week to think about this one, Viners! Come chat about it and then cast your vote once you've thought it through!

We've put Bruce Wayne through a pretty tough gauntlet in this monthly segment, so we're giving him some time off because we're kind like that. Dick Grayson, however, won't be as lucky. The first Robin and man who once became Batman will be in a very tough and brutal fight this week.

Seeing as Moon Knight's making a return with an all-new solo series and is in general an awesome street level character, we thought it would be fitting to place him against the very agile and talented Grayson. Who will be left standing after these two clash in the city? Will Grayson make Wayne proud and earn a win against the Marvel hero? Or, will Spector outlast his opponent and take the victory? Well, you have all week to think about it. Please be sure to read all of the rules (see below) before casting your vote.

Match Rules

  • Combatants are in character.
  • This is a random encounter.
  • They're fighting in a generic downtown city setting. It's unpopulated, at night and all standard city lights remain on. Assume they start roughly 30 feet apart and visible. There's a fair amount of cover between them (parked vehicles, bus stops and such). The entire area is on limits. This means alleys, rooftops, building interiors, etc.
  • All characters have standard gear.
  • For simplicity's sake, Nightwing's pre-52 feats can apply if they haven't been obviously removed from current continuity.
  • Moon Knight's costume and weaponry has fluctuated a lot over the years, so we think it's best/most balanced to give him his attire and gear from his 2006 run.
  • Incapacitation, knockout or death all count as elimination.


Viners, you have the week to research, debate and vote! This means there's no reason to vote right away if you don't have all of the info you need to make an educated decision. Check the homepage Friday for an updated article with the following:

  • My extended thoughts on the match.
  • A Viner Argument for both sides (can't include scans and must be in the poll thread).
  • Extra thoughts from other Comic Vine staffers.
  • If we're lucky, blurbs from industry talent.

Feel free to make future match suggestions in the comments below or via Gregg's Twitter page.

Posted by bigsoto74

This is going to be a good one!

Posted by Kerrigan

First thought is Moon Knight because of crazy viciousness. Will consider more.

Edited by Pyre113

Moon knight

Do namor vs black Adam. Battle of the receding hair line next.

Posted by spidershamrock

Nightwing no doubt

Posted by Mrgreenlantern

I've been watching Venture Bros again lately and I have to say, Brock Sampson needs to take on Batman ASAP!

Posted by 69ballzdeep

two things.

1. Nightwing is gonna win this. He's the most popular and a member of the bat family.

2. Moonknight would murder stomp Nightwing.

Their equal in everything. Moonknight has super powers though. That and the fact Moonknight would rip NW's head off with his teeth soon as he got the chance gives MK the win.

Edited by Phatbear14

It's hard to say, without Moon Knights Divine power from the Fist of Khonthu it is a fairly even fight. Where Dick is trained by Batman, Marc is trained by 2 government military statures, both of which are known for their high skills in sabotage and CQC, as well as his training in boxing. Moon Knights also more aggressive and will fight dirty to claim a victory, where as Dick will use his natural youth and athleticism to gain an advantage on the veteran that is Moon Knight. Taken in the factors and environment both are in I would give this win to Dick Grayson/ Nightwing only due to his adaptive fighting capabilities as well as tactical intelligence. Nightwing has the natural ability to foresee his opponents actions before they can commit them in combat, which was trained to him by Richard Dragon. Although Marc Spector/ Moon Knight is a skilled crime fighter as well as a veteran in a military role, he lacks the necessary skills and tools to combat someone as adaptive and improvisational as Nightwing.

Edited by 69ballzdeep
Edited by AllStarSuperman

huh, interesting, I will have to look up more on moonknight

Posted by Nightwing_Beyond

@lookice5 said:

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One thing is for certain, Nightwing AND Moon Knight would both kick your teeth in.

Edited by Deathstroke19

Be back later. Tag me in a few hours in case i forget.

Posted by jwalser3

Dayum this is a good one.

Posted by dagmar_merrill

I thought this months was going to be Bruce Wayne? Wasn't last month Beyond?

Posted by jorgebeatsemile

I think that Mark has a tough fight ahead of him, but He'll pull ahead at the end because of his experience and powers, assuming it's a half moon or fuller.

Posted by MisterNefarious

Hard to say. I feel like Nightwing has the better experience or at least skill (training with Batman and all)...

But if we're talking 2006 Moon Knight, if he has any reason to fight Nightwing then he probably has justified enough reason to break out the deadlier weapons.

I guess just because of the higher lethality, I give this to Moon Knight.

Posted by johnny_blaze

It's obvious why people are saying Nightwing. He's more popular. But if we are talking about actual SKILL, then Moon Knight should take this with no difficulty whatsoever. Dick has been trained by Batman? That's cute. What exactly does that mean? To be honest, I have read plenty of Nightwing comic and his "fighting" skills aren't really that impressive. Just another popularity contest on Comicvine. When will it end lol?

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse


Posted by bigsoto74

I was going for Nightwing because he is one of DC's best martial artist and I was not to familiar with Moon Knight. Well I did some research and I was starting to believe it was going to be a close fight, but the more I read I now believe Moon Knight will barely squeak by with a win in the end.

Edited by blur1528

Bro, crazy wins all day. But Dick used to be Batman. And Batman always wins.

Posted by kcvic

Moon knight already beat red hood in battle of the week so the ? Is if nightwing remembers that and fights accordingly

Edited by samyroc

Moon Knight for the only reason that he is willing take a punch only to take you down more easily and have a very incredible resistance to pain. Important to not forget that Moon Knight fight dirty and most of is gears can be lethal.

Posted by clubberlang

Moonie has crazy on his side. Dick might be able to predict his opponents next move but not with moon knight. Psychological edge has a lot to do with how a fight ends. Marc will tank a punch in order to put dick exactly where he wants him, then it's all over. Moon knight has been cutting faces off way before the joker haha

Posted by Mr_Athrilla

People are saying Moon Knight is gonna win because they still see Nightwing as a sidekick, but truth is he's surpassed that title years ago. Nightwing was trained not only by Batman, but several of the best Martial artist in the DCU. His leadership of the teen titans has put him up against some of the worst threats in DCU has ever faced. This is a guy who is always on the front lines of every major war DC has ever faced, and he's held his own every time.

Sure MK is crazy, but Nightwing has been dealing with the Joker since he was a teenager. MK's insanity seems pretty tame by comparison.

Edited by darkhunter89

Nightwing would win

Posted by WaveMotionCannon

Moon Knight takes this. Skill, pain soak and batsh*t craziness gives him the edge IMO. I don't see Dick going hard enough to get MK down before he realizes its too late and MK has no problem going for the kill early.

Posted by DarthAznable

Nightwing is more popular. He will win. ;P