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Batman: Arkham City Lockdown App - Free Update Available

There's a brand new level featuring Harley Quinn.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment announced today that a new update for Batman: Arkham City Lockdown (for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch) is now available. The update includes a brand new level featuring Harley Quinn, a Bruce Wayne skin and achievements all for free. Also, a Batman, Inc. skin is available for purchase.

The new level expands the world of Gotham as Batman has to track down Harley. You'll have to fight your way through Harley's henchmen while also enjoying all new gameplay using Batman's Batarang in a timed showdown.

In Batman: Arkham City Lockdown, the inmates have escaped and Batman has his hands full defeating an army of henchmen and some of his most iconic villains. Scour the rooftops and the seedy underbelly of Gotham City through a series of one-on-one battles with The Joker, Two-Face and more, as well as the Batman: Arkham City Lockdown exclusive - Deathstroke. Choose from several Batman skins and power-ups as you punch, kick and combo your way to cleaning up Gotham City.

The Batman: Arkham City Lockdown app is available for $5.99 in the App Store on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch at

Posted by KidSupreme

I wish i had this game .. i`m too poor!

Posted by NightFang

@KidSupreme said:

I wish i had this game .. i`m too poor!

Posted by goldenkey

so when is it on PS3? stupid stupid stupid.

Posted by zackattack529

@KidSupreme: its actually not good, it just has decent graphics for a handheld but gameplay is repetitive and the game is super short. not to mention all the gadgets in the game are unnecessary, you can beat the game without purchasing any upgrades. i only got the game because i had an itunes gift card. angry birds is better.

Posted by The Impersonator


Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Awwwwwwwwesome :) Gotta love Hawwwwley!

Posted by JoEy9090

That sounds cool, but how about Harley as a playable character in Arkham City on the consoles . That would really kick ass.