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Batman #687, The New Batman In Batman

G-Man reviews Judd Winick's take on the new Batman.

It would've made more sense to release this issue before last week's Batman And Robin #1. 


This issue shows the gap between Battle For The Cowl #3 and Batman And Robin #1.  It just didn't quite have the spectacular oomph that Batman And Robin had.  Did you think this issue gave a good set up for the new Batman?  We got to see more of the decision being made.  Did you feel the 'touching' parts were too forced or did they work for you?
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Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

I actually kind of liked this issue

Posted by sonofhercules95

Alfred must be feeling awful, Bruce was like a son to him

Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

The only part that really caught my interest was the meeting between the Big Three (minus one) and Nightwing. The possibility of Nightwing joining the JLA as Batman is pretty badass.

Posted by Samuraikenpo

Judd wrote it I am pretty sure I will love it!

Posted by Kurrent

The art is amazing in the book!

Posted by Tyler Starke

why didn't they just label this issue battle for the cowl 4 the lost days, I was looking forward to a solo batman adventure you know stalking the criminal underbelly of gotham, while making a social commentary on it's citizens. but no all I get is what we got at the end of BOTC 3, whoohoo batman on the very last panel. I think I'll just stick with red robin.

Posted by SUNMAN

Batman 687 happened before Batman and Robin and probably after BFTC #3

I liked the art better. I would of given it a 5 out of 5

and Damien is annoying so less of him is okay.

Posted by John Valentine
Kurrent said:
The art is amazing in the book!

I thought it was pretty average for Ed Benes....
Posted by Midnightist
Kurrent said:
The art is amazing in the book!
Agreed. I think the time the story came out was just to service those people who wanted to see what happened between BAR and BFTC
Posted by LastSon1027

I think this was a really good way to ease into the new Batman and not just say "Oh well peace out Brucie old boy" I liked what they had going on here and I really like Judd Winnick. So Much I may even pout this on my pull list.

Speaking of which can anyone tell me how to make a list on my profile, I don't see anywhere in the lists option to create a new list.
Posted by AngelFrost

The artwork was lovely. ^^

Posted by Lokein.Lyesmith

Well! Not only are you seeing Batman AND Robin together for the first time in "B&R", but it was the first PUBLIC appearance. They were answering the Bat-signal. In "Batman", it's his first time being Batman. I can see how they'd differentiate the two.

Posted by G-Man
Lokein.Lyesmith said:
Well! Not only are you seeing Batman AND Robin together for the first time in "B&R", but it was the ... [more]
Buuuut, in Batman and Robin, they're on the roof about to turn on the signal.  The one cop asks what's the point since he hasn't been seen in months.  Now maybe his appearance here won't be "seen" by the officers on scene.
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Kurrent said:
The art is amazing in the book!

I thought that the artwork was fine....until the last page.  Rob Liefeld much?  If you look at Bats' right arm in that shot, you think, "Dude, Dick Grayson is NOT Colossus."  That right there killed it a little bit for me.  All in all it was okay for being just "Batman".  But yeah, this book was WAY out of order. 

I think RED ROBIN smoked it though.  That book is going to be boss.
Posted by DMC

imo...I think this issue helps fill in the gaps in the final pages of  Battle For The Cowl #3.

In that issue we went from why Dick didn't take up the mantle in the first place to someone in a suit in front of Alfred and Damien and some monologue. We did not see Dick put on the cowl or give a definitve reason why he changed his mind. Now we know why.

I like that this issue had other DC heroes come in and ask "What's next?" Supes and Diana know Bruce just as well as Dick does.

Posted by danhimself

i liked this a heck of alot more then Batman and Robin....i've said it before and i'm sure i'll say it again but i can't stand Quietly's art and I'm not that big of a fan of Morrison's either....I think that Batman is going to be my main Batman book but like i said i'll give B&R a couple of more issues before i decide to drop it or not

Posted by Calvin

It seams pretty emo stuff.

Posted by The Human Stain

Dude, that music when Alfred was talking about his "son," almost brought a tear to my eye...

Posted by Bathory1313

I actually really enjoyed this issue... I can understand the struggles that both Dick and Alfred are going through. Having Dick move to the penthouse makes it still batman.. But as Dick not as Bruce.

I really enjoyed this, can't wait till the next issue.

Posted by Neobamboom

just wanted to let you know that i love your impressions G-man. Lol. Between Alfred and the southern one you did for Rogue last week (i think...) i just love it lol.

I really need to read Battle for the sounds really good.
Posted by TheBug

I was not going to pick this up cause of my dislike for Ed Benes artwork, but now I have to.

Posted by Obsurity

Another issue I have in the mail... It looks interesting I love Ed Bene's art

Posted by G-Man
Neobamboom said:
just wanted to let you know that i love your impressions G-man. Lol. Between Alfred and the southern one you ... [more]
Posted by sora_thekey

I'm gonna give this issue a try.... and I don't even read DC Comics!!!!!

Posted by mbembet

they change the Batman profile real name as richard grayson and put Bruce Wayne under one of the aliases , now that's stupid!

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Agreed nice review, G-man.
Don't get Cocky, Dick!

Edited by Media_Master

Sounds like a tear jerker

Posted by Jamiracles

I dunno, I really have to say i liked this issue quite a bit. I think the emotional gravity of the Batman role switching hands came across very clearly to me. I don't know if this is because I dont normally read DC and havent been following much of the Cowl stuff, but I'm definitely compelled now to read more of whats going on after this issue and the new Batman and Robin.

Its a very exciting time I think. I now have some sort of personal investment in Nightwing. He not only has to take on this immense responsibility that Bruce left behind (which when you think of it is just an astronomical weight for a lone man to bear) but hes gotta do it with Damien along side of him, and who the hell knows how long that little dudes gonna suppress his ego?

I of course love Bruce (how can you not?) but I almost dont want him to come back and be Batman. Maybe Batman Beyond it or something.

Posted by NightFang

 sounds good.