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Batman 3 Screenplay Being Worked On

Nolan and Goyer are at work

Some people doubt how there “could” be a sequel to THE DARK KNIGHT.   It’s a hard act to follow, no doubt… but let’s put it this way. The thing’s the second-highest grossing movie of all time (or was, until AVATAR pumped it back down to #3).   Even if the WB doesn’t get Christian Bale, Christopher Nolan, or anybody else back, make no mistake, there is going to be another Batman movie.

 Will the Bat-pod get damaged and eject into the Bat-Unicyle?

Now, it’s just a question of the steps to that end.   Jonathan Nolan and David Goyer are on board - - for now, at least.   While making a statement about departing from his creation, the ABC show FLASHFORWARD, Goyer confirmed that he and Nolan currently are working on a script for a third movie.   In a statement issued to Deadline Hollywood, he said…

As my feature projects have started ramping up again, I felt I was being pulled in too many directions.   I'm proud of [FLASHFORWARD] and excited about the relaunch. It's in great hands.

So maybe this isn’t the biggest news, and probably not the super-secret announcement DC Entertainment’s teased about, but it shows that the tracks are, indeed, being laid down for this bullet train.

I’ll put my fantasy producer’s hat on now…

 I agree *SMACK* with Tom.

After such a singularly-memorable performance from Heath Ledger, I think the only rabbit left to pull out of the hat is something that no other super-hero movie’s done.   And that’s blow out the entire rest of the rogue’s gallery in one go.  It’s the logical conclusion of the whole “escalation” theme so far running throughout the movies. 

The mob begets Batman.   Batman begets the Joker.   The Joker begets a city full of super-criminals, et cetera.

“But you can’t have more than one villain per sequel!” you exclaim.

 You get this guy's deal.

  The trick would be to use only lesser-known villains - - Firefly, the Ventriloquist, Killer Kroc, the KGBeast, the Mad Hatter.    Keep them down to earth and don’t get into their origins (you don’t need to know where Deadshot grew up to get what his deal is).   Have Gotham consumed by their gang’s turf war (cribbing a bit from NO MAN’S LAND), have just one main villain you get into detail with and BLAM! You got a card trick worthy as a follow-up.

Alright, producer’s hat off now…   why don't you all take turns putting it on, now?

-- Tom Pinchuk is the writer of UNIMAGINABLE for Arcana Comics and HYBRID BASTARDS! for Archaia Comics.   Watch out for the HYBRID BASTARDS! hardcover collection this March - - available for pre-order now on

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Edited by johnny_spam

Is that really any confirmation of another Batman movie or did they just assume he was working on it? Did Goyer himself say he was working on it?

Posted by Mr. Dead Pool

Black Mask as the main villain and Deadshot as the secondary bady

Posted by timrothsays

>>“But you can’t have more than one villain per sequel!” you exclaim.
lol, Spider-Man 3, lol xD

Posted by mr wayne

i am totally excited i know some way some how christopher nolan will out do dark knight but no dis respect to heath ledger rest in peace you are missed

Posted by They Killed Cap!

we still need the riddler...they could do a dark take on him that would be a good version and they could also do Bane...there is plenty of good material to go.
Edited by MysterioMaximus

Well if you want to get technical, The Dark Knight isn't the second or third biggest film of all-time. Realistically, when adjusted for inflation, it's not even close. That’s not to say it wasn’t ridiculously successful, just that movie tickets are quadruple the price they once were.

I can’t really see Mad Hatter. Well…let me rephrase. I can absolutely see Nolan being down with Tetch, he seems to fit the billing of a realistic (Nolan-style) villain rather well, far better than characters like Killer Croc, Mr. Freeze, or Clayface. But with Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland coming out, I can see Hatter being passed on just to avoid confusion. I mean, it’s hard to believe, but there are still people that don’t even know this isn’t in the same franchise as Burtons Batman films.

I don’t really understand quite why we’d need to stick to lesser-known foes. For my choice, I’d want Riddler. You really need at least one new yet recognizable character intro for the casuals in the audience to have something to latch on to. People like Black Mask, Ventriloquist, and Firefly are fun, but as a main role? Probably even more than half the audience wouldn't know who the hell they are. Mad Hatter looks big by comparison. Nigma fits the psychological real-world billing this franchise seems to prefer. And I do think you can have more than one villain, it’s simply in how you approach it. The second you do the clichéd villain team-up, the franchise tends to bomb. After all, both Nolan Batman films already had more than one antagonist in each film. Lesser-known faces are used as the pawns of the masterminds. Puppeteers don't appear in the flesh often, thus have Riddler maybe only actually seen at the climax. It also makes the riddle-gimmick seem very real-world Zodiac-like detective noir plot with Bruce not only trying to stop the crimes, ploys or clues that revolve around and use other minor played villains, but really also find out who the Riddler is to begin with. That’s the proper way of utilizing numerous characters while still instilling all with character.    

Posted by zombietag
the Ventriloquist! hes awesome  
Posted by Agent Buttons
Posted by .Mistress Redhead.

why would we exclaim there can not be more than one villain at a time?

Posted by Queen's Halo

I'm so waiting for a woman like Harly or Red or Selina or even the woman Ventriloquist.

Posted by Chaos Burn

Oh great, I just read about Caps movie being full of Invaders team characters... and now people think Batman should have LOTS of super-freaks
Didn't work for spiderman 3, didn't work for Wolverine Origins and it wont work with Batman 3....
The joker was powerful because you felt like he was the only one who was powerful and crazy, you add all those B list badguys (Mad Hatter WTF) and you'll dilute the effect...
 But yeah, Riddler and one more super-criminal MAX

Edited by NightFang

The main villain of the sequel should be Black Mask, who's at war with Penguin for control of the Gotham crime families and Deadshot is highered to kill Batman.

Posted by BaronVonDredd

As long as the film manages to keep up the hype made by The Dark Knight, I'm sure to go see it.
Posted by AngelFrost
Harley Quinn as the main villain. 
She was the Jokers old psychiatrist, when she suddenly grew obsessed with him. She comes to Gotham to take revenge on Batman for defeating the Joker. The Riddler get's in the way of her while putting the city  under threat. Meanwhile, a seductive new woman, Selina Kyle, appears on the scene, falling in love with Batman, whilst moonlighting as a Neutral character, and thief. 
(: that's how I think Batman 3 should go.
Posted by JimmyKudo09

For some reason i have this sinking feeling that Batman 3 will be terrible

Posted by Kid_Zombie

there is always lots of ways you can have lots of badguys without diluting it, just have one main badguy and other be more like cameos. 
We already got the origin story and the crime drama so how about a mystery? lets see the worlds greatest detetive be a detective for once. Lets make batman 3 like seven, only the killer is leaving riddles at the crime scenes. have penguin as a rat that runs the iceberg lounge as a cameo or something an i think that would be a kick ass movie.  i know im alone on this one but i wouldnt mind bringing dick greyson into this film. It would be a nice bookend to nolans franchise seeing as hes always thinking of his father and his lessons in the first movies, then in the last movie hes trying to be a father figure to this orphand boy and teaching him the lessons his father taught him, bring back his fathers music from "begins" and u have a touching subplot that would bookend very nicly. dont even have him as robin. just the 10 year old boy he adopts.

Posted by thatlad

Batman Begins had Ra's Al Ghul, with a strong focus on Batman's fighting skills (yes scarecrow was there but that simply played into the fear theme), TDK had Joker which played on escalation and showing Batman's opposite. I would like Batman 3 to focus on his detective skills and intelligence, we've only had a touch of that in TDK with his drilling out part of the wall I'd like to see a strong focus on Bruce's intelligence i.e. the Riddler!! But I'd want him played more seriously, as far away from Jim Carrey as possible AND please do not even let Eddie Murphy sniff the script

Edited by The Prez

I would like to see Dick Grayson aka nightwing a young cop who is inspired by the acts of Batman to make real justice. We get that hes a orphan no big deal bout it, but its a start. Oh, another thing, he's not a kid just a 20 to 25  year old guy. The audience can see Edward Enigma a detective for Gotham police deparment. 

Posted by dan1509

hmmm but how could you keep the semi-realistic feel to this now? I would love to see Bane but how would you do something like that in keeping with how Joker, Scarecrow, and Two Face were done?
Posted by brendon277

I don't really care for Batman however i did like Dark Knight movie i'll be happy to see this if it don't get cancelled.
Posted by Silver Knight75

I like the sound of it. I'd like to see characters like Bane, Killer Croc, Freeze, Firefly, Scarecrow in full costume, Joker again, Deadshot,etc
Posted by Bergquist

Ventriloquist would be cool
Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

Black Mask as Primary and Catwoman as secondary

Posted by Pez85

With the way Dark Knight ended, I'd love to see a new "protector" step up. Along the lines of a Jason Todd-esque character, "punishment fit the crime" stuff. Call him Nightwing, then have Batman AND Nightwing team up towards the end of the film to fight another baddie.

Posted by Decept-O

Still don't know why some think there can't be more than one villain in a movie.  Give me a break.  Read the comics.  How many times have Spidey and Batman and so many others dealt with more than 1 villain? 
I can understand if you have more than 3, it would be too chaotic, that I can agree with.   Just hope the next Batman does get off the ground.
Posted by mystery997

This is great news and im excited for a third one 
but people let me ly this on you . If they were to ever use joker again which they will how does this guy make you feel as the joker 
Now tht is heath as the joker this is the actor/comedian dressed as the joker 
This is jim carrey
Posted by StaticJames

Anything Batman x) 
They might aswell have it so that other batman heroes come into the story if they want a load of villains or just more characters.
Posted by AirDave817

I like how they made The Scarecrow's appearance credible. The Dark Knight really had 1) The Joker, 2) Two-Face and 3) The Scarecrow. So, it can be done. There's just no reason to have them tripping over each other. I'd go see Black Mask and Deadshot. I have a feeling any Batman film with Nolan(s) and Bale will be grounded and dark. (Wasn't that Mr. Zsazz [sp?] in The Dark Knight or Batman Begins?) You won't see a Penguin, Catwoman or a Riddler. Or any of the elements from the Tim Burton or the Joel Schumacher films. The characters were pretty mishandled by those directors. Unless Johnny Depp can pull of a pretty menacing Riddler...        

Posted by cmaprice

Catwoman or Talia al Ghul would be great choices. They could equally toy with Bruce and Batman and explore his darker desires/persona. 
Talia would already know his identity via Ra's and the League of Shadows, and has plenty of reason to utterly destroy the Bat. The League could also try a new method of destroying Gotham-- equipping lunatics with ninja training and armor, etc.
On the other hand, Catwoman could drive out the same themes from Bruce while Gotham festers as he neglects his duties. And she is much more of a draw to mainstream audiences. She's also more toyetic. 

Posted by reaper2923

I would like to see Deadshot as long as he doesn't look like he did in Gotham Knight that movie mad me want to throw up all over my tv

Posted by goldenkey

There could be plenty of villians as side characters.  They used Mr Zsaz good enough.  Showed his scars too.  Falconi was used well.  Throw in the Penguin as an arms dealer or another mobster and he works great no need for an orgin.  The Riddle should be the main protaginist and used just as guy who wants to screw with Batman.  Bane could a great fun for hire easily written to up against Batman.  The Ventriloquist could work the creep end if they don't use the Riddler because well........The Ventriloquist is creepy and he's mob oriented also.  there's a lot of ways to go with  a 3rd sequel and it should be good.  It should be Return of the Jedi good, or the Return of the King good.  A good seguel, not as good as the 2nd but good enough to be watched over and over again. 
Posted by DEGRAAF

I dont see this happening at all but i would like them to have killer croc as the villain. He could be the first subject to under go gene splicing (taken from the villains in batman beyond)
Posted by uncanny89
thats what id like to see but have a reference to Poison Ivy in there somewhere to set up the next film with her in. 
Id really like to see how they would handle a Harley quin character in a Nolan Batman film
Posted by Moomin123

I could see a sequel to the Dark Knight being made. I'd like to see David Tennant play the Riddler for the main villain, and I'd like to see another return of the Scarecrow. 
Posted by TheBug
@bergquist said:
Ventriloquist would be cool "

He would be, but I don't think the audience will get it. 
I would love to see Catwoman.
Posted by greenenvy

Yes yes I been waiting for this news to happen!! However I did not hear Riddler yet but as long as the sequel lives up the fullest and  becomes good then I will happy. 

Posted by Portrait


Edited by MemnochZERO

I say stick with waring Organized Crime type rogues like Black Mask, Bane, Ventriloquist, Zukko, Penguin and have 'em go to war with the cops and "solo" Joker inspired freaks with Batman at a loss of how to proceed. I'd also love to see Scarecrow back but keep him the way he looked in TDK i don't need to see him in a floppy hat and rags head to toe. Also would not object to seeing credible Batman inspired vigilantes running around (perfect outlet for "officer" Grayson/Nightwing).
Posted by waruikumo

Seriously, with the magnitude of Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker.  THERE IS NO WAY, to retain the series and film's integrity with out him. 
So it sucks, but really i would rather not have a Return of teh Jedi Batman movie.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I  cant wait to see a sequel to the dark knight and I think they should get batgirl.

Posted by The_Warlord

Bring Back Two-Face!!

Edited by Bruce Vain

I say bring back Two-Face ; cause I don't believe he's dead. Bring in Black Mask & maybe have the Penguin as the club owner of the Iceberg Lounge. But is also a weapons dealer. And have Two-Face & Black Mask fight for territory of Gotham similar to War Games.  
For Black Mask I would cast  Guy Pearce or Tim Olyphant

 And for Penguin I wouldn't mind seeing Danny DeVito returing or if not him I would get Bob Hoskins. 


Posted by Yung ANcient One

I say use my idea... have The Mayor of Gotham be the Villain... since in Dark Knight... Batman was on the run of the Law... Use that as Motivation for the Mayor to call a Assassin that is known for Dead Shots...

Have the Assassin try to kill Bats... with good fight scenes... and a scene where the Assassin almost kills Bats... but then Bats gets evidence on who he is and Who does he(assassin) work for... Leading to know that the Mayor is a Kingpin of the Criminal Underworld... SO bats shows the Evidence to The People of Gotham and the Police soon... The Mayor is arrested in his Office... and then u see the Court Scene where hes kickout of Office and etc... Next scene...The Ex-Mayor is in a Armored Truck with his Assassin... and is headed to go to Arkam... When Suddenly the truck... is attack by 3 Black  Armored Vans... with several men dressed in black... They take The Ex-Mayor and his Hired Gun to a secret Location... The Ex-Mayor thanks a man he calls Number One... Walks inside his secret hideout and puts on a Black Mask...
Then The Assassin asks how The X-Mayor got this location and etc... thats where The BLack Masked Villain tells his Assassin everything... The assassin says "thats cool and all, but what about the Bat"... The Black Masked Villain tells him oh i been working on that... Then The Ex-Mayor... Goes to a secret Lab where his Captured Scientist Robert Kirkland Langstrom  has been working on a Super (soldier) Serum... that will enhance a persons Strength, agility, eyes, etc... which is what The Black Masked Villain believes to be Batman secret power... The Assassin wants it... so he can be able to take on the Bat... and get some revenge... So he does and is suddenly screaming in agony... all a while bats has been using his detective skills to try and find Where The Ex-Mayors Hideout is at and etc... so he(bats) finds out where its at and goes on over there... he fights some Goons in black... and etc... till he walks in to The Ex-Mayors secret Lab... there Bats asks The Ex-Mayor Sionis... like Why... How... and etc... Sionis answers his questions... then Bats Attacks him but... Suddenly he hears a sound... a dreadful sound... Sionis Laughs... and says "U woke him Up"... Then
a Man-Bat-Like Creature attacks Batman... They Fight... awesome Figth Scene... and the rest... well watch the Movie...
Good idea or What?
Posted by burr787

I'm all for Deadshot being in the movie, he needs to redeem himself after Gotham Knight.

Edited by likalaruku

1)Nolan is going to be "overseeing" Superman movies. 
2)WB is still determined to shovel out another Batman movie. 
3)People still want the movie to take place in the Nolanverse. 
4)Nolan said he didn't want to make a 3ed movie & will apparently be partially distracted by something else. 
This is a recipe for disaster, if it's true. It's like rushing out a shitty sequal to a popular game franchise to cash in on something while it's stilll hot.     
I hate Dark Knight more & more every time I see it.

Posted by grimreaper1980

the black mask should be in it as the new head of the criminal organization in gotham, and he should hire assassins and mercenaries to take out batman, villains like deadshot, kgbeast, firefly, and bronze tiger would be good for that

Posted by Emerald Warrior

I don't agree with the "lesser know" villains... that would just make the movie a waste of time. The whole several villains idea? now that i'm down with. Take Ocean's 11 (12 and 13) the cast of characters was huge! They all fell into the script pretty well without having to explain eveyones origin...  
You want a cool story for Batman 3? Go with something KnightFall-esque! Flash forward to a Gotham city consumed with "supervillains"... comish gordon briefs his men on his  top 10 most wanted  list (riddler, black mask, Mr Freeze, Ivy, Firefly, scarface, madhatter, Zsasz, killer moth and scarecrow) whom batman's taken down one by one in flashbacks...everybody's in arkham...Enter  Bane as the main villain (catwoman as a love interest). Bane blows arkham up, everybody gets out and Batman's sick He gets better, and with the help of all his allies gets all villains  in jail or some get killed...bla bla bla... minus the back breaking part, i think it would be a good approach (off the top of my head, of course). 

Posted by DeathDefyingDevil
@Tom Pinchuk:
Posted by Bats


Posted by Static Shock
@.Mistress Redhead. said:
" why would we exclaim there can not be more than one villain at a time? "
The idea is kinda cliche. However, Nolan was the only director that could pull it off in both Batman movies.
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