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'Batgirl: Year One' Gets the Animated Treatment

Chuck Dixon's origin story gets CGI treatment, but will this become an ongoing show?

Last night the final episode of 'Batman: The Brave and the Bold' aired on Cartoon Network in Great Britain, and our friends across the pond got more than they bargained for with that episode. The final episode of the popular Batman series, "Mitefall," ended with a short film starring none other than Barbara Gordon as Batgirl. The clip, obviously based on the Chuck Dixon 'Batgirl: Year One' mini-series shows Batgirl in her original blue and yellow costume.

Can I just say how awesome this is? If you've seen previous episodes of 'Batman: The Brave and the Bold' featuring Bat-Mite, then you probably remember the mini movies set in an alternate reality. I'm going to guess that this is just another short movie, and that there probably won't be a Batgirl television show based on the 'Year One' graphic novel. Oh, but how I wish that weren't the case.

== TEASER ==

Is it a coincidence that Barbara Gordon is returning to the Batgirl mantle this fall and that this teaser is coincidentally added to the final episode of the series? Perhaps, perhaps not. After all, this wouldn't be the first time that a we've seen hints of an animated 'Batgirl.' After all, Warner Brothers animation director (Wonder Woman, Justice League) Lauren Montgomery had cited interest in doing a Batgirl animated film based on the 'Batgirl: Year One graphic novel in the past. Check out the clip from the final episode featuring Barbara Gordon as Batgirl below!

Do you think there's a chance that we'll see a Batgirl animated series? Is it something you would wan to watch?

Thanks to Cosmo111687 for the tip!

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Edited by Jordanstine

Looks better than the upcoming Green Lantern CGI cartoon show, that's fo sho!

Posted by ImperiousRix

Ever since the interns did that "Dig Deep" on Batgirl: Year One, I've been wanting to read it. 
I doubt it'll be a real series, but that trailer is awesome.  I think that a Batgirl show would work, simply because the bat-family seems to have a pretty built-in audience.  They should definitely try it.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Awesome stuff! I'd be for it if it came on..sure, Babs is no Batman but she's still one of my faves. That does look pretty neat actually.

Posted by sythspawn

Final episode? Did CN not order anymore episodes?

Posted by Sergotron

Yes I am very much interested in this content.

Posted by Gambit1024

Cool. But when is Flash getting animated treatment?

Posted by SirSparkington

I would love to see that or a BoP animated show.

Posted by TheMess1428

That was pretty cool. 
@sythspawn said:

Final episode? Did CN not order anymore episodes?
They're getting ready to do a new Batman CGI series. Brave and the Bold is over.
Posted by MuadDiab

Cool, the interns talked about this in their Video-Cast thingy. They said it was pretty good

Posted by danhimself

THAT LOOKED AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Batgirl: Year One was my absolute favorite of the Year One stories and the animation for that clip looked great....I really hope this is real

Posted by NightFang
@Jordanstine said:
Looks better than the upcoming Green Lantern CGI cartoon show, that's fo sho!
Posted by cosmo111687

Ridiculously awesome.

Posted by Bestostero

I hate these CGI cartoons, they look terrible...but this is good news nonetheless.

Posted by garrison12795

I'd prefer they animate it normally, fuck CGI...but Batgirl: Year One is a favorite of mine, and Firefly DOES look cool animated like that.
Posted by StarKiller809

I'd watch that.

Posted by okayla

The CGI stuff looks so awkward and cheesy, but I like the idea of Batgirl: Year One... hm.

Posted by CellphoneGirl

OMFG! Yes! I'll be watching this for sure :D

Posted by RedK

yes would totally watch this it would be pretty cool seeing things from her perspective instead of Batman's, but if they were going to do it they should have some team ups with Batman and maybe Robin

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

I certainly hope so (in response to the idea that this could be a new show).  That looked awesome.
It could at least be an hour long animated tv movie, like Firebreather (whatever it was called). 
I thought, for a second I missed the Batman cartoon here.  My DVR might not be recording it, is it playing?
I missed the GL episode and the WW episode too.

Posted by chalkshark

I think there's a better chance that a Batgirl:Year One animated film might be on the horizon. It's the kind of push for the character I could see DC doing to help usher in Barbara Gordon as Batgirl again.  Honestly, I'm all for any DC character getting animated attention over Superman & Batman. How there isn't a Metal Men cartoon on television continues to baffle me. Who doesn't love robots?

Posted by panda21595

I would rather it be in 2D done by Lauren Montgomery, but since she has left WB for Nick for Legend of Korra I don't think that's happening. But, its good Barbara is getting the animated treatment.

Posted by ryanmorey

I just finished reading the Batgirl year one books via DC's downloadable comixology thing and while I found the ending kind of anti-climatic, I really dug the series over all. If there was a CGI or regular animated movie or series based on that I would purchase/watch that first chance I got. I'm already biting my nails waiting for the Batman Year One disc to come out in October...

Posted by longbowhunter

I loved Batgirl: Year One. Cant wait to check this out. Suprised the CGI looks so good.
@danhimself said:
THAT LOOKED AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
This. I will own whatever DVD compilation comes from this.
Posted by difficlus
@StarKiller809 said:
I'd watch that.
plus batman looks cool. 
Posted by Mercy_


Posted by The Umbra Sorcerer
:O AWESOME!!!!!! i would love to watch this
Posted by Scarlet_Rogue

this looks good, but I hate CGI. love the color.

Edited by ChaosAngel

Its already been said but that was awesome.I really hope they do a series.I'd definitely watch.A movie would be great to.Dc has a huge number of characters that with good writing would make great animated shows or movies.

Posted by Sakurafire

Please let this happen. Please please please please...

Posted by Dracade102

Don't know If I like... Too much exposure to the Bat-characters for me to get excited over yet another animated movie...

Posted by carnivalofsins00

I still haven't read Batgirl Year one. I just can't find it anywhere. :/

Posted by The Stegman

i'll check it out..cause i have faith in Dc's animation abilities..but i am not a fan of CGI shows...

Posted by Jenna


Posted by B'Town

Yes! I would watch this. :)

Edited by The Velvet Rabbit
Batgirl: Year One as an animated series?   YES PLEASE. 
and lord help me, something must be very wrong with me - I think I like the CGI in this one.   at least they don't have enormous jedi heads.
Edited by Psychotime

I'd rather have 2D and heavily based on Marcos Martin's art, but it'd be cool if they really did do Batgirl:Year One. It was a very good miniseries.

Posted by pikahyper

WTF Cartoon Network where are the new episodes in the US !!! we get six episodes for season three and it disappears and then episodes 7-9 show up as itunes only episodes and then nothing after that !!! This is one of the main reasons I hate Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, no consistency, bunch of sporadic episodes and then nothing for ages and then out of the blue new episodes and half the time Nickelodeon just starts airing things in random order and not publishing the episode name, title or number for dvr's so my tivo just shows a generic description for the show and I have to record it in the hopes its new..... >_< I had to stop watching Penguins of Madagascar cause of that rubbish.

Edited by Cybexx

That would be pretty cool if this turns out to be an actual thing, maybe their gauging audience reaction before deciding if this is just a bat-mite thing or not. The Batgirl: Year One movie got cancelled due to the sales performance of the Wonder Woman movie which was a damn shame since that movie was so good.

Posted by 672253

Holy crap -fangasm- YES

I would Love for any sort of Batgirl animated TV show... :D

Posted by The_Tree

Looks good, I'll watch it, whatever it turns out to be. 
It looks like they used the same CGI from the Firebreather movie, I'd like that to become a series as well.

Posted by Samimista

I'll gladly be watching this as I love the Batgirl: Year One book.

Posted by MoonKnightFan123


Posted by hushicho

Ugh. Chuck Dixon is the worst Bat writer. They could at least do a good version of Barbara, not his toned-down incompetent geek retcon who couldn't hack it as a superhero. Thumbs down.

Posted by 00 Raiser

I remember reading this. While Im not to crazy about the CG take on it. Im still loving that they are doing this.

Posted by RareCheshire

This is a series? I thought they were just making an animated movie.

Posted by Neverpraying

Is there any where I can watch shows like this (and other super hero shows) online? I despise TV, and I despise cartoon network <_<

Posted by entropy_aegis

Please give me a Flash or SCW movie.

Posted by mikeclark1982

i would sell my soul to see a batgirl the animated series. plus since warner brothers said there would be a dedicated DC comics animated block on cartoon network either this fall or next spring or fall 12... seeing this would automatically put the women of dc at the forefront! DO IT WARNER BROTHERS!

Posted by dorminic_oyh

Batgirl on TV? 
I can hardly contain myself! This is the greatest news I've heard all week!

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