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Baltazar & Aureliani Break Out 'Ninjatown' Antics

All I can say is Tiny Titans written by Art Baltazar cracks me up.  So I wanna know what this is about.

This June, the tiny but mighty inhabitants of NinjaTown hit comic book shelves in a first ever full-length comic by Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani (Tiny Titans). NinjaTown: Adventures of the Wee Ninja Vol 1 is a supersized, 48-page tale of the madcap Wee Ninjas, created and made famous as plush collectibles by Shawnimals.

Coinciding with the release of Devil's Due's exclusive Geeky Ninja plush toy, Adventures of the Wee Ninja will open the doors to creator Shawn Smith's action-packed world of subtly delivered humor with a fierce ninja edge and whole lot of heart. Co-written by Baltazar and Aureliani, who will collaborate artwork as well, Devil's Due's giant-sized premier will feature many of the characters already introduced in Shawnimal's hugely successful line of micro-plush Wee Ninjas.

In what is sizing up to be a huge year for the Wee Ninjas, Adventures of the Wee Ninja heralds a 2008 that also includes a new NinjaTown game headed for the Nintendo DS this fall. Both Devil's Due and Shawnimals will appear at New York Comic Con April 18-20.

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