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Bad Kids Go To Hell On Facebook

What? Really?

Do you know "Bad Kids Go To Hell"?  It's actually a graphic novel from Antarctic Press.  What is it about?
The premise: Five dysfunctional teenagers, each representing a different clique and not overly fond of one another, spend a Saturday detention locked in their school library by their principal.  Sounds familiar, doesn't it?  The premise of a classic 1985 John Hughes film, maybe?

Let's start over. During its construction, workers found a secret chamber under the library... and died there.  An army of cockroaches crawls through its walls. A few students have seen visions of the undead. Their principal left the school during a fit of violent sickness, and hasn't returned. And a sixth student they've never seen before mysteriously joins them...

Sound interesting?  Talk to your local comic shop about ordering it.  There is also a feature film in the works.  You can also join the Facebook group HERE (hence the title of this post) and you can follow their TWITTER for updates.
Posted by AngelFrost

Hm...Sounds interesting.

I don't know about the comic
But I'll definately check out the movie.


Posted by xerox_kitty

Sounds more interesting than Judd Nelson's fingerless gloves...

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

John Hughes meets Wes Craven? Two great 80's tastes that should taste pretty good together

Posted by pixelized

i love it!

Posted by Media_Master

Sounds alright