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Back-Up Stories Invade the Bat-Titles Beginning in BATMAN #8

More pages and more stories are coming our way.

Late last week word came out that some titles, such as BATMAN AND DETECTIVE COMICS, were increasing their price and page count. If we're going to get a raise in the price, having more pages of stories could be justifiable, providing those stories are worth the difference in price. I voiced my thoughts many times on the Second Features we used to see and my main problem that they often didn't feel they belonged in the title they appeared in. DC revealed their plans for the back-ups beginning in BATMAN #8, via The Source.

The back-up in BATMAN #8 won't be just an ordinary back-up story. It's going to "explore the dark history of the Court of Owls." That, in itself, is enough to sell me on the idea. But there's more!

The back-ups will be by the amazing creative team of Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque. You should be more than familiar with their work in the pages of AMERICAN VAMPIRE. James Tynion IV will also be co-writing with Snyder.

These back-up stories with continue to reveal more about the Court’s sinister agenda as we move toward “The Night of The Owls” – a massive crossover event coming in May, which will span the Bat-books and reveal the full breadth of their master plan. With their claws sunk into Gotham history, the Owls represent a threat unlike anything Batman’s faced before, threatening to tip the city’s balance of power once and for all.

“The first backup, in issue eight will give a sense of the terrifying scope of the Court of Owls’ attack on Gotham. This really will be the first shot in a war for the soul of Gotham City,” said Snyder. “And then, starting in issue nine, we’ll begin a three part story called ‘The Fall of the House of Wayne’ that will investigate the secret history of the Court of Owls and its relationship to the Wayne family – particularly to Thomas and Martha Wayne, Bruce’s parents. The story will be told from the point of view of Jarvis Pennyworth, Alfred’s father, and offer some big surprises and shocks about the forces that shaped the bat-mythology as we know it. Can’t wait for you all to see these stories!

BATMAN #8 will be on sale in April. Check out Rafael's character sketches courtesy of The Source.

I didn't think it was possible but BATMAN's going to be even better than it is now.

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Posted by VaizD

The more Snyder-bats the merrier!

Posted by BatClaw89

There is no one better than Batman. I am looking forward to all the crossovers in the Batverse.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Wow, that seems like a good idea on part of the Bat titles!

Posted by Outside_85

While otherwise well written, I just think that Batman suddenly bumping into an urban legend that's been there longer than him (and survived No Man's Land...if that still happened) is a bit forced, especially when the first issue everyone claimed no one knew the city better than him.

Posted by IFeelTeeth

Snyder knows how to write a damn good Batman.

Posted by Baddamdog

Omg Albuquerque Batman is amazeeee

Edited by feargalr

I love that last pic of Bruce without the cape and cowl.. like thats how I feel the batsuit should look, i.e. armor-ish also yay for more snyder bats! I can't say Im crazy about the fact that maybe the court of owls is responsible for killing Bruces parents.. I think it makes a lot more sense if Batman is created as the result of crime, poverty and moral decay, instead of a secret group of owls....

Posted by kartron

If it is Scott Snyder, I am going to buy it however the format is and whatever the price is!!! I am loving his work to that extent!!

Posted by Chane

Is there a list anywhere of all the titles scheduled for a content / price hike? My google-fu is weak on this one.

Posted by the_fallen11

gonna. be. amazing!

Posted by cagedleo730

@Outside_85: Actually that's a good example of pride coming before the fall. To only have been alive for 30 + years and even through reading up on Gotham's history, it's impossible to know everything. When you assume you do you'll get a surprise.

As for the earthquake, if it's still relevant, all the Wayne buildings were earthquake-proof. They all survived mostly intact. The Court of Owls nested in Wayne buildings.

Posted by cagedleo730

@Chane: So far it's only Detective and Batman. I doubt they'll raise anymore anytime soon. They've learned to only do so for their biggest titles (Action, JL, etc). They are however coming out with digital combos for Green Lantern, and Detective.

Posted by Outside_85

@cagedleo730 said:

@Outside_85: Actually that's a good example of pride coming before the fall. To only have been alive for 30 + years and even through reading up on Gotham's history, it's impossible to know everything. When you assume you do you'll get a surprise.

As for the earthquake, if it's still relevant, all the Wayne buildings were earthquake-proof. They all survived mostly intact. The Court of Owls nested in Wayne buildings.

That would be true...if it was not Batman we were talking about. And I was under the impression that they nested in a lot of different buildings, not just Wayne buildings. (Not to mention Earthquake proofing the Original Wayne-Tower.)

Posted by JonesDeini

I've yet to buy a 3.99 DCnU title that I didn't get my money's worth from. Throw in Albuquerque and I'm a very, very happy reader.

Posted by Om1kron

DC is really looking hard for a way for me to start dropping titles from my pull list. It's bad enough some of the regular books I really enjoy are starting to have dual artists draw in them. I seriously hate that because of the difference in storytelling ability, and lets not get on how much it pissed me off to keep seeing atom man or whatever the hell that was in the back of 5 of my dc new52 books or that stupid batman noel story that was posted in the back of damn near every bat title for the 3 months of new52.

I remembered why I stopped buying regular monthly titles and held out for graphic novels because I hate distracting ad's in the middle of my comic books, especially when you read the books years later and this completely irrelevant add is thrown in the book to just take your focus off of enjoying an old story I'm now thinking about buying oxyclean and shamwow's at the climax of dark halloween for example.

Whatever, like I said there are only a few of the books that dc is pumping out that are holding up to quality of a new book.

But I see myself quickly dropping the following

batgirl (the art is painful and rushed, the story is pretty damn boring too)

green lantern (really just don't care for the story nor the art)

batwing (man this book went from wtf is happening to horrible now the next issue already has a batman cameo to sell it. fail)

all star western (this book had potential but I don't even read anything that doesn't have to do with jonnah hex so I have 1 or 2 stories I'm not even reading in the book, I don't want a newsletter comic for 4 bucks)

Action comics (multiple artists working on the same book means we're having problems with deadlines and we're trying to shove out a shit product on time so we can keep you onboard)

and there are probably more I could add to that list but my comic books are at work at the moment.

Posted by King Quisling

Ugh... NOOOOO DC! No crossovers, not just yet.

Posted by ChrisTobin

Rafael's art reminds me of Dustin Nguyen's. They both give up on hyper-realistic art and just make something that's eally fun and cool to look at.

Posted by shawn87

The Night Of The Owls???? That sounds awesome!! I can't wait for this. Batman is my favorite new 52 title and it looks like it's only going to keep getting better. 

Posted by MrUnknown

I hate backups. But at least this is relevant.

Edited by johnny_spam

While a story about Alfred's father interests me and the art looks beautiful the story does not catch my interest at all. Still that art looks amazing.

Posted by goldenkey

good shit. good shit.

Posted by Dernman

@MrUnknown said:

I hate backups. But at least this is relevant.

Well think of the last one they had. Didn't Gordon Jr start off as a Backup?

Posted by MrUnknown

@Dernman: Yea that one was nice. But I never liked the Manhunter one in Streets and Question's in 'tec.

Posted by Dernman

@MrUnknown: Ya I didn't like them either but then again I don't like Manhunter and Question. Well I like Renee Montoya but not her as the Question.

Posted by MrUnknown

@Dernman: Yea same. There are too many superheroes in Gotham; I would love to see more focus on the police force like how they did in Gotham Central.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Very body moans that there's no cohesion, now there is and people still moan 

Posted by Or35ti

I like the idea for Batman, although I don't know if Detective Comics really needs it. I mean I only read Batman but I hear Detective Comics isn't as good... Either way, I'm good with paying another dollar for more Batman in a few months :)

Posted by sweetesttoaster

I trust Scott Snyder to make some awesome comics. He hasn't disappointed me yet. I'll gladly pay for anything he is putting out, especially when it comes to batman because Snyder kicks ass at writing that book.

Posted by notarandomguy

Do you really think Batman, Batwoman and Aquaman are the top selling comics of DCnU ? everyone's saying the same ._.

Posted by RedOwl_1


Posted by ReVamp

Here I was just about to blog on how I miss Bat-specific crossovers. Lol.

@MrUnknown said:

I hate backups. But at least this is relevant.

Agreed on both pints. *Hic* I mean points =P

Edited by NXH

Snyder has been knocking it out of the park for Batman. More so than Grant Morrison who in my opinion did nothing for me and there's no doubt in my mind that Snyder won't disappoint. Oh and those Batman pictures by Rafael Albuquerque look gorgeous.

Posted by GamerGeek360

As long as this isn't like whatever that thing at the end of Detective Comics #5 was. You can barely call that a back-up because it felt more like a way to fill in pages from the awfully short and awfully boring story.

Posted by DarthShap

This crossover is great news. DC has finally decided to impose Snyder as the lead writer for the entire Batverse, exactly what I was hoping. Because it is a crossover, the Batman series might not be as good then as it is now but finally Detective Comics and TDK will get, you know, a writer.

Posted by dub_step_masta

More Batman? I'm kind of torn on the issue, isn't there enough batman content for a month's worth. Now I have to pay more for the good stuff???

Edited by Joelislegend

snyder and alberquerque!! yes!!!!!!


Detective comics... not sold.

Posted by InnerVenom123

A massive crossover event? Dammit, I'm on a budget for savings right now. I can't do that. The only DC book I can even afford is Batman. I can't get them all. -___-

Posted by fACEmelter88

Did u hear that? My heart skipped a beat because I'm so excited, Scott Snyder + Batman = GOLD.

Posted by StarKiller809

Great idea! I love Scott Snyder and I think that this is going to be great to see how the Court of Owls is super huge. I also think that this will tell everyone know that the DC Universe is connected still. Great news and I really want to read it know.

Posted by The Impersonator

Bruce Wayne looks Bat-@$$!

Edited by Gentleman_of_the_Bedchamber

Hmm... Issue 9 is the one that will be released in May... by which point there will be only 3 issue's left in the storyarc.

Now I'm curious, will every Batman title have their own 2-3 issue storyline in regard's to the Court of Owls? It wouldn't surprise me since they are building up to the climax.

Also since they said that it spans the Bat book's does that mean Jason will get involved? Last I checked Red Hood and The Outlaws were listed as one of the Batman book's. Though even by this logic I doubt Batwing and Detective Comic's will get tie-in's so Jason's involvement is in question.

Curious indeed. Your move, Mr. Snyder.

Posted by War Killer

Not sure I'm happy to hear that the price for the series is going up, seeing as one of the biggest things I loved about the new DCU is that most their titles were $2.99 (with few exceptions). But if Snyder continues to give us the same great stories that he's been giving us so far then I'll probably be able to overlook the price issue. My only fear is that sometimes the backup features, while in this instance seems to actually fit the current story, many times those backup's simply feel out of place or just throw away stories, or even more annoying ways for DC to have other characters (most of the times characters the reader really doesn't care about nor wants to see in their favorite comic) to have some spotlight without risk losing money on that character having their own series.

Also, I'm not sure how I feel about a crossover between all the Bat-Titles...mainly because I'm currently only reading Batman and Batman and Robin, so I don't want to have to read those titles AND Nightwing, Batgirl, Detective Comics, and Batwing to get the whole story...

Posted by Saren

LOL Jarvis Pennyworth,

Posted by Gentleman_of_the_Bedchamber

@War Killer: Fear not! You likely won't have to worry about Detective or Batwing.

Detective is set 5 year's in the past while Batwing take's place in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Posted by BlackArmor

NOOOO I gotta pay more now

Posted by AngeTheDude

A price hike? Great. See if you'll ever catch up to Marvel NOW.

Posted by Joelislegend

@AngeTheDude said:

A price hike? Great. See if you'll ever catch up to Marvel NOW.

Honestly the price hike doesn't bother me if we get more content. But if they expect us to pay 4$ for stuff like Detective Comics 5... no way.

1$ for more Snyder... hell yes. Especially if it's the penciller from American Vampire.

Posted by reactionvm

Heres the thing... I love Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque... I love batman... I DONT love Tony Daniel and Detective Comics... So therefore I'm not gonna buy that at $3.99 (as its better spent on something else) and will have to miss out on the full backup story that SS is writing over both comics... therefore again... I will have 10 extra pages of story that doesn't make sense to me (as I'm only reading half) and will have to pay the price increase of $3.99 for the privilege... and what pisses me off even more is that DC could have put the back up in a less popular bat title than Detective (like batwing which is great) so more people buy it and it stands a better chance of lasting!! Rant rant... DC if you need me to work for you... post here and I will get back to you!

Posted by Joelislegend

@reactionvm: I doubt DC would be stupid enough to have Snyder writing backups for Detective Comics. That would basically be them admitting that Tony Daniel is doing a crap job.

Seriously though, they don't have their ear to the ground because the week everyone is complaining Detective Comics is crap, they announce a price hike.

UGH. A lot of people now have it off their pull lists i'm guessing.

Posted by entropy_aegis

Snyder will only be writing Batman,the other books will be written by their respective writers as usual and I don't think you really need to get them to understand the full story.

I'm loving the Court of owls stuff,but I hope to God Talon does'nt become an army of fodder fighters.I would have preferred if he was just one character.

The others look like they're just LOA pawns in owl outfits.

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