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Awesome Toy Picks: Young Justice And...Mötley Crüe

A look at toys available in stores and some you might have to search to find.

You might be aware that each week we post our Awesome Art Picks, a collection of comic book art not found in actual comic books. Because you guys like those, we thought we'd try taking it to a different level. Because we all read comics, a natural pairing is action figures and toys. They almost go hand in hand.

The way this will work is we'll highlight one item that you should be able to find in stores or online and take a good look at it. The second pick will be something (most likely from my personal collection) that you might be able to find on ebay or at toy collector shows.

First up is a couple figures from Mattel's Young Justice line.

There are different sized Young Justice figures. We got a look at some during our Mattel Booth Tour at this year's San Diego Comic-Con.

I picked up Kid Flash and Speedy from the 4" line to check them out. The packaging shows that only four are availing in this group right now. Aqualad and Icicle Jr are also in the line. Captain Atom, Superboy, Black Canary and Vandal Savage are listed as coming soon and Aqualad Stealth, Sportsmaster, Kid Flash Stealth and Robin are set for Fall 2011.

Sadly no Miss Martian figure is scheduled.

The figures are simple but nice. They only have five points of articulation but that is plenty for me. I find figures sometimes have too much articulation and can get hard to stand. They both have special neck articulation that allows their heads to both rotate and move in a nodding fashion.

Kid Flash comes with a bag of fast food. It's fitting but a little difficult for him to actually hold (see image below). The way their hands are molded, it's a softer mold and even though you can put the bag in his hand, he can't actually carry it unless you position it upside down. Roy comes with a simple bow. All figures come with a piece to build the Hall of Justice (see the back of the packaging above). Wally actually comes with two pieces.

The figures are pretty cool. I wasn't too crazy with the Icicle Jr figure and haven't decided on Aqualad. It would be nice if the entire team becomes available, meaning Miss Martian and Artemis. There is an Artemis in the larger 6" size along with Robin but I haven't heard of one in this scale.

There shouldn't be a problem trying to locate these figures. I imagine all the major toy selling stores will carry them. Given the small number in the line and no apparent rare figure, you should be able to get them all. When Black Canary is released, I'm sure she'll be harder to find being a female figure and the fact that toy manufacturers assume boys don't want to play with female figures (but I'm totally giving these to my daughter who is going to love them).

Now for the cool pick from the past. We all know that McFarlane Toys really set the standard for action figures in the 90s. In 2004, they released a massive box set of the one and only Mötley Crüe.

I can't remember what this cost at the time but the box set included Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars and Tommy Lee along with their instruments and stage. As is normal for McFarlane Toys, the attention to detail is amazing. Check out the close ups below.

What's also impressive is the amount of pieces to Tommy's drums. Each figure is removable from the base and have pegs to keep them from falling over when the music is cranked up.

Looking on ebay, there are a few sellers selling the box set. It's not cheap but it is there. It also appears that McFarlane Toys re-released the figures in single packs. Separately they each come with a piece of Tommy's drum kit and it looks like some sort of diorama.

That wraps up this first edition of Awesome Toy Picks. Let us know if you enjoyed this and all the pictures. We'll do another one of these next week as well.

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Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Speedy and Bart = hot.  Motley Crue = not. 

Posted by nightwing91
@RedheadedAtrocitus said:
Speedy and Bart = hot.  Motley Crue = not.   
Except it isn't Bart, it's Wally. :)
Posted by tbpinkfloyd

Jesus, the Young Justice packaging is the definition of unnecessary use of resources. TOO BIG

Edited by ahgunsillyo
@tbpinkfloyd: Actually, it's not that bad.  The plastic bubble is that big because the Hall of Justice set pieces are housed right behind the figure.  They're also not very thick, so that's actually a pretty reasonable size.
Posted by EdwardWindsor

Go Crue!

Posted by the darknessss

crue!!!!!!!!!! lovin it!
Posted by Wonder Princess

Awesome.  Keep the toy news coming. :)
Posted by Enzeru--defunct

What's up with that? They're making Young Justice toys, but not new episodes? I don't get it.

Posted by .Mistress Redhead.

@RedheadedAtrocitus said:

Speedy and Bart = hot. Motley Crue = not.

reversed :D

Posted by pikahyper
@Enzeru said:
What's up with that? They're making Young Justice toys, but not new episodes? I don't get it.
QFT!!! so odd that they find it to be this big of a success after only having nine episodes, kids and their hummingbird attention spans probably already forgot about the cartoon.
Posted by spider-man 2996

This is a really cool article. Will we have this next week?

Edited by Decept-O

Does the Motley Crue action figure set come with realistic vomit, booze bottles and heroin syringes? I mean, if they're keeping things realistic.

Posted by DH69

yep just what kids need subliminal marketing... 
kid: ooh kid flash comes with a happy meal, mommy i want mcdonalds 
Mom: Ok.  
Me: Yeeeeah great parenting lady...
10 years into the future 
kid: *heartattack while watchin batman add a 4th extra hole on his utility belt* 
ME: Ha!

Posted by cattlebattle

Who gives a crap about Motley Crue this day and age

Posted by gui22
@Enzeru said:
What's up with that? They're making Young Justice toys, but not new episodes? I don't get it.
Yea its been months...
Posted by Billy Batson



Posted by ReVamp
@pikahyper said:
@Enzeru said:
What's up with that? They're making Young Justice toys, but not new episodes? I don't get it.
QFT!!! so odd that they find it to be this big of a success after only having nine episodes, kids and their hummingbird attention spans probably already forgot about the cartoon.
Posted by They Killed Cap!

Posted by B_Heart

I loved the McFarlane Toys when I was younger, especially their horror series. I still have a Freddy Krueger one somewhere in the closet haha.

Posted by sdc10
What he didnt mention is that the figures come with collect and connect pieces to build the hall of justice. The packaging is that big in ordre to fit the pieces.
Posted by haydenclaireheroes

Love the young Justice figures. Can't wait to see what the other characters look like

Posted by Bestostero

I'm collecting the Young Justice toys! I've been waiting for them to release forever and when I found them I got all of the first four released and both of the two packs Batman/Robin Aquaman/Aqualad! I also got the SDCC Superboy cloning chamber off the MattyCollector site...and I got the second wave off ToysRUs website (Black Canary, Captain Atom, Superboy, Vandal Savage)  I'm sure Miss Martian/Artemis will be released after the first twelve... hopefully Superman, Wonder Woman, and some of the other League members that appeared on the show. I'm on a crazed manhunt for Cheshire/Ra's al Ghul and Flash/Kid Flash two packs....
You should also do the new Thundercats toyline...they're slowly popping up in retail...

Posted by G-Man

@sdc10: I did mention the Hall of Justice.

All figures come with a piece to build the Hall of Justice (see the back of the packaging above). Wally actually comes with two pieces.
Posted by NXH

Young Justice has been such a major let down in terms of keeping up with schedule wise I mean. =/

Posted by G-Man

We talked about the Young Justice series on the podcast. They've only shown 9 of the first season's 26. The other episodes aren't even complete yet. Guess they couldn't wait to show them to us. They did get another ten episodes ordered for a second season. Hopefully they'll get it all on schedule fast and more beyond the ten will be ordered.

Posted by danhimself

I am not a fan of the Young Justice toys....there's hardly any articulation and it they look so they were put in a press or something...I was really excited for the Young Justice toys up until I actually saw them

Posted by carnivalofsins00
I've been wanting that Crue set forever now. So pricey though.
Posted by Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!

If it's so detailed, how come I can't tell which one's Nikki just by looking at the face? they look like twins to me...

Posted by PureKiwi

I just watched yesterday an episode of Batman: The Brave And The Bold that included Speedy and some other sidekicks. It was nice . (S02E06) 
OMG a Motley Crue action figures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I consider getting married with it! So awesome omg!!!!!
Posted by carnivalofsins00
@.Mistress Redhead. said:

@RedheadedAtrocitus said:

Speedy and Bart = hot. Motley Crue = not.

reversed :D

Edited by jorgeareizaga

I like the YJ figures but they are very expensive, they do not woth $10, maybe $7 will be ok
When Miss Martian????????
I like a lot their articulation, I hate too much articulation and Motley Crue, they must to be in a trash container

Posted by MatKrenz

If they make an Iron Maiden one I am so buying that one.
And they beter add Eddie in there to.
You know what, screw it. Just give me an Eddie the ead line and im golden.

Edited by DownZero82

I like the Motley figures. Motleys not lame. Emo crap today is lame. New music today is lame. Motley Crue is not lame. You can keep your crappy Good Charlotte and 30 Seconds to mars. That's all crap. Dumbass wuss rock.

Posted by The Impersonator

Mmmmm! Fast Food. 

Posted by G-Man

@MatKrenz: McFarlane made "The Trooper" before (which I also have) and I just saw Eddie from The Killers album at Toys R Us. For realz!

Posted by MatKrenz
Edited by Herx

cool Young justice figures, though i dont know why they went for Roy's speedy costume rather than his Red Arrow one... I mean in the 10 (or 9, depending on if you count the first 2 episodes that introduced Superboy as one extended episode or a two parter episode) episodes that have already shown he's been seen more in his red Arrow suit rathern than Speedy (though im guessing that when the toy models were made the most recent Episode "Targets" that was a Roy Harper episode hadn't been shown). Also, as much as I like Roy i don't know why they would have produced his figure first out of the first 4. I mean yes he's the cool outsider character of the seires but he's not exactly a part of the team (though episode 10 dose get them closer) and in a line of toys bassed on a series called Young Justice it could have been better having more than 2/4 of the new figures being part of the team (i under stand having Iceicle Jr as a villain for kids to buy and then smack into the floor with their Aqualad / Kid flash figures). But with that little niggle assied they look like good figures, and i can imagain some day in the future some guy/girl going through all his/her old stuff in the attick and finding a Wally West Kid flash figgure, missing the fast food bag and a missing head :P because seriously, if a toys not broken or missing something, you haven't been having much fun with it...... or at least thats my logic :P

Posted by LB70145
@G-Man: I was just wondering why it has taken you so long to do some action figure articles. The last time I remember you talking about your own personal action figure collection was in a video review of some wolverine origins toys. I am not complaining or anything, I was just curious as to why you haven't done more toy articles. That was one thing I was surprised about when searching the forums. Very few people are actually talking about their action figures.
Posted by spikevalentine

Motley Crue? They have no idea what to put out anymore...

Edited by Eyz

Not that much fan of figurines, but those Young Justice ones look neat^^

Posted by Dallas_Raines


Motley Crue is dumbass pansy rock from the 80s.

Posted by DownZero82

Motley's still relevant after 30 years, can any of your crappy emo garbage say that. No. Will they be able to say that. No.

Posted by Sammo21

No Superboy?

Edited by GothamRed

I see from the back of the young justice packaging that the line is going by the ever popular "no girls allowed" policy for who they make toys of, or at least the "our team has no girls" thing since black canary is apparently coming, you know before miss martian and artemis, actual members of "Young Justice".