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Awesome Toy Picks: WonderCon 2012 Floor Highlights

The coolest collectibles seen at this year's WonderCon.

Normally each week we take a close look at a collectible or two. Last week, WonderCon took place in Anaheim. While we were running around doing interviews, Norm Chan (from was busy running around taking pictures of cosplayers and collectibles.

For those that haven't had a chance to attend a large comic convention, we wanted to give a taste of what else there is. It isn't just comic book creators, cosplayers and comic books. There are several venders there as well and many sell items that are a little harder to come by. Take a look at just a sample of what was there.

Interested in some Obama action figures? You have your choice.

== TEASER ==

Sometimes you'll just come across random items.

You probably already saw our video with the president of eFx Collectibles. Here's a few more shots of their Avengers and Darth Vader props.

Going to conventions also gives you a chance to actually see, in person, items you've only seen online. Check out this wall of POP Vinyl figures/bobbleheads, along with some Mini-Muggs.

What about collectible spaceships? These highly detailed items tend to get a little pricey. But they are pretty dang cool.

For some reason I still come across many people that don't associate Star Wars with comic books. There have been comic adaptations since the movies first began. If you ever go to a comic convention, you can guarantee you'll come across some Star Wars merchandise.

Sonic screwdrivers, anyone?

Kotobukia had several items on display.

We gave you a look at some of the DC Direct items in last week's installment. But here's a few more shots to get a better look.

Here's some random collectibles.

And of course...Squirrelpool from Gentle Giants.

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Posted by Rabbit_May_Cry


Posted by BoyWander

Who's that under batman (not the movie one)? Also, love squirrelpool.

Posted by TheGreyOutcastX

@BoyWander: That's Warpath in his X-Force gear.

Posted by BoyWander

@TheGreyOutcastX: Oooooh. cool.

Posted by Outside_85

That Supergirl figure looks like she is breaking wind :)

Posted by kamionero

I love toys waaay too much for a grown man hahahaha.

the Kotobukia line is amazing, im a huge fan of their Bishoujo line, but wow... that Archangel.... AMAZING!

Posted by FoxxFireArt

Those are some cool looking figures, but those prices can be insane. Not that the level of detail isn't worth it for most. I'd just never pay that much for a figure.

Posted by TheBane2890

@FoxxFireArt said:

Those are some cool looking figures, but those prices can be insane. Not that the level of detail isn't worth it for most. I'd just never pay that much for a figure.


Posted by jrock85


Posted by KainScion

OHH!!! my beautiful asari companion!!!! Liara you look HHHHOOOOTTT!!!

Posted by wowylied

All really nice but to expensive for thign that will be full of dust and with no more use than being here.

Posted by Solarflare32

Loving squirrelpool

Posted by randalmeister

All awesome! Squirrelpool is just brilliant. I've been tempted to buy a figure more than once. Luckily, I always come to my senses before dropping $300 on something I'll place on a shelf and admire occasionally.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

What is the first spaceship? 

Posted by SoA

@spiderbat87: firefly

Posted by Mad_Wolverine

Squirrelpool figurine....

My life is complete

Posted by Baberaham_Lincoln

New 52 superman..... awesome..... but i would like it if they made a red eyed version and him angry with battle scars.... epic.

Posted by Humanity

Wow Liara sure got, err, I mean I just want to research her.. I mean WITH her..not those! Stop the reapers thats it!

Posted by frochez

Since when has the Doctor been associated with Star Wars? 'Ah, you may have a doubloe ended lightsabre, but I have a sonic screwdriver. And a bowtie!'

Posted by Gambit1024

@Baberaham_Lincoln said:

New 52 superman..... awesome..... but i would like it if they made a red eyed version and him angry with battle scars.... epic.

I would buy this in a heartbeat.

Those Gambit and Archangel scream badassery. I want those so bad.

Edited by Decept-O

The Avengers and Star Wars props, statues and other figures are incredible. That Captain America is so boss, so is Magneto and surprisingly, that Archangel figure is a real standout. The Rorschach figure is very fluid and the detail incredible, a lot of action with him just walking.

Some of the things shown, however, have me scratching my head.

The Catwoman, is, again, very nice. The Rocket figure from Sucker Punch is great. Naturally the winner here has to be Squirrelpool.

Posted by Bernicky

All the Kotobukia stuff was amazing

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Wow, Kotobukia makes great stuff, but I think the samurai like monster holding the minigun is the best! :)

Edited by kfhrfdu_89_76k

All the Star wars ones are pretty epic.

I don`t have to get this one, but it sure looks great!

I also like the Yoda-figure. = )

Also, Wonder woman in Wonder Con! Yippee! Obvious, actually, when you think of it.

Who are these persons?

Posted by nszerdy

that first batman is AMAZING!!! 

Posted by ChrisTobin

@kfhrfdu_89_76k said:

Who are these persons?

He's from the movie Sucker Punch, I believe.

Posted by Nova`Prime`

Jesus I've never seen a sitting US President get pimped out so much in my life.

That Gatling Gun Samurai is freaking sweet.

Posted by SpidermanWins

wow these are all unbelievably awesome....probably can't afford any of them

Posted by RedOwl_1

Oh My Lord! That have to be the paradise of Mini-Muggs, I WANT BE THERE

Thor's hammer.... have one would be SO AWESOME! If I had one I couldn't resist the temptation of smash stuff... till I know isn't for that kind of use

Yoda.... LOL

Squirrelpool.... WTF

Posted by ARMIV2

Wicked cool!

Posted by Arevish

On the home page there is supergirl and on the article link there is ironman.

Why shuould i dig deeper in batman?!

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k


Aha. I see.

Posted by Decept-O

@kfhrfdu_89_76k: The female statue is "Rocket" from the movie "Sucker Punch" and the giant Samurai with the Gatling gun, as ChrisTobin pointed out, is also from the movie, he battled "Babydoll" in the opening sequence.

Posted by The Impersonator

Darth Maul looks freaking vicious.

Posted by The_Peter_Cosmic

Magneto may be de-aged, but he still wears his pants like an old man.

Posted by BlackArmor

Posted by Icon

I'm getting the Superman one for sure, and would also like to get Supergirl.

Posted by NXH

That Batman statue looks awesome. Not the Dark Knight Rises one.

Posted by CitizenJP

Too many awesome collectibles for one man to handle. :O

Posted by Miss_Garrick

Every single one of those items screams "Break Your Bank Account, But Totally Worth It!!"

I want the Firefly ship.

Posted by fourawesome


Posted by TheShame

I love the Obama t shirt figure! O for Oil!

Posted by clumsyninja

I love Mace Obama but what about Darth Romney...

Posted by uniform

Kotobukia Supergirl figures have been around a while. At first glance they look kind of cool, if you don't mind the whole anime take on Kara, or the silly up-skirt pose. What the pics shown here do not show is the massive case of pink eye on Kara. Once you see it, it's kind of hard to not focus on it. It's brought up as the worst flaw in a few reviews I've read in the past. Being a fan of SG, I was really tempted to grab one of these at one point, but ultimately passed on it for the flaws I've listed.

Posted by ImperiousRix

I really really really want that Liara statue from Kotobukia...

Posted by Fuchsia_Nightingale

Kotobukia has earned my love.

Edited by Mrfuzzynutz

I liked the Darth Maul figure, but wonder if the saber is a bit to close to his back and may scar him if that was "real"

Posted by Video_Martian


Posted by pingclang

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k


I thought that they might be from the same movie. Thanks.

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