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Awesome Toy Picks: TMNT Classic Collection

Some cool collectibles you'll want to add to your collection.

The heroes in a half shell have been making quite a comeback on TV and in the comics, but it's important to remember the franchise's roots, too. Luckily for us, that's exactly what Nickelodeon and Playmates are doing. They're aiming to give fans a heavy dose of nostalgia by giving us all a trip into the past. There's plenty of awesome toys based on the new Nick show, but now, they're remaking the classic figures that were released way back in 1988 and they're only at Toys "R" Us. As of right now, they've brought back the old school figures of the four turtles (Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello), Splinter and Shredder. If you grew up with these, odds are you'll get hit with some heavy flashbacks upon seeing the packages.

The back for each of them is the identical. Instead of simply giving an individual blurb about the character in the package, each one tells you about the franchise's history, reveals their origin (which is just one of many the franchise has seen), and also shows all of the 1988 toys they've re-released so far.

Keep in mind, these are remakes of toys from the eighties, so they don't have too many points of articulation. However, what they lack in poses, they make up for with the sheer amount of nostalgia they'll give to long time fans. This holds especially true if you don't have your toys from that era or totally missed out on them back then.

Even though the friendly cartoon popularized the franchise and the design for these toys originally came out in that era, these figures are all serious business and no laughs. All of the turtles are grinding their teeth in different ways -- not even Mikey's popping a smile. As for movement, they're pretty restricted compared to modern toys. The arms, legs and heads fully rotate. Aside from that, only the arms can rotate at the elbow to allow different poses with their weapons. And, of course, each is wearing the belt they had in the original animated show. If you want them to be pacifists or instead focus on hand-to-hand poses, then you can use the belt to hold their signature weapons as well. The belts can also come off, so if you want to, you can have a bit of fun swapping their gear.

Shredder comes with a variety of weapons as well, but seeing as he's sporting his classic blades and pretty rad fighting stance, odds are you won't be using them, anyway. Splinter, on the other hand, comes with a variety of weapons, but the one that really sets him apart is a bow and arrow. Given the unique characteristics of each figure, they're a bit difficult to keep in place. It's a tad awkward Splinter's always looking slightly up, but again, that's how it was over two decades ago, so it's really cool to see they've stayed completely true to the franchise's history.

Shredder has big plans for New York!

As I said above, sometimes they're a little tough to pose. That said, each does come with one of the vintage plastic weapon sets. Not only does this give each character a plethora of gear to equip, but it can also function as a stand, making them much easier to hold in place. It's pretty easy to use, too. The bottom of their feet have holes and they can be attached to the pegs (located on the rectangular frame). Regarding the weapons, you'll definitely want to use scissors to remove each item.

While they're not nearly as sophisticated as the modern TMNT toys, they're not much shorter and, if you're passionate about the franchise, the opportunity to have the old school turtles stand toe-to-toe with the new ones is a whole lot of fun. What's better than one grumpy Raph? Two, of course!

They've also remade the team's van from 1988 (dubbed "Turtle Party Wagon"). The van has plenty of room to hold all of the characters and comes with stickers already attached to the sides ("Foot Stinks"). If you don't like it as just an ordinary turtle van, you can make it armed to the teeth. You're able to attach a armored windshield visor, machine guns, a radar/blaster, a huge spoiler and -- get this -- bombs that can be held in the side door. Well, at least they'll be ready for whatever Shedder throws their way!

The franchise made a comeback in 2003 with an all-new animated show, and one year later, they sold these massive toys called M.E.C.H. Wrekkers. Well, just like with the 1988 line, they're bringing 'em back. As of right, Raphael and Leonardo have their own and we got a chance to check out the one designed for Raph. They're motorized, enabling you to make it tread forward or backwards. Additionally, you can launch the shoulder mounted missiles and manually spin the melee weapons on the arms.

There can be only one!

Each action figure is $12.99, the van's $49.99 and the mech goes for $39.99. If you haven't spotted these at your local Toys "R" Us, you can purchase them online here.

Viners, do you plan on buying any of these?

Posted by G_leno

I used to have all of this stuff as a kid. I even got my dads mate to get me the Krang android from the US because in the UK you could only get the little walker. Ace Duck, Pizza Face, Baxter the fly. Oh the memories!

Edited by mrdecepticonleader

Going by the in box pics it looks like Shredder does come with those weapons.

Posted by Shallbecomeabattoo

Apart from the mech suit I onwed all of those in the very early 90s (they came over to Germany a bit late)! Talk about a blast from the past! I had totally forgotten about them! I loved those so much! Also... man, Splinter is one ugly figure.

Posted by Pokergeist

OMG, Nostalgia!!!! I use to have tons of TMNT toys as a kid, and my son is pretty into them now thanks to the TV show. I feel the need to actually spend my hard earn money on some of these classics and the Turtle Van..... That is unusual for me!

Edited by wmwadeii

Damn you nostalgia, was almost tempted to pick up the TMNT LEGOs and the new figures, but there are harder to resist.

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@g_leno said:

I used to have all of this stuff as a kid. I even got my dads mate to get me the Krang android from the US because in the UK you could only get the little walker. Ace Duck, Pizza Face, Baxter the fly. Oh the memories!

Baxter was my favorite toy to play with back then. :-)

Ah, this brings up pleasant memories. I last remember playing with these back in elementary school. There was an annoying kid in our class named William who no one could stand, but I was jealous of him because he had the van and all the turtles, I believe, so I'd play with him just so I could play with his TMNT toys. I find it so weird that Toys "R" Us is doing this but I don't follow toys or any TV shows, really so this move could be really obvious.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

When I was a kid I had a Turtles Van that transformed in to a giant Spliter, it was cool

Posted by Michael_Moran

I just picked all these up. Love the pics...especially shredder and the city.

Posted by Xwraith

I saw these images in my activity feed, and it fooled me into thinking they were the originals.

Posted by Dark_Guyver

I have the classic 6" figures along with the Bebop and Rocksteady ones and I love 'em!

Posted by Mrgreenlantern

excuse me while i eat a slice of pizza at my tmnt table along with this NOSTALGIA RUSH

Edited by bladewolf

Look pretty cool! I got turtle toys in the early 90s which were a bit more evolved than these, but I still see alot of similarities!

Posted by hikodew

We have all of those old school figures (including the vehicle). Actually we have a box full of those. Nice to see that kids these days can also play with nice toys.

Posted by Lurkero

Odd that these figures would be released at Toys R Us. I assume that TRU would prefer to stock its shelves with items that current children would buy rather than what children from 20 years ago would buy. Nostalgia is a tricky market.

The figures themselves look okay, and definitely look like they are from the 80's.

Posted by cbishop

I worked at a Kay-Bee Toys at the height of the TMNT craze, when these toys were originally produced. The April O'Neil figure and the Foot Clan Soldier figure came one figure to every five cases, and we got five cases every Friday. We couldn't keep those in the store. ...Meanwhile, my brother had an April and a Foot Soldier, and had played with them until the paint started to come off. lol

Posted by BritishMonkey

I think I want them...

Edited by Deranged Midget

That's quality right there! I am in love with the packaging!

Posted by fallbrigade

Holy crap, forgot about these! I had that Michelangelo one. Still have it somewhere in storage probably. Awesome flashback to my youth.

Posted by danhimself

looks like Splinter and Shredder are the only ones who retained the squishy heads
I had ALL of these between my brother and I we were able to overflow 2 of those big grey rubbermaid storage containers. and that's not including all of the vehicles and playsets...there are probably only a few of the original toys that we didn't have and all of them are still up in my parents' attic

Posted by LaserLambert

I got the Raph one only so far, but I'll probably pick up at least the rest of the turtles.

Posted by trunkszero157

I use to have all of them when I was a kid. I even had the turtles from the anime, where they're armor doubled as an ultimate weapon. I need to find those again.

Posted by Darkmount1

Man, that just makes me wonder--how much of the original molds does Playmates (or even Hasbro or Mattel) have access to for their respective cash cows, and why do they keep them? I wanna know!

Posted by Damian_Arrows

the best.

Edited by mattwing87

I actually bought all these figures at a local con for $2 each. They even had their own weapons and belts. Sadly, Leo's and Raph's weapons are dry rotted so they broke :(

Edited by Bad_People

I remember these! I probably still have a lot of it up in the attic.

Posted by Smurfboy

I still have some of those toys from early days! Fast forward to today, even my son, 5 years old, is still playing with my older TMNT toys! I LOVED TMNT when I was young. They're amazing.

Posted by Jayso4201

That takes me back. I did have all these and gave them to my son when he started watching the new cartoon.

Edited by angelalfonso

As a kid I loved the TMNT toys, i had the original four, but my parents never bought me the van. :(

Edited by gothicshieldagent

I had quite a few of the old figures,not the Van or Mechs but i remember the figures weapons were easy to break especially the Nunchaku which would break at the middle

Posted by CitizenJP

The comic book store by my house sells ABUNCH of retro toys like this and every week when I go in to get my usual books, I walk by these and it brings joy to my soul. Me and my older brother used to have like all of these when we were kids lol. Except the that van, I remember one of my neighbor friend's having it. :p

Posted by RoTheKid

Very cool, Tony! Thanks so much for taking me back to my childhood! Very much appreciated! :)

Posted by G_Money_Christmas

I didn't have the M.E.C.H. when I was younger but I had all the rest. Shredder and Splinter look different from what I can remember but everything seems spot-on. Even the van. I remember the stupid orange mirrors falling off

Posted by ScarletBatman

I had all of those toys when I was a kid, except the mech.

Loved the van! The Batmobile, the X-Jet, the Ghostbuster's car and the Turtle's van had a many race back in the day.