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Awesome Toy Picks: Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman LEGO

The DC Universe has been given the LEGO treatment.

Everyone loves LEGO. It seems more so these days than ever before. The guys over at are busy working on their Amazing Test LEGO series, but they're not the only ones building them. I have recently built some Star Wars and Harry Potter sets with my daughter. With the recent DC Universe line of LEGO, there's no way we could resist showcases a couple of the smaller sets.

I decided to go with some of the smaller sets to see how they hold up to past LEGO sets before jumping into some of the bigger ones like the Batcave or Joker's Funhouse.

The Superman Vs. Power Armor Lex is pretty impressive for what's contained. It only has 207 pieces but those pieces come together in a great way. The age is supposed to be in the 6-12 category and you can definitely have it built in way less than an hour.

This set comes with a "comic book" but it's not really much of an actual comic. It's more of a mini-comic (in size) and has some pages that show you the other DC sets and figures.

== TEASER ==

There are some custom pieces to this set. There is also quite a bit of articulation in Lex's armored suit. You can position it in different ways due to the ankle, legs, shoulders and arm joints. The center also swivels around. The fingers of the suit can be adjust if you want to grab any of the heroes. The little touches, like the Kryptonite crystals in the suit's gun is a really nice touch. It's a little weird that Wonder Woman was included here but who cares if it means getting another LEGO hero?

After safely transporting Lex's suit back home (discretely) on the ferry, I thought this was screaming for some outside shots. It was a really great day outside as well. Check out that blue sky. You gotta love California.

Okay, that's probably enough of Lex, Superman and Wonder Woman. But remember, you can get this set for about $20. It's a great deal. It's also funny how LEGO Lex can look like such a jerk.

The second set I went with was the Catwoman Catcycle City Chase. This is a way smaller set, only 89 pieces and in the 5-12 age category.

This is definitely a quick build. While it's not much of a "city chase," it has Batman and Catwoman. That right there makes it really cool. Batman has a...Bat-Jetpack and Batarang. Catwoman has her whip and her cycle is actually really cool.

This set will cost you about $12. It's hard to pass at that price. Now that these sets are built, can I restrain myself from buying one of the bigger DC Universe sets? Perhaps we'll see how this feature does this week. Be sure to check back for the next installment to see what toys we get our hands on next.


Here's Wonder Woman in her "Invisible Jet." Uh huh...

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Posted by NightFang


Posted by leosol

Oh Lego. you so awesome

Posted by Hawkeye446

Awesome. Not sure if I can pass up Superhero lego, it is mighty cool...

Both those sets are appealing, but it is unfortunate that they threw Wonder Woman into the Supes set as opposed to giving her her own one.

Posted by RigorMortis

When did Lego shift its focus away from the building and onto the characters? I can get action figures anywhere else and with much more detail. It just seems like strange marketing, shifting slowly away from what should set them apart, but hey, they still make buckets of money so who am I to say?

Posted by Hawkeye446

@RigorMortis said:

When did Lego shift its focus away from the building and onto the characters? I can get action figures anywhere else and with much more detail. It just seems like strange marketing, shifting slowly away from what should set them apart, but hey, they still make buckets of money so who am I to say?

That's a good point actually. hmmmm.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Gotta love LEGO's willingness to get on the superhero bandwagon. Fun stuff!

Posted by Or35ti

I really like that first one with Lex Luthor, Superman and Wonder Woman :)

Posted by hurlyburlycurly

Really enjoyed this article! As much as I enjoy the other toy picks articles there's just something about lego that really tickles my fancy. The idea of a complete lego superhero universe is alluring and I hope you keep it up! Btw how awesome would a Green Lantern Corps set be!?

Posted by halfpastwhenever

Whiskey media - sponsored by Lego!

Posted by clemj

ah good one but you forget two-face's set and joker's set 

Posted by freakin9

Those are some sweet pod racers.

Posted by Mahzian

I got the Lex Armour set purely for the minifigs but was surprised at how cool that armour actually is, it was really fun to build and is super articulated!

Posted by LordRequiem

Lego Batman looks just like he does in the video game. LEGO RULES!

Posted by Space_Captain_Ulyverse

I want it all! Oh boy, Lego Comics and Lego LOTR all in one year, my inner child's going to explode!

Posted by happypup70

Two things, first Lego is the best. Second, i only need a Green Lantern lego minifigure, a Flash minifigure and a Aquaman minifigure. Justice League assemble!

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

Awesome. Can't wait for a GL themed one

Posted by longbowhunter

Wal-Mart has the Batman & Catwoman set for around $12. Toys R Us is selling the same set for $20.

The Joker's Funhouse set looks like alot of fun.

Posted by Black_Vulcan76

Wonder how long until we see a Doomsday or Darkseid Lego?

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

Really cool.

I`d like to get Lego Batman-game 2, especially `cause it will have Superman (among others), but it probably wont be made for Playstation 2. Sigh.

Posted by nahadef

I've got these on pre-order for when they are released in my area. It's great that they have the license of both Marvel and DC now.

LEGO has been diversifying the mini-fig for years now, since that's what adult collectors want most. It's pretty crazy how they're selling the Star Wars sets now, every set now comes with 4-8 unique figs. It does take a bit away from the building, but they still offer more pure 'build' sets, so it's just a sort of balance in their overall line.

Nice photos!

Posted by primepower53

So wish I had some extra cash to get this! :(

Posted by TheOptimist

omgwant. I didn't realize they were already out! I wish there'd been some kind of advertising or announcement that'd hit my radar. I'm sure that there was something... but I'm part of the target audience, they need to grab me on this already. Wal-Mart is the cheapest you say?

Posted by StarKiller809

I have both of these. I think the Batman and Catwoman one is okay, but the Superman and Wonder Woman is much better. I really like how they have two faces you can have. Awesome toy picks and I'm glad that I got these.

Posted by fables87

Wonder Woman looks cool, but I would love them do the Invisible Jet set instead for her.

Posted by PikminMania

Now I think we all know who is going to be a boss in Lego Batman 2.

Posted by G-Man

We should be sponsored by LEGO for this and what Tested is doing. It was sort of a coincidence with us and Tested. Obviously they're going all out (and you don't even want to know what Norm and Will have spent on them).

@RigorMortis: There are bigger Batman sets available that don't just focus on the character. I'm a little more hesitant when it comes to spending money so I just started with these. But I most likely will get the Batcave or Joker Funhouse. I really want the Star Wars Milenium Falcon.

@happypup70: These are indeed sweet podracers!

@longbowhunter: I noticed a $30 difference with the Batcave between Target and Toys R Us!! Not sure why TRU has raised their prices. Really unfortunate and not cool.

Posted by bladewolf

These look pretty sweet. Darn it...I feel like I'm too old for Legos but part of me wants to pick one up...

Posted by Red Rum

Perhaps a spring-loaded street set for the Flash's super speed.

Posted by RedOwl_1

D'aww so cute, I looove Legos maybe with the come of TDKR some Lego Batman arrive where I live :D

Posted by deskp

Love me some Lego! These are some awesome toy picks i can get behind!

Looking forward to hopefully seeing images of the the Lego Avengers sets @ nyc toy fair next sunday!

Posted by Toastalchemist

Legos and comics books, finally two of my favorite things come together.

Posted by G-Man

@fables87 said:

Wonder Woman looks cool, but I would love them do the Invisible Jet set instead for her.

They did........

Posted by fables87

@G-Man: Love it! Cheapest set and less to bricks to build from.

Posted by Video_Martian

I wanna see Lego figure sets for Green Lantern, The Flash, and Aquaman :D

Posted by GamerGeek360

I have the "Fight Over Gotham City" set. I really, really want that Batcave set though. If only I had $70....

Posted by iaconpoint

I've never understood why they stopped making the original Lego Batman stuff when it used to fly off the shelves. The new stuff does too. It's really cool that they are making Superman and Wonder Woman and the Marvel ones are on the way as well. GO LEGO!

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Awesome, I miss Lego

Posted by Iron Apollo

The invisible jet was a good touch!

Posted by KRYPTON

How much does Wonder Woman and the invisible jet cost? We saying $100 to $1,000 or what? A price for the jet must be made!!!

Posted by davidgrantlloyd


Posted by mrdecepticonleader

Not a big fan of lego,i dont collect them as they are way too expensive.These are pretty cool as far as lego goes.

Posted by The Impersonator

@leosol said:

Oh Lego. you so awesome

Posted by Stinky2

@G-Man: if not getting whiskey media to buy them for you be sure to at least mark them off on your taxes.

Posted by Wonder Princess

I want a clear LEGO jet to go with Wonder Woman. :)