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Awesome Toy Picks (Statue Edition): Zombie Spider-Man, Moon Knight & More

A look at some cool statues you might want to hunt down for your collection.

Each week we look at some of the coolest action figures and collectibles on sale now along with some from years past. This week we're taking a slightly different angle. We're going to look at some statues and busts! There are so many different comic busts and statues made so we thought now was the time to take a look at some. This selections are obviously older selections but there's always a good chance you can locate them. Some of them I picked up at very reasonable prices on ebay. There's bound to be plenty of collectible places you can find these and possibly even at your local comic shop.

Let's start off with a life-size bust of Spider-Man.

This was put out by Dynamic Forces and was limited to 4000 pieces. The eyes are reflective and you can even make him wear a baseball cap. I'm often reminded of that one episode of The Brady Bunch where Alice made a bust of Mr. Brady. How many know what I'm talking about? Anyway, here's a couple more shots.

== TEASER ==

Next is a Moon Knight bust by Randy Bowen and limited to 5000 pieces.

If you're not aware, Randy Bowen designs was one of the first sculptors in the comic market. At least his designs were what really caught my interest and got me buying these. Here's a Mysterio bust that was limited to 4000 pieces.

As much as I'm enjoying Dan Slott's run on THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, I refuse to accept that Hobgoblin is dead and Phil Urich will remain in the costume. Here's a Hobby bust from Diamond Select Toys. Apparently this one doesn't have a revealed number of pieces. It's not listed on the bottom.

I've been a fan of Kitty Pryde since I first started reading comics. This bust from Diamond Select Toys was limited to 3000 pieces and has her in her Shadowcat outfit along with Lockheed.

I always thought Destro was one of the cooler characters in G.I. Joe (along with Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, of course). I got this one off of ebay but the numbering on the bottom says it's "#PROMO of PROMO." Not quite sure what that means. Looking further, apparently there were to be 3000 of these made.

We all know Darth Vader is the real star of Star Wars (not that whiney Luke kid). I forget the story of where and why I got this bronze mini bust from Gentle Giant. I recall getting a really good deal on it. It might have been during the time I had a Star Wars credit card and something to do with rewards or it was only offered to those with the card. Either way, it's limited to 4000 pieces and looks pretty cool.

Finally, one of my favorite pieces (and I believe it was my last purchase), Marvel Zombies Spider-Man and MJ. This is just so wrong but looks so dang cool. I actually debated on getting this one when it was released but thankfully I did (and got a decent number as well). It's from Diamond Select Toys and was limited to 2500 pieces.

I tried keeping this out of view of my daughter for as long as I could but eventually she grew tall enough to see it in my display case. I told her it was a Halloween costume for them. She still doesn't understand how Spidey was able to make his costume look like that. Here's a picture she drew of them a few years ago that she gave me as a wedding anniversary present.

Here are some more shots:

It's just so romantic.

That's it for this week. I do have some more statues and busts. If you guys dug these, perhaps I'll showcase them later. I'm also waiting on the arrival of another piece. Let us know what you thought of these and if you have any in your own collection. We'll switch back to an action figure selection next week.

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Posted by GothamRed

great detail, though moon knight looks more animated than comic book-y

Posted by TheBane2890

why does the face on Shadowcat look so bad. Darth Gold Vader and Destro look great. Did anyone else notice that Zombie Spider-Man had been caught motor-boating/eating Mary Jane's breast?

Posted by wowylied

It would be interesting to have the price sometime.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

That Zombie Spidey and Destro are pretty darn sweet!

Posted by kamionero

Your daughter is freaking awesome. FACT!

Posted by Sammo21

If Peter Parker's teeth were really that huge in comparison to the rest of his head, he'd look pretty frightening as a normal human...

Posted by TheRedRobin96

Want the Spiderman Mysterious and Moon Knight

Posted by Comicbookfan249

WOW I have never bought a statue, but man that zombie spidey looks AWSOME!!!!!!

Posted by GiveUpNed

The picture your daughter drew for you is so adorable!

Posted by clemj
@TheBane2890: that's a true zombie
Posted by Hawkeye446

I love Kitty but her expression leaves a bit to be desired :/

Posted by EganTheVile1

I love the Moon Knight statue, wish I could budget one into my collection, he is hands down the coolest Jewish super-hero

Edited by Sanj

I always thought Marvel Zombies would make an awesome video game. Rarely would you be able to play as a zombie, hunt down remaining humans using your superpowers (e.g. web-slinging) and then eat them.

Posted by BlackArmor

Alright a bust addition

Posted by KainScion

that glidder head piece wasnt positioned very well there. looks disturbing.

Posted by vakuso

i like the zombie spidey figures.

Posted by Ganthetsward20

Awesome Mysterio bust, really love that!

Posted by sdunham818

Wow..I don't know what's cooler the Zombie Spidey statue or the pics showing great details. +1

Posted by The Poet


Posted by longbowhunter

I got this bad boy last week for Valentines Day! Love that Hobgoblin bust G-Man.

Posted by BoOMbOoMpOw

I just gave the Elektra statue from sideshow collecibles to my bro as a birthday present and the statue is really awesome !!!!!

really much more impressive in person !!!!

Posted by primepower53

am I the only one who finds that drawing tremendously cute?

Posted by TheCheeseStabber

Zombie Spidey Looks Amazing

Posted by BatClaw89

                   The first New 52 statue to come out

Beautiful isn't it?
Posted by Bestostero

i want that destro bust

Posted by CombatSpoon86

Looking at all these statues is just a treat. Only have one which is a Matt Wagner Batman. Hope to add a new statue this yr.

Posted by Icon

These (except for the star wars one) are awesome! I love Zombie Spidey.

Edited by feargalr

@longbowhunter: Thats sweet!!

Also love that zombie spiderman

Id have some loved some Marvel Zombies that didn't have all the super crazy eating galactus and zombies becoming sane if they don't eat and stuff.... I loved the Ultimate FF crossover..

Posted by RedOwl_1

Cool picks even the zombie Spiderman (and no matter how old I am I still being scared by Marvel Zombies)

@BatClaw89: WOW That's amazingly beautiful

Posted by DarthOrange

I totally have that Zombie Spidey! Got it for less then $100 bucks. Damn thing goes for close to $300 on ebay now.

Posted by Meteorite

I've only got one statue which I got for my birthday last year, but I love it:

Posted by The Impersonator

@RedheadedAtrocitus said:

That Zombie Spidey and Destro are pretty darn sweet!

Posted by NightFang

I said it before and i'll say it again, that zombie Spiderman is very disturbing.

Posted by Zauberin

Love the Darth and the Spidey. That girl can draw.

Posted by LaserLambert

that Mysterio bust looks dope. always loved ol' fishbowl head.

Posted by Assassin_Elektra

Pretty awesome collection, especially the Marvel Zombies Spider-man and MJ. Even though I'm personally not a fan of the Marvel Zombies, the piece is really cool and definitely something for collectors shelves.

Posted by Sweep

I want a mysterio bust/lamp where his head lights up. That would be amazing.

Posted by Atary77

Looking at the Zombie Spider-Man statue I just can't help but think of like how zombie rules apply to his body like... how can he even stand up? I mean even zombies have their limits. If there's no muscle tissue there then there's nothing that would allow him to even move or hold up that leg but maybe I'm thinking too much into it.

Though I wonder what George Romaro would think.

Cool statues non the less!

Posted by thecheckeredman

I picked up that Moon Knight back in the it! Sits on my shelf to this day and watches over my drawing board.

Posted by CitizenJP

@longbowhunter said:

I got this bad boy last week for Valentines Day! Love that Hobgoblin bust G-Man.

This is amazing!

Posted by jaredbright

How can Spider-man be a Zombie, doesn't he just come back to life if he dies?


I wonder what happened to that Dragon of Katies? What was it's name? Queelocke? No... Lockheed?

That's an inside joke. Queelocke. Lockheed.

Posted by thechessclub

@BatClaw89 said:

The first New 52 statue to come out

Beautiful isn't it?

Not really. Jim Lee already had had one and in a less boring pose ta boot=]