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Awesome Toy Picks: Spider-Man Legends--Spider-Girl

A cool collectible you'll want to add to your collection.

Each week we take a close look at a comic book collectible. That means taking it out of the package. There's been a lot of talk about the original Spider-Woman this past week but we're going to look at the most recent Spider-Girl action figure.

When you think Spider-Girl, this might not be the first that you'd think about. Despite the fact that no where on the package does it tell you her name, this is the current Spider-Girl, Anya Sofía Corazón.

Anya actually started out as Araña. When she stumbled upon a fight between members of the Spider Society and the Sisterhood of the Wasps, Anya was gravely injured. Her life was saved, and enhanced, when a Spider Society member, Miguel, gave some of his power to Anya. She later takes on the name Spider-Girl and has spent time with the Avengers on a recent mission. You can read more about her on her wiki page.

This figure is a small subset of the Spider-Man Legends Infinite series--Skyline Sirens. It includes Spider-Girl and Black Cat. Again, you can see there is no mention of her name (or Black Cat's).

The figures in this set have a build-a-figure piece. You can make a big Green Goblin figure. This is more like the Ultimate version. Spider-Girl and Black Cat each come with the torso. This is in case you don't want both of the figures or can't find both of the figures. As with most female figures, you usually don't see them in the stores as collectors tend to snatch them up.

The figures in this line have a good amount of detail and articulation. Some argue this is what makes them stand out from the Marvel Select figures.

Shall we immediately address the elephant in the room?

Anya is supposed to be a sixteen-year-old. Her proportions, specifically her upper body area, do not match how she looks in the comics.

I'm not sure what the reason for these proportions are. Maybe it would require creating a whole new mold for a "young girl" figure. She almost looks as endowed as Black Cat.

What makes her cool is her look and costume. In the comics, after The Grim Hunt, Julia Carpenter passed on her costume to Anya and she then became Spider-Girl.

The pony tail look makes her stand out from other figures also. You don't often see pony tails on figures. Hair on action figures can sometimes be tricky. The hair color also stands out compared to the all-black and white costume.

I mentioned the articulation. You can put the legs in different positions. If you like putting them on display, this is a good thing.

It's always annoying when you have an action figure that can't stand on its own. There's no problem with this figure. It's especially impressive considering she has the pony tail to make her a little top heavy.

I've always liked the Anya character. I'd like to see more done with her. I suggest checking out her early Araña series, if you can find them. I'd love for there to be a figure based on her original look. But this one is pretty cool as well.

I was surprised when I found this figure at the store. I already have a couple different Black Cat figures from way back. Now I have another female figure I can pass along to my daughter.

What do you think of this figure? Do you have this figure or others in this line? We'll have another item in the spotlight next time.

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Posted by leokearon

I'm not sure what the reason for these proportions are. Maybe it would require creating a whole new mold for a "young girl" figure. She almost looks as endowed as Black Cat.

This is a new mold for teen girls, it is the same mold that is used on the Build a Figure Jubilee. The Black Cat mold has different proportions

Posted by Teerack

I like this series.

Posted by Novemberx2

every shop i've spider-man line in has 1,000 of this figure

Posted by Lurkero

This is a good looking figure. It has nice color and articulation. The only thing I don't like is that one of the hands is a fist.

Edited by sweatboy

I believe in Amazing S-M , Garfield and Harry were talking at the river, and Peter says "We don't even know if there's one Spider-Man, or if he's a woman. There's probably a Spider Girl, or not. We don't know"

That was funny. And then there was the Spider's scientific name

Posted by HordeTrooper

My awesome toy pick would be the Masters of the Universe Classics line which is now entering its final year of production. This weekend is the final weekend to subscribe for the year's worth of items on the Mattycollector website. Give it a look if you have fond memories of the original He-Man and She-Ra lines.

Edited by Cafeterialoca

I love Anya...I just wish that she would survive SPider-Verse...

Posted by inhumanityrises

Anya has one of these? Think she'll get one for her current costume with the hood?

Posted by The Impersonator

Nice. I liked the way she's dancing.

Posted by charlieboy

I want that.

Posted by tupiaz

I'm the only one who thought the body was to build a giant Hulk (probably the same design) and wondered why the heck a Hulk figure was in a Spider-man series?