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Awesome Toy Picks: Sidshow Collectibles Captain America: The First Avenger

A hands on look at a collectible figure that you'll want to add to your collection.

Each week we take a close look at some of the coolest comic book collectible figures around. With all the talk about a little movie called The Avengers, what better time to get a close look a Captain America figure from Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys.

This is the Sixth Scale figure inspired from Captain America: The First Avenger. You can immediately see the amount of detail put into the figure, which is exactly what you'd expect from Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys.

He comes with over 30 points of articulation, 9 interchangeable gloved hands, realistic clothing, his shield (of course), a machine gun, a pistol and a stand with the movie logo. Even though he comes with a stand, you'll see in the picture above and the rest below, he stands just fine without it. You can position him in many poses and it is an extremely detailed and amazing piece that would look great included in your collection. His facial likeness to Chris Evans is almost creepy as it looks like he's peering into your soul.

If you're familiar with these figures, you have an idea of the price. It goes for $169.99 and you can order it directly from Sideshow Collectibles (and check out more information) by clicking here.

Here's some more pictures taken by Norman Chan.

You can see that Captain America can take on any sort of Stormtroopers. I have to say this is one of the coolest figures I've gotten my hands on. Again, check out Sideshow Collectibles for more information.

I could continue to describe how great looking this figure is, but how about taking a quick look at him in the video below:

Posted by Or35ti

I had forgotten all about Captain America's gun. I actually thought it was really cool in the First Avenger and made a lot of sense

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

That is how he should have looked for Avengers too...I don't know I just really enjoyed this look for the First Avenger movie and wasn't too wild about the 2012 movie suit. Really though, this complex figure is awesome!

Posted by Aiden Cross

Awesome, but the helmet bothers me. Frankly, all Captain America headgear bothers me.

Posted by Deadcool

OMG all those details...

Edited by ArtisticNeedham

Those pics make it look so cool. I want that. I want a Hulk one from the Avengers too (but I don't think they have one yet).

I also want this one, have you seen it yet?

Captain America

The Avengers
Movie Masterpiece Series
Sixth Scale Figure

Item Number: 901855

Manufactured by: Hot Toys

Price: US $214.99

They also have Hawkeye:

Posted by KaioKen


Posted by Deranged Midget

@ArtisticNeedham: That is so incredibly detailed that I'm having trouble fathoming it.

Posted by TheHeat

The shield is a thing of beauty. Great figure.

Posted by Mad_Wolverine

@ArtisticNeedham: I want that so bad. The detail on both of those figures is impeccable.

Posted by Mandrewgora

Sideshow makes the coolest stuff.

Posted by Humanity

I think they really did a great job in making the Captain America outfit look viable in the real world. The X-Men movies did a decent job while they sacrificed the originality of each mutants particular outfit - but the whole kind of military outfit with buckles and whatnot looks great with the Captain America rendition.

Posted by longbowhunter

Damn, this thing is detailed. I'm giving serious thought to picking up Iron Man.

Posted by wmwadeii

All I can say is WOW. Makes me want to go out and spend $200 without batting an eye. Love the story you told with the Troopers made my day.

Posted by G-Man

@ArtisticNeedham: Yeah, I saw that. It's out in September. Love the shield.

Posted by BritishMonkey

shiny shield

Posted by noj

@RedheadedAtrocitus: Yeah the Avengers suit does look a little strange. I think it would have been infinitely improved if they had gone with the Helmet from this one, or had at least kept the chinstrap in the design

Posted by RedOwl_1


*sees image* MINE MINE MINE MIIIIIIINE *sees the price* ......maybe in....... yeah better forget it *crying*

Posted by Hector

That figure is freaking amazing!!!

Posted by jinxuandi

I just want the shield.

Posted by redhood21

just saw avengers today and immediately ordered this figure afterward. pretty funny you posted it up lol. im gunna prob get iron man and thor too. itll be hard not to get 1 a pay check.

Posted by MrMazz

Captain America vs Storm/Clonetroopers I am intrigued

That Cap figure is pretty sweet. I wish they had stuck with that design but maybe add more "armor" like elements to it in the Avengers.

Posted by deadpool25mm

Looks realy awesome !

Posted by Miss_Garrick

I would be tempted if it weren't for the fact it will probably cost a sqillion,kajillion,vermillion dollars. Oh ,well.

Posted by revbucky


Posted by cyberninja


Posted by Sammo21

I don't have this one, but I did pre-order the one from Avengers. I will hopefully get this one in the future.

Posted by KRYPTON

The Cap is a great figure, I've got to keep an eye out for that

Posted by KidSupreme

The toy is awesome.. but i hate the helmet.