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Awesome Toy Picks: 'New 52' Nightwing and Jeff Smith's BONE

A toy you could still find in stores along with some you might have to search for.

It's time for another selection of awesome toys. Each week we show you some cool action figures you could probably still find in stores if you're quick along with some classic ones that you might have to search online for if you haven't purchased it in the past.

This week for the current item it's Nightwing. The thing is this isn't necessarily a new Nightwing figure. But if you look, you'll see it's not just any old Nightwing.

Coming across this figure was a bit of a surprise. I actually picked it up like a month ago at a Toys 'R Us. It is the same mold of the DC Universe Classics All Star Nightwing. The surprising part is that they decided to re-color him in his "New 52" costume. Especially since it was released so far before next month's relaunch.

Upon further research, I discovered that it might technically be considered his Renegade costume. Maybe that's the case. His emblem appears to be a bit bigger in the images we've seen so far and his costume is brown instead of black. But I'm going to pretend it's his new costume.

If you wanted to pick up this repainted variant, you're going to have to search at your local Toys 'R Us since it is exclusive to them. Of course you can also find it online. Amazon has a couple in stock for just over twenty bucks. That's more than I paid but I have seen some stores selling these lines of DC action figures for between $15 and $20. Then there's always ebay. Good luck hunting. The back of the packaging is the same as the original. The image even shows him in the blue outfit.

You can see he comes with his escrima sticks. Looks like he can hold them easily, right? That's not the case. Through some packaging trickery (those clear rubber band elastic things), they are held in place. It looks a little silly with them wrapped around. But if you remove them, the hand molds are a little bigger and don't give a firm grip on them.

You can position the hands/wrists so that they stay in place if you wanted to pose the figure. Just make sure you don't bump him.

He has the normal articulation you expect from these figures. He does come with a Super Powers stand to help you display the figure. You'll have to do some maneuvering with his legs and ankles to get his to stand straight up. His battle sticks even fit into a holder on his back so you don't have to fight trying to get them to stay in his hands.

It may not be a brand new figure. Normally I've usually been bothered by new paint job variants. It's a cheap way to make a new figure instead of creating a new mold. But in some cases, like this, it can be pretty cool. Fans of Nightwing will want to add this to any others they might have (which I'll try to dig out and perhaps feature in upcoming installments).

For our classic selection, I decided to go with Jeff Smith's BONE. Comic books aren't just about superheroes and BONE was a blast to read. The figures had a good amount of detail for the time and there were a few lines in the series.

There were some variants (which you'll see below). The Smiley Bone variant actually had a different head and different colored vest. Instead of his tongue sticking out, he was showing off his fine dental work. He also came with a cigar, which is probably why they switched designs. I can't recall which came first.

The Fone Bone you see above was a mail away version that came with a cloth cape and TED THE BUG!

Probably the most impressive figure was Kingdok, which you see to the right here. He is in scale and pretty huge compared to the others.

Kingdok is one of the few figures that still is on display in my home office (most of my other figures have been banished to storage in the garage). I did get him off ebay some years ago. Doing a search turned up one still in the box (opened but put back in)...selling for $80.

What about the other figures?

Above you can see the Hooded One with Fone Bone mask (don't ask why, just read the comic). Also you can see the differences in Smiley Bone I mentioned before.

Speaking of Smiley, there was also a rubber cow costume that you can put on him. It's not super easy but you have to admit it looks cool and comes from a classic moment in the series.

There was a Previews Exclusive of Phoney Bone as Captain Ahab. Again, if you read the comic, you know the reason ("Call me Ishmael..."). The Rat Creature was a surprise to find. He's pretty big. So big he barely fits in his packaging. But clearly not as big as Kingdok.

Then there's Gran'Ma Ben and Thorn. Thorn originally was kind of hard to find. For one, because she's a female character (and those tend to be fewer in distribution). Also she was meant to be included in the first line but was put on hold until the second.

That does it for this week. Hopefully you enjoyed the selection. BONE may not be cool enough for everyone but since it's me and Norm taking the pictures and the classic ones are coming from my collections...I get to choose them. We should have another installment next week. Let us know what you thought of these.

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Posted by Dernman

The red on Nightwing looks better on the toy then it does in the comic,

Posted by DPNugget

Was fortunate to find the nightwing figure myself about a week ago while browsing. Great add to my collection.

Posted by Hawkeye446
@Dernman said:
The red on Nightwing looks better on the toy then it does in the comic,
That is sad :(
Posted by Donovan Montgomery

Lovin' the Bones.....but the new Nightwing is looking to much like DD for me.  There was something familiar about NW's costume then I remembered......Now, I admit the differences but I also see similarities....

The Man Without Fear

Posted by longbowhunter

The Bone figures are cute. I lucked out the other day and stumbled across a Catman figure at Wal-Mart. He is currently guarding the books on my shelf along with Dexter.
Posted by spider-man 2996

It's a pity you can never find Dc Universe or Marvel Legends or Universe toys in any of the toy shops in Ireland. :(
Posted by Mahzian

You are correct, that Nightwing figure is based off of his Renegade costume era

Posted by BuNKiTZ

What's with the mask...??

Posted by DMC
@Donovan Montgomery said:
Lovin' the Bones.....but the new Nightwing is looking to much like DD for me.  There was something familiar about NW's costume then I remembered......Now, I admit the differences but I also see similarities....
The Man Without Fear

nothing wrong with that imo, Nightwing pretty much is DCs Daredevil
Posted by taterpie

That's not a 'new 52' Nightwing. That's Renegade Nightwing, from the Devin Grayson 'Renegade' storyline. 
You'll note his suit is brown and red, not black and red, and also his mask doesn't match. 

Edited by kfhrfdu_89_76k

What? Has DC existed only for 75 years? 
The Bones are nice.

Posted by Croi
@spider-man 2996
If you live in Dublin; there's always Forbidden Planet.
Posted by Donovan Montgomery
@DMC: True, a generation removed, but true.  I'm still kinda waiting for the two to meet.
Posted by IamKryptonite

I know that's not the new Nightwing, but I just got to say I like the blue suit better. I am so looking forward to almost all the new DC titles, but I don't understand all the red. Nightwing even has red eyes in a few of the pic's not to mention Deathstroke's new helmet (er) mask whatever you wanna call it, has a red eye now. WTF

Posted by spider-man 2996
No I live in Westmeath and there is no Super hero toys only movie figs of Cap which are to small
Posted by elayem98
@taterpie said:
That's not a 'new 52' Nightwing. That's Renegade Nightwing, from the Devin Grayson 'Renegade' storyline.  You'll note his suit is brown and red, not black and red, and also his mask doesn't match. 
G-Man mentioned that in the article
Posted by thanobomb1124


Posted by Bestostero

Variants make scalpers more money.

Posted by G-Man

@taterpie: Mentioned in the article. Even linked to the storyline.

Posted by KnightRise
Like seriously what is up with DC and red and black color schemes? I loved the blue and black Nightwing costume because it had something unique about it (read: gauntlets and finger stripes...) and the red lenses/eyes thing seems wierd. Then theres tim drake's new costume...
Posted by ImperiousRix

I don't follow Bone, but that Kingdok figure is awesome.

Posted by sleepykidd

I found a King Doc at a comic shop I used to go to in New Jersey last December. $30 in Box, and he is an amazing set piece, I keep next to my graphic novels on the shelf. I have all the little Bone figures from that mystery box set.

Posted by Comicfan47

I just realized the red isnt running down his arms to his fingertips like the Blue Costume...........

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Wow, New 52 Nightwing as a figure already? Nice!

Posted by skaarason

the nightwing figure has been out for years , it's the renegade nightwing costume , has some similarities to the new 52 suit  
can be easily customize with batman gauntlets and a re-paint !!!

Posted by xander_cole

the red Nightwing is not the new nightwing suit, is the Renegade suit

Posted by TheAvenger802

Very cool Nightwing. The red is well...lets just say i prefer the blue. The brown on that other suit i hate. The blue Nightwing suit i like the most. I am a fan of the suit color more, and  how the blue goes down to his knuckles, and the mask is much small, and for some reason i like that more.

Posted by Psychotime

I hope the Bone toys are at a decent price.

Posted by TheMess1428

Yeah that can't be the new Nightwing unless the new toys are gonna be total crap. Because they should never make his costume brown and have his mask cover most of his face. That's just lame.

Posted by Eyz

Wooow! Those BONE figurines are AWESOME!! :D

Posted by bane122

Hey Tony, not sure if you know this trick or not but if you want to close up those hands a bit so he can hold the escrimas dunk them in some boiling water for a few seconds to loosen the plastic up, then push the hands in to the correct amount and put them in cold water. This should basically remould the plastic into the new shape.

It's a great trick to use for fixing figures that have warped limbs right out of the packaging.