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Awesome Toy Picks: Marvel Universe Guardians of the Galaxy 4-Pack

A cool collectible you'll want to add to your collection.

Each week we take a close look at a comic book collectible. That means taking it out of the package. This week, we're actually journeying back to 2011. Why? Because of a little movie in theaters called "Guardians of the Galaxy." (You can read our review HERE). As part of the Marvel Universe line, we're going to look at the Guardians of the Galaxy 4-pack.

Believe it or not, I only just bought this set. I always eyed it at the stores but wasn't sure if I wanted to spend twenty-five bucks on the set. I have seen some at a Toys 'R Us recently but I ended up getting this at (only fourteen sets left!). It can also be found at other online stores if you can't find it locally (like

Of course the big appeal, at least for me, was having a Rocket Raccoon figure. It's labeled as a four-pack and, as you can see, there's a tiny Groot figure. This morning my daughter was a little upset that Gamora wasn't included.

Let's take a look at Star-Lord first.

This is the Annihilation look many still miss. He comes with two guns and, like the other Marvel Universe figures, there's plenty of articulation.

The nice thing about the Marvel Universe line is their size. They might be a little small for some at 3 3/4" but they still have a good amount of detail. Also, at the smaller size, it's easier to have more in your collection. It's easier to display them.

I'm not sure if it was just my Star-Lord but his legs, especially his left, looks a little strange. It's almost bent at a weird angle.

How about Drax the Destroyer?

This is Drax's current look. Just like in the movie, he likes walking around without a shirt. He also comes with a couple knives that fit into his belt in the back.

Now it's time for Rocket Raccoon.

There's a few Rocket Raccoon figures on sale currently but, again, this outfit is pretty cool on him. He comes with a nice big gun. I almost thought his head didn't move, despite it clearly looking like it could. It was just tight and I was able to turn it. His left arm doesn't move but his right looks like it should. I didn't want to force it too much so I quickly stopped trying.

Rocket's tail also moves. The tail is crucial for making him stand.

If you have Rocket, you should also have a Groot figure.

Is this really a "figure"? Not really. But it's kind of cool having him here like this.

If you have any of the other figures in this line, you'll want to try to track down this set, if you haven't already. With the movie out, I'd imagine there's more of a demand. I always thought it was an interesting choice back when it came out. They released this set and a Fantastic Four set (with a Future Foundation variant set shown HERE).

Let us know what you thought of these pics and if you have the set or are planning on getting it. We'll be back next time with another item.

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Posted by G_leno

I see what you mean about the funny leg, but all in all, looks like a nice set. The Groot figure is excellent if you liked the end of the movie!

Posted by Danial79

I want this so bad. I'm one of those that miss the DnA costumes and I think that Groot statue is just awesome :)

Edited by Wardishy

Kind of cool. I have no particular interest in Gamora but it does seem very weird that she was the only one left out.

Posted by CaptainGenisVell

Why is Groot twerking?!

Posted by Ostyo
Posted by Lurkero

These figures have awkward anatomy - especially Starlord's bent legs. I would prefer that Rocket Raccoon and Groot had more movement and the absence of Gamorra is weird. It would have been better to have a full set with better figures at $45 rather than a shoddy set at $25. I guess it helps to get the cheap sales too.

Edited by ReverendHunt

This is by far the better value because Hasbro just re-released each of these figures individually with no modifications. Yes, this very same Starlord, Drax, and Rocket + Groot are $10.99 or so, each, in stores right now.

Posted by snarkybits

I've been wanting this set for years, but every time I had the money, it was never in stock. Then, one time, Target restocked it at $15.99 RIGHT after I just spent money that would have gone to this instead.

Edited by AmazingWebHead

Y'know, I had really been hoping the Guardians would be rewarded with these costumes at the end of the movie.

Posted by nappystr8

It's a shame that they are just re-issuing these old figures instead of creating new Guardians of the Galaxy ones for the 3.75 inch line. Still, this is one of the all time great sets I think, so anyone who hasn't had an opportunity get them before totally should.

Edited by Ms-Lola

Gamora? Where is Gamora? GAMORA!!! WHERE ARE YOU???!!! (is she stuck in the packaging at the back or something...?)

I'm not happy, Hasbro.

Posted by copete

Why not the whole gang? Starlord is not recognizable. Would be nice if his helmet is removable.

Posted by Nova`Prime`

This is a nice set, but lets be honest. Hasbro should have made this a two figure set, or a "true" four figure set. I love Rocket and Groot, but those two figures do not add up to one, let alone two. The set should have been, in the very least, Starlord, Drax, Gamora, Mantis/Bug, and Warlock with Rocket and Groot. I would have loved the addition of Cosmo to go along as well.