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Awesome Toy Picks: Marvel Select Black Widow

A cool collectible you'll want to add to your collection.

Each week we take a close look at a cool collectible. That means taking it out of the package. With BLACK WIDOW #1 out this week, I recalled that I never opened the Marvel Select Black Widow figure I bought in 2012.

I happened to be at a mall (*shudder*) that had a Disney Store. I noticed some exclusive figures they had, including Black Widow and picked it up since it was only $15. I've seen them on eBay for around $20.

It's a big package with art on the side and, of course, a mini-bio on the back in case you weren't caught up to speed with Natasha.

As with most Marvel Select figures, you get more than just a figure. There is a battle-damaged background set with a bonus extra character.

Yes, there is a tiny Ant-Man in the background. Which one? That's for you to decide.

Black Widow's costume here has a sort of purple tint to it that makes it a little more shimmery. Of course, the sculptors figured collectors would prefer a Black Widow with the zipper pulled down a little.

It is nice to see that while Natasha is already ready to fight the bad guys, she still had time to get her nails done. She's wearing some gloves and has her gauntlets as well.

The one thing I don't really like is her lower torso. Her pelvic area looks a little weird. It's too bad they couldn't make her leg joints differently.

The figure has some nicely sculpted hair. Unfortunately this means her head can't move, despite there being a point of articulation there.

"These boots are made for walking"? Natasha has some stylish boots to further help her kick butt.

As for the background, it looks like they had a little run-in with an Ultron perhaps. Although it does almost look like he's been there a while.

You can see the tiny Ant-Man. It's more of a decorative bit. There are slots on his feet so he can sit on the rubble. He won't be able to stand on his own apart from it.

Black Widow doesn't need guns but her hands look a little awkward, almost as if she should be. Then again, maybe she's meditating or something.

There have been some other Black Widow figures. It's nice to have a more traditional figure rather than one based on the movies.

It started raining at the end of this 'photo shoot'

That's it for this week. The big question is should I open the other figure I bought at the same time I got this one. We will have another figure related to this one soon, most likely next week. Be on the look out and let us know what you thought of this one.

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Posted by Bad_People

Are you not entertained!?

Edited by cmaprice

Got this figure clearanced for $5 a while back. She's pretty useless in terms of articulation-- particularly in the legs. From her lack of thigh cuts and ankle rockers making her hips and double knees useless, to her lack of torso articulation, limited arm ROM, trigger fingers with no weapons, and somewhat softly sculpted face, this figure just perplexes. I know DST deals with limitations, but it's engineered against its own interest.

Posted by Crimsonlord53

There have been some other Black Widow figures. It's nice to have a more traditional figure rather than one based on the movies.


Posted by longbowhunter

I like the little Ant-Man.

Edited by Sammo21

I got this one sale at a Disney Store for like $10 early last year. I was always a little confused on the figure as there clearly was meant to be pistols or guns for her to hold. I do like the small Ant Man but the base has no pegs for Black Widow to stand on so it is very easy for the figure to be knocked over, which is annoying. I also dislike the purple coloring on her jumpsuit as I'd rather have astraight black or black with blue highlights.

I always felt like the figure was a repaint but its not.

Edited by Vulshock

@g_man Celebrating the awesome first issue of Black Widow by featuring a figure of her? :)

Edited by KidChipotle

Spot on review on the figure, G-Man. The little Ant-Man is totally awesome.

Posted by andy_117

"Of course, the sculptors figured collectors would prefer a Black Widow with the zipper pulled down a little."

Well... err, yeah, okay. Can't fault them for understanding their target audience.

Posted by kartron

I like this particular figure. I was thinking whether or not to buy. I have this movie series collection & happen to have all of movie versions - Thor, Hulk, Ironman, Cap, Hawkman, Loki, War Machine and heck even the Nick Fury! The only thing I dont have is the 6 inch black widow movie version - which doesn't exist. I thought this one here will be a nice replacement. Hmm... Wish there was a scarlet johansson version :( But really cool pics! I like the ones with raindrops....

Posted by gothicshieldagent

suit should be black,wrist bands and belt should be gold,should be dual pistols.