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Awesome Toy Picks: Marvel and Star Wars Mighty Muggs

They may be cute but they are mighty enough to be included in your collection.

Each week we get our hands on some of the coolest toys around. This year's Toy Fair is currently underway and as we await news on the new products coming out, we thought we'd take a look at a line from just a couple years ago: The Mighty Muggs from Hasbro.

Mighty Muggs are basically super-deformed versions of your favorite characters. Because it was from Hasbro, they had the luxury of putting out lines from the different franchises they held the rights to. Besides the seven waves of Marvel (plus various exclusive figures and some Mini-Mugg waves) there was also nine waves from Star Wars (plus more exclusives and a Mini-Mugg wave), two waves from Indiana Jones (plus some exclusives), three waves from G.I. Joe and three waves from Transformers (plus some exclusives).

They stand at just over 6" (with the Mini-Muggs about half the size) and they are full of cuteness. They are almost hard to resist. The good news is, Hasbro will be putting out some more waves. We'll have to wait on the full details this week. Norm and I pooled our collections together to give you guys a look at how simple and cool these guys are.

== TEASER ==

The packaging is pretty simple.

Check out the Mini-Muggs. Some aren't as crazy about these as the full size ones. They almost come across as being even cuter. If you went to San Diego Comic-Con last summer, you might have seen the Mini-Avengers set with a regular sized Giant Man Mighty Mugg (guess who's kicking themselves for not picking it up?)

You can also see an example of the exclusive waves (Mini-Bounty Hunters from Star Wars).

Of course when Hulk is around, you can always expect trouble.

That's it for this week. How many Mighty Muggs do you own? Be sure to look for the next installment of Awesome Toy Picks.

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Why do I hate these but want to get them at the same time?

Posted by thechessclub

That Bossk is pretty much the cutest thing evar

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

WOw, I don't own any Muggs, but I might think about getting some. The Galactus and Thanos ones especially look great!

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

"Hey Galactus...You wanna, uh, wanna, destroy the universe with me?"

"Very well."

"Hello all. I`m Boba Fett, and this is my son, Baba Fett. Isn`t he adorable. well, he isn`t, `cause he`s gonna kill you and collect a reward!"

Edited by BlackArmor

Sup Bro, heard you liked minis.........

Posted by G-Man

@kfhrfdu_89_76k: "Take your son to work day." But that didn't go too well when Jango did it.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k


Alas it didn`t. But maybe Boba wouldn`t die when his son is with him, since he seems to be more skillful than his late father.

Posted by wowylied

I would be interessted to see the difference between the price they are sold and what they cost to produce.

Because every toy (or other thing to decorate) seems really expensive here.

Posted by Or35ti

I want the Marvel ones! haha

Posted by Miss_Garrick
Posted by JonesDeini

@G-Man said:

@kfhrfdu_89_76k: "Take your son to work day." But that didn't go too well when Jango did it.

I was literally thinking about this as I saw that pic, G-Man. Man I need that laugh right about now. On the real though, I really want those Galactus/Punisher figures.

Posted by LaserLambert

I want that Thing mugg, perfect expression on his mouth.

Posted by longbowhunter

I've never seen Boba Fett and Bossk. Those two are super cute. I really like the Iron Man one with the slide up mask. I've got the classic armor figure.

Posted by RedOwl_1

D'awwwwwwww They're so awesomely cute

Posted by pingclang

I have the classic Cap and absolutely love that thing. Love these little dudes but have nowhere to put them if I started collecting them.

Posted by primepower53

Hulk is my favorite.

Posted by AlKusanagi

Don't you get me started! I already have 3 Star Wars Lego sets and the DC Legos because of Tested and you!!!

Edited by almostapollo

I decided that it was a travesty that no one had shown off the awesome Venom, War Machine, and Dr. Doom Muggs, so I took matters into my own hands.

Posted by Bestostero

it's official, im gonna start collecting those funko pop bobblehead toys...already have Aquaman, Batman, and Cap in my sights lol

Posted by Ganthetsward20

@emerald_dawn: I feel the same way!

Posted by redhood21

i always wanted these but could never find the ones i wanted!!! SE, grimlock, venom, cap..bossk. lol i must have these!

Posted by DocHunter

I don' care if it rains or freezes coz I got little plastic Thor on the dashboard of me car.

Posted by splittmark

i thought this article was 3 years old and accidentally bumped, kidding. today, finding muggs is like finding waldo. the cool ones are only limited or at comiccons. the custom ones are the $h*+. this is starting to runon so I'll stop

@Throatcoater said:

You call that a collection?! Challenge accepted. This gentleman is a mighty mugg collection.

any man can do that

Posted by The Impersonator

I liked to have a mug of beer. =P

Posted by pizzatrails

They should make a Deadpool one.

Posted by redhood21

well i went online and the marvel ones are super expensive now so i got sidetracked and got Darth Revan and Emperor Palpatine. UNLIMITED POWERRRR!

Posted by Punisher007

I must have Punisher mighty mugg.

Posted by primepower53

@thechessclub said:

That Bossk is pretty much the cutest thing evar

Posted by TheFume

I collected these for a while. I boxed most of them up, and put them in storage.

But there was no way I could put this one away. It's a custom one,but not made by me. I could never do anything this detailed.

Posted by BlatantNinja23

I can't decide if I prefer my funko pop bobblehead vader and storm trooper, and pop batman over the mighty muggs or not

Posted by JoshR

Not sure how anyone can hate these. I've been in "love" with them since first sight. The Wolverine San Diego Comic Con 09 with retractable claws exclusive is my favorite thus far. Thought they stopped making them, which only made me smile in that my collection would be finite as I am a completest turd. Glad to see they are going to be making more though as I can't get enough of their simplicity...ESPECIALLY the "pop art" packaging...

Posted by thanosrules

Where is your Silver Surfer Mighty Mugg? ;)

Posted by mikeclark1982

years ago when i worked at target, they had TONS of exclusive mighty muggs. they had a target exclusive silver surfer. it was on clearance for like 4 bucks before i quit. DARN!

Posted by Video_Martian


Posted by kennybaese

I love Mighty Muggs. They're kind of the shiz-nit.

Posted by Sammo21

@RedheadedAtrocitus: I like mine. I actually found mini muggs at toys r us for the avengers...picked up mini cap and red skull

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sdcc spiderman and black cat 
Posted by potishen

sdcc wolverine Sentinel and sdcc juggernaut
Posted by ka385385

Too bad you don't show the ghost rider one.

Posted by DirtReynolds

Man I want that Thanos and Galactus!!!!!

Edited by redhood21

i think just wanted to put your name to the test. who the hell is probable neck beard to judge you? keep up the collecting and coating those open throats like NXH ;D

Im S0o Matturr cuz i Dunt By keedz tois on my Alluwance

Posted by NXH

@redhood21: Next time keep your opinions to yourself, mate.