'Man of Steel' Movie Merchandise Extravaganza

Check out all the stuff that flew into the Comic Vine office.

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Awesome Toy Picks: 'Man of Steel' Movie Merchandise

Find out how "super" the movie-realated merchandise is.

Each week we look a close at comic book collectibles. While I had a different one planned for this week, I received a large box on my desk that must have been sitting in the mailroom for a couple weeks.

When it comes to comic book movies, you can always count on a slew of movie-related merchandise. With Man of Steel, there has been a lot but not all has looked that great. Looking closer at these items may have changed my mind.

Inside the box was a duffle bag that most likely is not available for purchase. But it is pretty cool.

Inside the bag was a bunch of Man of Steel goodies.

Mattel Man of Steel Movie Masters

I was not impressed with the Man of Steel figures I've seen in stores. Somehow I haven't seen these. Standing at just over 6", there is more detail to the figures.

Superman comes with a stand but you can see he doesn't really need it. There is a good amount of articulation but more importantly, it actually sort of looks like Henry Cavill.

If you're looking for an affordable Man of Steel figure to display on your desk or shelf, you'll want to pick this one up. The figures retail for $14.99 and apparently there's a Faora figure as well (not shown on the box)

Mattel Man of Steel Quick Shots Figures

These were the figures that shocked me when I first saw it in stores. You get two figures, a rubber Superman and plastic General Zod.

The idea is you hook Superman's large hands onto Zod's and you can slighshot him to make him fly.

Since Superman's made of rubber, you don't have to worry too much about where he lands (don't aim him at people or animals, kids!). I let my nine-year-old daughter check it out. She said, "He looks weird but it's kinda fun."

These figures retail for $6.99.

Funko Man of Steel Vinyl POP! Figures

You've likely seen these figures before. Their cuteness is hard to resist, even when it's that despicable General Zod.

He's cute but also looks like he thinks he's cool. According to the package, there is also a Superman figure. They retail for $9.99.

Funko Man of Steel Plush POP! Figures

Funko makes plush figures as well. It's the same style. Looks cute enough to cuddle with, right?

These plush figures also retail for $9.99.

LEGO Superman Metropolis Showdown

You may recall our recent spotlight on the LEGO Superman "Black Zero Escape" set. This smaller set retails for $12.99.

What about clothing?

Kinetix Man of Steel Logo T-Shirt

Soft. That's how I'd describe this shirt. Soft and comfy. The shirt comes in men and women's cut. What I really like is that there isn't a tag. Tags on t-shirts can be a pain sometimes. The emblem has a bumpy texture as well. The price seems to range between $28.00 and $48.00.

New Era Man of Steel Cap Collection

Now you can show your love for Superman or Zod on your head. These caps are comfortable (although this hat is a little snug for my big head and big brain but perhaps it'll stretch a little).

There are different styles. You can get Zod (pictured above), a Superman emblem, or some assorted Superman comic print on the caps. The retail price $24.99.

Two-Sided Superman/Zod Cape

Unfortunately this cape is for kids. Kids now have a choice of being Superman or Zod. Zod was a hero after all, right? He was just trying to save the spirit of Krypton and Krypton's future.

The emblem is embroidered on the cape. The price for this seems to be around $19.99. I'm sure we'll see a bunch of kids dressed as Superman, Zod, Jor-El or even Faora this Halloween. Rubies also has full kids costumes coming soon ranging from $12.99 to $39.99.

That wraps up this week's look. Hope you enjoyed this combination Awesome Toy Picks and Comic Vine Mailbag. We'll be back to our normal routine in the next installment.

Posted by UltimateSMfan

Now it can actually be said that his body in the movie looks exactly like the toy. Also I love that zod one,looks like he's flipping off supes,definitely getting that one.

Posted by HexThis

Can they make a Lois figure? Seriously! I know people are going to say "Why would someone want an action figure of a journalist?" but why not? She's not just a journalist, she's a huge part of the Superman franchise. Lois Lane figure NOW, please.

Posted by iceslick

@g_man Oh wow, I thought you're opinion on Man of Steel had a sudden change on you and made you buy all this crazy merchandise. But it had to be someone else to gift you with all these. It makes me jealous. lol

Edited by iceslick

@hexthis: I agree, they really don't know the awesome power of journalism!!! lol I love Lois Lane too and it kind reminds me that I had to wait until like 5 seasons of Ben 10 just to get a Gwen action figure available!


Posted by The_Mouse

@hexthis said:

Can they make a Lois figure? Seriously! I know people are going to say "Why would someone want an action figure of a journalist?" but why not? She's not just a journalist, she's a huge part of the Superman franchise. Lois Lane figure NOW, please.

hell yeah, id buy a lois figure. she's my favorite female fictional character and she was pretty badass in man of steel

Edited by Shallbecomeabattoo

@hexthis: Exactly! I remember back when I was little and collected the Btas action figures, I had the same problem. There were dozens of different colored Batman figures, a few Robins and all the villains, but no Jim Gordon, no Alfred, no reporter lady whose name I forget, no goons the villains could employ, nothing! I hated that. How are you supposed to act out cool adventures when you don't have the whole cast of characters??? I then used He-Man and Ghostbuster figures as goons and police department characters. Still... kinda dumb move by the toy company.

Oh and Tony... I am seriously jealous about that duffle bag!!!

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

This is the most awesome chapter of this installment.

Posted by Lurkero

Does any of that Man of Steel merchandise come with the betrayal of Superman's character?

(I don't actually feel that way, but I like making fun of the negative reaction to the movie)

Edited by Michael_Moran

Love the superman vs muhammed ali book classic

Edited by longbowhunter

I kinda dig that Zod cap. My Green Lantern one has about had it.

Edited by mrdecepticonleader

Sometimes I wish these segments were a little less...bias.

Posted by G-Man

@mrdecepticonleader: these are basically reviews. And strangely enough, I'm rarely bias besides what I consider to possibly be "awesome." But the fact is, I'm going to honest in my opinion as I am in all my reviews. There should be enough info and images for people to form their own opinions.

Posted by SandMan_

I'm to old for this :/

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Twenty bucks for that cape? Take my money!

Posted by FlashKnight

@lurkero said:

Does any of that Man of Steel merchandise come with the betrayal of Superman's character?

(I don't actually feel that way, but I like making fun of the negative reaction to the movie)

This made me lol. Remember Mark Wraid?

Posted by SmashBrawler

Yes, kids! You can now be Superman and General Zod with the new official Superman/Zod capes based on Warner Bros' hit summer blockbuster, Man of Steel! Reenact the final fight from the movie and astound your friends with your neck-breaking abilities!

Only $19.99!

Edited by BaneStrokeLoboGrundyBatArrow

Lol heh

Edited by TheManInTheShoe

The Funko ones are adorable :P

Posted by G_Money_Christmas

I have the action figure. It's pretty cool but it's only 6" whereas most of the DC and Marvel action figure lines are 7" so it looks a little weird when I stand it next to my other figures.

Posted by G-Man

@redheadedatrocitus: My daughter got so incredibly excited. Put it on and started running around the house and outside.

Edited by GreenLanternJHH

the movie masters looks cool

Posted by Shallbecomeabattoo

@g_man: did your daughter like the movie, Tony? I reall loved it and know that a lot of little boys in my family loved it as well, but I am not sure how a small girl would see the movie.

Edited by FoxxFireArt

That plush Superman doll is equal parts adorable and creepy.

Posted by devil leonx

Sweet! I will check these out! Oh G-man if you wouldn't mind, in the future do post the links to where we can get some of the stuff you review!It be nice and handy!

Posted by monkeyonurback_

but..but .. zod doesn't have a cape! and superman doesn't have an S on his cape! i hope they're not making these toys just for profit ;)

Posted by JLDoom

I like those Movie Masters figures, may get them all.

Posted by PowerHerc

I have this Superman "Movie Masters" Man of Steel af. It's great.

Posted by SideburnGuru

The General Zod movie masters is honestly pathetic though.

I love the Superman one, but The General Zod is a let down.

Posted by MrMazz

the General Zod Pop figure is actually pretty cool looking in a kinda funny way.

Edited by Stewartoons

That General Zod Pop figure is adorable!

Edited by susanwhite89