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Awesome Toy Picks: LEGO Captain America Vs. HYDRA

A cool collectible you'll want to add to your collection.

Each week we take a close look at a cool comic book collectible. That means taking it out of the package. There's been a few new LEGO sets coming out. This week we're looking at one with a fitting theme considering Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters next week. Let's take a look at the LEGO Captain America Vs. HYDRA.

As you can see, the set contains 172 pieces and comes with three figures and two vehicles. The retail price is only $19.99 and you can order it right now from LEGO.

Some of you may already have a LEGO Captain America. One was released earlier with the Captain America's Avenging Cycle set that had him going up against a couple of the Chitauri. What you may notice right away is the motorcycle is different.

In order to have a cool LEGO set, the vehicles have to stand out. They have to be different from vehicles in other sets. With Red Skull and a HYDRA agent, we see they have an impressive ride.

It is an all-terrain vehicle. You can see the wheels move to easily drive over any obstacles. You can see the back section with the HYDRA agent swivels around to catch anyone coming at them.

I should also note that I used one of the extra pieces as a gun for him. He's not supposed to have it but it seemed fitting.

Red Skull doesn't look too happy. He has good reason. Here comes Cap.

Cap is all about the hand-to-hand combat. Of course he's going to take the fight directly to Red Skull. If you saw the box, you know that LEGO Red Skull has a trick up his sleeve.

Red Skull has a Cosmic Cube, or Tesseract. That's gonna mean trouble for Cap.

Guess the good guys don't always win.

Poor Cap. Will he ever reclaim his bike and shield? We'll leave that up to you once you buy the set for yourself.

Here's a closer look at each figure.

That's it for this week. Hopefully you're still riding high on the Captain American excitement over the movie. Here's a hint for the next installment, we'll have yet another Cap-related awesome collectible.

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Posted by CaptainGenisVell

I always feel the Captain America minifigure is a let down now. The Flash has a removable helmet so you can at least see his face and have two expressions. The helmets are basically the same as well, so don't see why Cap has to just have this.

Edited by andy_117

I want this so much. I might have to buy it.

Posted by AmazingWebHead

Pretty kick-ass, but only one Hydra guy? Loki and Two-Face had at least 2 guys per.

Posted by mak13131313

Looks pretty cool. Awesome action sequences!

Posted by Ostyo

Awww, what a adorable little Jew hating lego.

Edited by RulerOfThisUniverse


Edited by CaptainMarvel4Ever

Wow, a Captain America set! looks fun! let's see what Lego DC ha....oh, another Batman set.....

Edited by dreamfall31

I really want this set! I wish there was a Winter Soldier set though so I could get a Bucky minifig!