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Awesome Toy Picks: LEGO Batman Riddler Chase & LEGO Movie Cloud Cuckoo Palace

Some cool collectibles you'll want to add to your collection.

Each week we take close look at a comic collectible. That means taking it out of the package. This week, with the opening of The LEGO Movie, we were just going to look at the Batman: The Riddler Chase set. After watching the movie, we couldn't resist looking at a set from the movie as well.

How many Batman LEGO sets do we have now? Everyone likes Batman so it makes sense that we see so many. There have been some slight variations in the different Batmans. We had the Arctic Batman in white recently. This Batman is also different from the one we just saw with the Nightwing and Man-Bat set.

There are 304 pieces and thankfully LEGO put them in separately numbered bags.

There was a Batmobile before in the Two-Face Chase set but this one is a little different. It looks more solid and rugged. It's an odd pairing with Riddler's car but it's a nice addition to the various Bat-vehicles that have been released.

This car isn't just about getting around. It does have some weapons to it even though Batman wouldn't normally be too keen on them. Things work differently in the LEGO world. You can push down the back to reveal some missiles that will actually shoot out.

Any LEGO character would love to drive this car. Even Batman is proud to be driving it.

Here's a closer look at this Batman. It was brilliant to make his costume have more gray rather than all black as the previous LEGO Batmans. It shows that LEGO didn't simply package the same old figure. At least they tweaked his costume.

What makes these Batman LEGO sets really cool is the other figures that come with them. For the villain, Riddler gets a chance to shine in the spotlight.

Riddler comes with his cane. Let's be honest, it's really just a LEGO crowbar molded from gold plastic. It is pretty creative. He also comes with a banana. Why a banana? Why not? If you read the comic that comes with the set, you'll understand why.

His car is pretty flashy. That makes it really fitting for him.

You might have noticed, his car has some pouches in the back to keep his loot.

When Riddler robs a bank, he clearly does it with style. Would this car have what it takes to out-race the Batmobile?

Riddler does have some other tricks up his sleeve. There is a bomb attached on the back of his car that can be released to get in the way of anyone pursuing him.

Riddler isn't the only other figure that comes with this set. Because Batman (or at least LEGO Batman) doesn't mind getting help on occasion, we get a LEGO Flash.

The big question is, which Flash is this? There is the design of his costume (the "belt") that is usually a giveaway that it's Wally West. In the New 52, Barry Allen's costume has been more reminiscent to Wally's versus his original one. If you take off his mask, you can see he has orange eyebrows...Either way, he's pretty fast for a LEGO.

As a bonus, we decided to take a look at a set from The LEGO Movie. As a bonus to that bonus, we also picked up some individual 'mystery' figure packs (that sell for $2.99.

What is the Cloud Cuckoo Palace? Obviously you'll have to watch the movie to find out. There are a few different sets for the movie. It's a little odd that this set isn't separated into different numbered bags. There are separate ones but you have to open them and sort all the pieces.

What's really cool about this one, besides it being pretty weird, is the figures it comes with.

You can build Snail and Unikitty. (Unikitty is just one of the cool characters in the movie). You also get Emmet, the main character, and Wyldstyle.

The palace has different moving parts. There's even a sun. It all looks pretty happy, right? Well, the set also comes with an Executron. That's bad news for them. Luckily the palace has some defenses--shooting flowers.

As for the figure packs, these are another 'blind box' deal. There are sixteen different figures you can get and it's a slight gamble. I suppose you could try to feel through the package since it's in a bag instead of a box. I got three and each contained six different pieces.

My luck held out as I feel I got three good figures.

Abraham Lincoln, President Business and a guy dressed in a panda suit. All three were in the movie. President Business is voiced by Will Ferrell. Lincoln was in a couple scenes and I do remember the panda suit guy.

There's so much LEGO here. They are hard to resist. The movie is really good too. There are some interesting messages in the movie, but I don't want to spoil them here.

Look at how everyone gets along so well.

That's it for this week. It was a rainy weekend, by the way. That's why these pics were all indoors. Go see the movie. Go buy some LEGO. We'll have another installment next time (and it won't feature any LEGO bricks).

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Edited by scouts1998

That riddler car is cheesy but I really like it

Posted by LyraFay

Cloud Cuckoo palace sounds like Cuckooland in The Birds (an ancient Greek comedy)....Any way The Flash is cute!

Posted by andy_117

I had gone off Lego to get into more TPBs. With all this new wave stuff coming through I may find the inclination to start collecting again... euurgh damn you Comic Viiiine

Posted by wmwadeii

I saw the The Lego Movie sets and most look pretty cool. The store I was at was out of a lot of them, so not sure if any of the sets contain Batman or Superman considering they do appear in the movie. I'd pick up some LEGO sets but I'm currently getting the Transformer Kre-o sets and mini-figs and that's about all I can budget. Then again those TMNT LEGO sets are still calling my name every time I pass them at Toys R Us.

Posted by lifeboy

G-homeboy, when are they going to put out the lego Justice League video? Lego Batman stayed to be continued at the end with Brainiac attacking earth. That cartoon was greatly under appriceated. I liked when Catwoman calls Robin Ratboy, and Robin says 'how do you get Ratboy from Robin?' LOL

Posted by Ninjablade09

I wonder how big the stereo machines are in the Bat-mobile and if Bats has been listening to the song he wrote "DARKNESS! NO PARENTS!"

Posted by fables87


Posted by mak13131313

As always, cool choices this week!

Posted by longbowhunter

I was looking at the new Batman set over the weekend at Toys R Us. About time they made a Flash minifigure.

Edited by CaptainMarvel4Ever

Sucks that the only way of getting a Lego Flash is to buy another Batman set.

Posted by MrMazz

OMG I kinda want Cloud Cuckoo Land set after having seen LEGO Movie.

Why dose Riddler have a bannanna?

cheap plug to LEGO Movie user review

Posted by AmazingWebHead

Lego Flash and finally a Riddler without the pajama look. Sweet.

Edited by patrat18

The Lego movie is amazing 9.7/10.

Posted by MartianManhunterIsBetterThanCyborg

Batman was hilarious in the Lego Movie.

And I wish Flash got his own set.

Edited by kaiklown

Is that sexual harassment panda?

Posted by NICKXH

Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you're part of a team! Everything is Awesome!

Posted by Daring_Doodads

Going to go see the Lego movie next weekend though not so interested in any of the movie toys. Haven't had any legos since I was a kid but those Batman sets are pretty rad.

Posted by jamesnvarney

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