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Awesome Toy Picks: LEGO Batman, Batmobile and the Two-Face Chase

A cool collectible you'll want to add to your personal collection.

Awesome Toy Picks is back! To commemorate the release of LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes it seemed like the perfect time to showcase the recent LEGO Batmobile and the Two-Face Chase set. Because I just returned from vacation, I haven't had a chance to open my copy of the video game but I'll soon be tearing open the cellophane and giving the game a spin.

With the larger Batman LEGO sets, you have a few choices. The Batcave set and Joker's Fun House look cool but how can you pass up having a LEGO Batmobile?

The set retails for about $50 but I managed to find it for $35 at a Kmart of all places. At 531 pieces, it won't take a huge amount of time to build. And what you'll want to remember is once these sets are out of stock, they tend to see price increases online. In other words, get 'em while you can.

Some of these recent LEGO superhero sets force you to get vehicles in order to get the characters. But this one is worth it with the Batmobile. Even Two-Face's jeep is pretty cool. This is definitely one of my favorite LEGO sets.

"LEGO chicks dig the car."

Of course, no LEGO photo shoot would be complete without trying to tell some sort of story. Check it out below to see if you can figure out how Batman outsmarts Two-Face.

Meanwhile at the LEGO Gotham City Bank...
Hmm...this looks like a good spot to use this dynamite.
Of course, it'll be decided by the flip of my LEGO coin.

***Insert LEGO "KABOOM" here***

Let's get this safe out of here!
**beep, beep, beep**
Too bad there's only one safe in this bank...
Now that we're at our hideout, let's crack this safe!
C'mon already!
Yes! I love LEGO money!

Can this be? Has Two-Face gotten away with this crime? Is the hard-earned money of the citizens of Gotham gone?

Obviously not...

Oh no! It's the Batman!
Let's let the coin decide how this goes.
"Good side up," dang!
Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk...

And here's another look at everything you get here:

That's not all we have for this week. A few months ago I went to the LEGO Store by Disneyland and picked up this 3-pack. What's cool is you get Batman, Robin and Joker. The bad thing is they're attached to the LEGO magnets.

I recall buying some Star Wars sets like this and the figures popped right off. These are glued to the magnets. I haven't decided if I'm going to try to surgically remove them.

Looks like Joker is willing to help "remove" Robin.

That's it for this week. There will definitely be another installment of Awesome Toy Picks next week and it won't be LEGO if you've had enough LEGO spotlights lately.

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Posted by KainScion

why does it always have to be robin?! OH THE HUMANITY!!!

Posted by G-Man

@KainScion: Well...I could've included one more shot with Robin's head removed. But I think he's a cool-looking LEGO figure.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

These look great :)

Posted by ZZoMBiE13

@G-Man: Have you had a chance to play Lego Batman 2: DC Superheros yet? I've been playing it since Tuesday and having a blast doing so. :)

Posted by G-Man
@ZZoMBiE13 I just got back from Hawaii. I pre-ordered the game and it's now sitting on my kitchen table. As soon as I got home, I posted these pics I took before leaving. I'll have to try to find time tomorrow!
Posted by Mucklefluga

DO MORE LEGO!! Tony you should deffo be the next Batman Director.

Posted by Mucklefluga

My birthday yesterday, so over the next few weeks i'm gonna spend AALLLL the money on LEGO!

Posted by Cavemold

I want mommy!!!

Posted by thechessclub

"These are glued to the magnets. I haven't decided if I'm going to try to surgically remove them."

Supposedly if you boil them a bit the glue eases its strangle hold over the minifigures legs. 'Supposedly' being the key word here=P

Posted by lifeboy
Those three magnets are cool. Refridgerator magnets. Lego needs to do a batman vs mr. Meyogie set. It starts with batman having afew beers on mr mwyogie's truck. Then mr. Meyogie sees this, then the greatest battle ever comences
Posted by Webjaker

"Where does he get all these wonderful toys!?" Do the magnet figures have muliple faces/heads?

Posted by Bestostero

I played a little bit of the game, i dont know, i can never get into the lego's themed games.

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Awesome stuff

Posted by G-Man
@Webjaker Yes they have multiple faces. Batman has the two seen in the Two-Face pics and you can see the two different Joker and Robin faces.
Posted by Pauldro

Joker with crowbar near Robin would be so cool!

Posted by CitizenJP

Lego Two-Face looks dope.

Posted by htb106

I've been meaning to buy some Lego Batman sets but with all of the great comic books at the moment I haven't got round to it yet.

The game's great, by the way, I hope you enjoy it!

The Robin figures in the Lego sets are usually labelled "Tim Drake" yet in the game it's Dick Grayson who's Robin.

Could you remove the figures piece by piece and put in some sort of water action scene?

Posted by nahadef

This was a nice set!

Two things you might want to know. First, the Lego company does make you buy vehicles to get figures, but usually that is part of their licensing deal, that they aren't producing just figures. With Star Wars, Kenner (I think) has the "figure" license, so Lego can't compete with them, so there have never been any minifigure-only packs from Star Wars. Lego does make mini-fig packs of their own homegrown series (like the Castle stuff).

Second, you can remove the mini-figs from magnets easy enough, though it'll be a little hard to make it perfectly smooth. But I was able to do it in 20 minutes.

Posted by jonijavier


Posted by notoriousbcb

My son loves these.

Posted by Wolverine0628

Posted by Funrush

Yeah, I think they started gluing the minifigs to the magnets to create even more of an incentive to buy the actual sets, so you can get the figures unscathed, for IIRC those things are a bitch to get off those magnets.

Posted by theholypuma

Where is the giant penny :(