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Awesome Toy Picks: Lego Avengers Quinjet Aerial Battle & Captain America's Cycle

Some really cool toys you'll want to add to your collection.

It's pretty safe to say that everyone still has The Avengers on the mind. With its huge success and the fact that it's a comic book movie, there are loads of related merchandise available. One of the hottest lines of merchandise is the Avenger Lego selections. Two weeks ago we looked at Hulk's Helicarrer Breakout. Because they are hard to resist, this week we're looking a couple more selections. First is the Quinjet Aerial Battle.

At 735 pieces, it doesn't seem too daunting of a line to assemble. Besides centering on the Avengers Quinjet, you also get the majority of the team: Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow along with Loki and a Chitauri.

== TEASER ==

There is another 'comic' included but the surprising thing is the pieces are separated into five bags (with bags within) and not one instruction booklet but three.

It might seem like a lot but it wasn't difficult to put together (I found a Harry Potter set for my daughter to be more challenging before). Once the Quinjet is together, it's pretty dang impressive.

It's not just a solid constructed vehicle. There are several compartments that are accessible to put figures inside and to actually play with it. Some of the parts are movable and the wings and flaps can be adjusted as well.

With adjustable missile launchers, there is also a drop down opening with a little...unmanned vehicle that can be removed.

Just imagine the adventures you can have with this set. Again, it's a solid and impressive Lego vehicle.

You don't just get the Quinjet and members of the Avengers, you also get Loki, a Chitauri and one of their flying vehicles.

Of course another big selling point is the actual Lego Avengers. And the fact that Iron Man's helmet opens up to reveal Tony Stark's face is even cooler.

Lego sets can be a little pricey but there's so much cool stuff here, it's just hard to resist.

If you've checked out the Helicarrier set and this, you'll notice one member is missing. How can you get all this Lego Avengers items and not have Captain America?

There's a really cheap Cap set that includes his motorcycle and two more Chitauri. It's only 72 pieces and I zipped through putting it together moments before taking all these pictures. If you already own the Batman/Catwoman set, you can let Cap and Selina race each other on their bikes.

The Chitauri vehicle is different than the one that comes with the Quinjet so you get a little variation if you do buy both sets.

There is one other Avengers set. There's a truck that comes with Hawkeye, if you didn't get the Helicarrier set ("Cosmic Cube Escape"). The set also includes Loki and Iron Man again so you have options in your Lego Avengers collecting. I think I'll be passing on the jeep since it's basically just a Lego truck with SHIELD stickers and three figures I have from these other sets. In other words, I may have reached my Lego purchasing budget...for now.

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Posted by Deadcool

I am a great Lego fan, I would love to built this...

And I am also a great Loki fan, so I would also love to play with this...

Posted by panzerjedi

LEGO is awesome. LEGO Avengers minifigs are awesome. Must get them all!

Edited by Dernman

I'm to old to want this but I do. :p

Posted by Deadcool

@Dernman said:

I'm to old to want this but I do. :p

How old are you... I am 20 years old (21 comming soon) and I can't stand this amount of want.

Posted by Green_Lima_81

Must have! Age be damned!!

Posted by GamerGeek360

I want this mainly for Loki. The Iron Man is cool too, though.

Posted by KainScion

*remembering childhood, playing with legos* *tear drops*

Posted by DonFelipe

Black Widow is looking way too fat!

Posted by Billy Batson

Very nice.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Big fan of the Quinjet so this would be GREAT to have. And is it me, or do the Lego Chitauri look more like Autobots for some reason on the face?

Posted by Miss_Garrick

That's cool. I wish the action figures were just as neat, but they are disappointing.

Captain America is adorable.

Posted by NXH


Posted by MagmaGazer

I really wanna get this...but it's so pricey. D:

Posted by Om1kron

I am pretty sure I'm going to buy this.

Posted by luke_kerridge

It annoys the hell out of me how expensive Lego is now

Posted by Crimsonlord53

Cool stuff.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

I want a Playstation 2 LEGO Avengers-game! I would want those figures too.

Posted by BritishMonkey

i suddenly want to see a lego avengers video game

Posted by bladewolf

@Dernman said:

I'm to old to want this but I do. :p

Truer words were never spoken.

Posted by #1ElderScrollsFan

These are awesome , but I like Icarus's better!!!

Posted by deadpool25mm

Cool, loved the movie!

Posted by ZZoMBiE13

Hey Tony, ask your mom if I can come over and play Lego with you. I'll bring my Lex Luthor!

Posted by ZZoMBiE13

@bladewolf: @Dernman:

Madness. You're never "too old" for Lego. NEVER!

Posted by G-Man
Edited by BiteMe-Fanboy

Damn... Why must I be 24....

and the Iron Man lego is quite clever =).

Posted by htb106

Iron man's head looks ridiculously big.

Posted by X_Ace

I would like to get LEGO X-Men! When I was a kid I use to make my own LEGO X-Men, but they were, naturally, far from perfect.

Posted by ZZoMBiE13

@G-Man: Oh right, I remember that article now. It's the reason I went and got Lex.

Fair enough, I'll bring my Millennium Falcon!

Posted by revbucky

I like Captain America on the motorcycle.

Posted by B'Town

The Quinjet is positively impressive!

*Wondering what I can bribe you with for play time.

Edited by thisbeadam

I bought the "Loki's Cosmic Cube Escape" set yesterday, but that's the only one that I've seen. In my town we have two Walmart Supercenters, a Target, and a K-Mart, and Target was the only one that had shelf labels. Are they flying off the shelves like this everywhere?

LEGO Iron Man
LEGO Hawkeye
Posted by RigorMortis

So need some clarification here. Just reread Ultimates and Herr Kleiser makes a point of saying telling Wasp that the Chitauri are also called Skrulls. Obviously the Chitauri in the movie weren't shape-shifters, or it would have come up, but were they still technically supposed to be the Skrulls under another name? Or am I missing something and could we at some point could we see a separate race in the series that more closely resembles 616 Skrulls? I guess the quick version of my question is in the ultimate universe are Chitauri and Skrulls synonymous or are they separate species?

Posted by curtman2k20

Not sure if TT Games is owned by Warner Bros or if they are still an independent company, but i'd love to see a LEGO Avengers Game or Lego Marvel Game! These sets look awesome though thanks G-MAN!

Posted by deskp

the greatness of lego... except that Captain america set is shit expect for the minifigs!

Edited by Baron_Emo

I love this these! I have the Cap, Hulk, and Wolverine sets. I haven't bought Legos in years, but when they announced picking up the Marvel license I was sold.

Love the minifigs.

Posted by G-Man

@Baron_Emo: The problem with that set is the cheapest I've seen it online is around $34. I really really don't need a Lego helicopter but obviously would love those figures.

Posted by Baron_Emo

I picked it up for $20 on Amazon:

I'm not a real huge fan of the helicopter, but it's well designed and would play fine. I really want an Iron Man to round out my set, so I may end up getting the Cosmic Cube Escape.

Posted by jammy411

Love, love this post. and your never too old for lego, trust me.

Posted by umbrafeline

avenger legos vs star wars legos

Posted by The Sadhu


Posted by neilrapalee

It's weird that this set doesn't come with Hawkeye as he flies it in the movie scene that this particular set is trying to recreate. Still a really cool set though.

Also this is the Mark VII Iron Man while the Cosmic Cube set (the one with the truck) comes with the Mark VI so technically they are two different figures.

Posted by Lord_Nikon

I love it. Legos rule.

Posted by ImmortalOne

Eh, never was really into Lego sets.

Posted by diabeticdamsel

I've never been into Lego's but I went out and bought all four of the Avengers sets as well as the X-Men Showdown Chopper! They're all beyond amazing and look GREAT once put together!

Posted by fingernail9

Awww man, these look awesome actually... Why do Legos have to be so expensive though!

Posted by KidSupreme


Posted by buckyfan95

My daughter asked for superhero legos for her 6th birthday in June. My wife picked this up. Can't wait to put it together with her. Fatherhood is awesome.