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Awesome Toy Picks: Kre-O G.I. Joe - Ninja Temple Battle

A cool collectible you'll want to add to your collection.

Each week we take a close look at a comic book collectible. That means taking it out of the package. This week's selection is actually one I've had for a few months. While at a Toys 'R Us, I decided to check out some Kre-O since I never actually tried them out. With a set containing Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow and ninjas, how could I resist?

Coming from Hasbro, it's clear they resemble LEGO. There are some differences, that will be clear when you see the actual figures up close. This set contains 108 pieces but it doesn't really look like too much.

Storm Shadow and the ninjas have two separate masks. They have their regular ones on their heads but also come with, what looks like, fancy ninja attire.

You're likely aware of Storm Shadow's story. He may be affiliated with COBRA, but he and Snake-Eyes used to be buds. Heck, they were practically like brothers until a big misunderstanding happened. Let's just pretend they got over their differences and can get along.

The ninja temple comes with a few pieces you can assemble. There's a weapon holder as well as a place to put some sort of mystical ninja scroll.

Of course with a ninja temple, there's going to be plenty of COBRA ninja that won't approve of Snake-Eyes being here. (The set only comes with two red ninjas, but again, let's use our imagination and pretend there's more).

Now Storm Shadow's stuck in a situation where he has to decide where his loyalty lies.

Surely Snake-Eyes will have no problem dealing with some ninjas. Once again, use your imagination to envision all the blood and mayhem that is about to ensue.


Could this be possible? Is a plain old ninja about to get the drop on Snake-Eyes?

Hurray for Storm Shadow. He always does the right thing.

Now it's time for Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow to fight side-by-side, just as they always should.

High five!

How do Kre-O compare? They do have a little more movement than LEGO. Their legs can also move to the sides and their arms have more movement. The arms do pop off so you sometimes find yourself having to pop them back on when trying to position them. Would I buy another set? It would depend on the set and the license. There are some Transformer sets (a little weird) and Star Trek ones (kind of cool).

Do you own any Kre-O sets? How does this one look to you? It might be a Toys 'R Us exclusive but it is available on (only 3 left in stock at this moment!)

We'll have another item featured in the next installment.

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Posted by jesusdisciple001



Posted by iceslick

They look awesome. I never seen the difference between these, legos or any related brand. So, thanks for letting us now.

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But, but, this isn't LEGO O:

Posted by Jayso4201

These look really cool, possible Christmas gift for my son.

Posted by fables87

But, but, this isn't LEGO O:

I thought this was LEGO, then I saw Kre-O and I was like PASS!

Edited by wmwadeii

I'm glad to see you do a Kre-O set. I have every Transformers set so far, and while the are awkward because you can't transform them, you have to basically rebuild they are pretty neat. Now the mini-figs of course is where it's at. They have released a few mini sets but the next wave of larger sets are supposed to be similar to that of the G.I. Joe ones where you build a playset and use the mini-figs instead. I'm torn about getting the G.I. Joe sets, mainly because of expense, maybe Toys R Us will have one of their holiday BOGO Free deals this year.

I really should start reviewing these sets on my blog lol.

Posted by ptigrusmagus

How would you compare the quality of Kreo bricks to Lego bricks?

Edited by wmwadeii

@ptigrusmagus: I've heard horror stories but all the sets I have are excellent quality. The pieces stay together, the plastic is good quality. The first generation had issues with the stickers, later sets have fixed this. Some people complain about stress marks in the plastic, but I haven't had any issues with breaking or fractures.

Edited by Novemberx2

@wmwadeii: they look terrible, what's the point of a transformers toy that doesn't actual transform

Edited by ptigrusmagus

@wmwadeii: I see, cool thanks. I like how Kreo has some good licensed themes.

Posted by wmwadeii

@novemberx2: Whats the point of building blocks if you don' t get to build things. And there are actually people who have done some pretty good mod builds that do transform. To each their own I guess. I actually built both modes and in the end always had them in robot mode.