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Awesome Toy Picks: Justice League NEW 52 Superman Action Figure

A cool collectible you'll want in your collection.

Superman has finally made it back to the big screen. For those wishing to include a new figure in their collections, they've probably noticed a severe lack of really cool Superman figures. If we're being honest, the Man of Steel figures are ones you'll want to quickly pass by in the store aisles. In honor the movie weekend, I really wanted to feature a Superman figure. Luckily I never spotlighted the Justice League NEW 52 figure (that I've had in the box since February).

This is probably the best Superman figure available right now. You won't find it in regular toy stores but chances are, if you don't already have it, you can find one at your local comic shop or you can order direct from DC Entertainment's online store. The price is $24.95 and it ships within a day.

If you have any of the other NEW 52 Justice League figures, of course you need to have a Superman. It is the new costume and he has an interesting face sculpt but it is extremely better than the other current Superman figures.

Articulation is always a big factor in action figures. How much is needed? How much is too much? I'm not a fan of the stomach articulation. I don't feel it's needed and it adds an obvious joint on the figure. Thankfully these figures don't have that. His arms a re a little stiff (because of his big muscles, right?).

If you do have some or all of the other figures, they do go together nicely.

Yup, Batman is always watching.

Remember that Darkseid figure? We did a spotlight on him back in December. There was a 'battle' with the Justice League but Superman was sort of missing from that. Here's round 2.

I really do wish we had some more cool Superman action figures. He is supposed to stand for hope. He should be a figure representing a character people can admire. From the more affordable figures available, I'll stick with this one.

That's it for this week. Be sure to look for the next installment.

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