Hands On: The Joker Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

The latest DC Comics figure from Sideshow Collectibles is one you'll want to order. Just be sure to keep a light on at night since he's pretty dang creepy.

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Awesome Toy Picks: Joker Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

A really cool collectible you'll want to add to your collection.

Every week we take a close look at a comic book collectible. That means opening it up and seeing what's inside the package. This week we have an item that really got me excited. So excited, there's even a video to go along (at the top of the page). Get ready to check out The Joker - Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles.

Look how classy and elegant the box is.

Owning some other Sideshow Collectibles figures, I do think they are upping their game, even with the packaging.

Take a look at the art on the back of the box.

If that wasn't enough, most of the figures even have another piece of art inside. Opening this up, before you get a chance to see the figure, you're treated to even more art. This makes perfect sense for a figure based off a comic book character.

This Joker is based of THE KILLING JOKE. Pretty fitting considering a lot of people have been talking about that story from 1988 lately. This is also the exclusive Sideshow Collectibles version which comes with a pair of Joker Fish accessories. That might sound kind of funny but when you see them, you'll see how cool they are.

As with most Sideshow Collectibles figures, you have a lot of choices. There are two heads and coats. We'll look at the one with the hat and put on his trench coat.

Here you can get a glimpse of the Joker Fish. One of the other accessories he comes with is a gun. You can insert a BANG flag into the gun. The stick is actually metal. It's these little touches that make the figure stand out from others.

One of his hands includes a joy buzzer. I'm sure you can guess that this wouldn't be an ordinary joy buzzer.

Another one of the many accessories is a straight razor. This is all plastic but the fact that it even opens up is really cool.

Here you can see the other accessories that comes with him.

The little playing cards are really cool. You can even put them in one of the hands. There's dynamite, a cane and a lighter too.

Take a look at Joker's shoes and coat. Say what you will about his sanity, he's a pretty sharp dresser.

The coat comes off and you can get a look at his shirt and vest underneath.

Of course, if he's going to take his coat off, he might as well take his hat off too, right? Let's swap the heads now.

He does look a little creepier when he's grinning over his open-mouthed laughing expression.

His other coat fits on very easily, adding some more style to his wardrobe.

You wouldn't want to be alone with the Joker in a dark alley.

Look at the detail in his coat. If you look at the back, you really can see the detail in the stitching.

You can see that he also stands easily without the stand.

As far as the articulation and other detail, it rates up there with the other Sideshow Collectibles figures. You can move the joints around to place him in various positions. The hands come off easily so you can swap them out for whatever you have in mind. Simply put, this is an amazing figure.

This figure is not quite available just yet. You can PRE-ORDER him now from Sideshow Collectibles at their website.

The direct link to the Joker is HERE.

This Sixth Scale figure costs $189.99. There is a limit of one piece per person and there is a payment plan of $63.33 per month.

The cool thing is, you can put him next to your other sixth scale figures.

If you want to see more information, be sure to check out the official specs and full detains at Sideshow Collectibles.

He even looks creepy in the daylight.

Posted by Dabee

That "BANG!" flag looks like it's a real pain to assemble. Does it actually go inside the gun, or is it just an accessory that you stick on? Anyway, it looks like you've wasted even more of my money. Thanks a lot, I might not have running water next month. (I kid.)

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

Whoah. That's awesome.

Posted by G-Man

@dabee: the flag is already on the metal pin. Fits in super easy. No pain at all. And you're welcome ;)

Posted by Jokergeist

Amazing piece.


Posted by danhimself

it's a great piece that's for sure but there's something off about the head that I can't put my finger on

Edited by CrazyScarecrow

Those toys. Where does he get those wonderful toys?

Edited by G-Man
Edited by G-Man

Make sure you watch the video too!

Posted by Trevel8182

wish the skin was whiter.

Posted by NightFang
Posted by Cyborg6971

God I wish I had a disposable income. The detail is amazing.

Edited by TheManInTheShoe

Want so bad. I just wanna see him smile!

Posted by dondave

Since when is this feature accompanied by a video. Aweosme!

Posted by Spartan101

one of the best figures ive seen on here

Posted by SupBatz

That...looks amazing...

Posted by Mucklefluga

This is so great.

Posted by Mucklefluga

This is so great.

Posted by sinestro_GL

Arms and hands are a little off, but the paint job is awesome

Posted by Shallbecomeabattoo

Speaking of the Killing Joke... Grant Morrison revealed the true ending of that story: Batman kills the Joker, when he reaches out for his neck, while the are both laughing! You even see that the laughter stops exactly in the next panel suddenly, while the sirens of the police cars are still there! Its genius and noone ever noticed! He and Kevin Smith talk about iton the last Fatman on Batman podcast they did together. Really eye opening, because I never realized it, but it is reall obvious! Alan Moore wrote the last Batman/Joker story, but noone ever really saw that!

Posted by longbowhunter

I wish I had two of these. One to display and one to stick by my son's bed. Scaring him awake is one of the true pleasures of fatherhood.

Posted by G-Man

@shallbecomeabattoo: We talked about this at the beginning of the podcast. If you read Moore's actual script (and notes), there's is absolutely no indication of this. He also makes a point of not wanting "The End" or any sense of finality. He mentions this is is JOKER's story and not Batman's or both of their story. If Batman did kill him, it wouldn't just be "Joker's story."


Posted by G-Man
Posted by dondave
Posted by CaptainHoopla

@g_man: Really enjoyed the video you did with this, well done. Sideshow's stuff is so amazing, but out of my price range.

Posted by BigL

This is really cool...nice coat

Edited by RedheadedAtrocitus

Love that detail! Nice there's a payment plan for it :)

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

I don`t collect figures/dolls, to be frank. But this one...I ALMOST wanna buy it. Why I don`t, is because it wouldn`t bring me much entertainment, and it costs, you know, money. Too much money, even.

Posted by iaconpoint

"You wouldn't want to be alone with Joker in a dark alley." You wouldn't want to be alone with Joker in broad daylight with Batman standing between you! What an absolute awesome figure!

Posted by Onemoreposter

Very neat figure.

Posted by TheCheeseStabber

Whats the story with the fish anyway

Edited by manwithbacon

is it weird that part of me just really wants the fish.

Edited by Evilmime13

I don't know about this one. It seems kinda fishy to me.

Posted by G-Man
Posted by CrazyScarecrow

@g_man: Thanks! And please tell me that wink meant you got my Joker reference! :)

Posted by Willza92

Wasn't that some Midnight Brown in the video? That is an amazing model, really manages to capture just how terrifying the clown prince of crime really is. Nice one.

Posted by TheCheeseStabber

@g_man: Thank you but that leaves me with more questions then answers

Posted by Superskrull86

Cool. Not a Joker fan, but still pretty cool.