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Awesome Toy Picks: Harley Quinn Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

A really cool collectible you'll want to add to your collection.

Each week, we like to take a close look at an amazing new collectible. That means taking it out of the packaging. Sideshow Collectibles' newest sixth scale beauty arrived this week, and I'm madly in love with it. Gotham's favorite demented sweetie -- Harley Quinn -- ditched The Joker for an evening and paid me a visit.

Sideshow's Sixth Scale Joker came in a gorgeous box, and Harley followed suit (pun definitely intended) by matching the stylized spade on Joker's box art with a whimsical card-themed graphic. The back of the box features a gorgeous portrait of the clown princess of Gotham.

Just like her funny guy, Harley has some spiffy interior box art -- Sideshow makes it really tough to throw these boxes out!

Arkham and Belle Reve can't hold this lady in, and neither can that box! Let's bust her out and check out what this figure comes with, shall we?

Harley has Sideshow's new, smaller female sixth scale body, and she stands atop a bloody hex base. She's fully stitched into her harlequin costume, although the collar and wrist ruffs are separate and come off. The corset looks like it might come off, but I don't trust myself to lace it up as nicely as it already is, so I'm leaving that for now.

As you can see, Dr. Quinzel is loaded up with various tools of the trade, including her signature mallet, a cork gun, a syringe, an oversized knife, and the best pair of brass knuckles this side of Arkham.

You'll notice that these hand pieces don't have wrist joints attached; those are locked pretty tight in Harley's wrists, with the hands popping on and off of those joints. She comes with a bag of spares in case you have too much fun swapping hands out.

Two heads are better than one, right, puddin'? Harley's different portraits aren't just two different faces -- they've got swappable, articulated tails (great for really expressive poses!). Choose pouty, winking Harley when you're feeling sassy, or grinning Quinn when you're gleefully mischievous.

Harley's kick game is pretty swell. Her boots are removable and have great ankle articulation. (Unlike Joker, Harley is less equipped to balance without her stand -- while these boots make for a great, flat surface, Harley's head makes her a bit top-heavy.)

Joker Gas might make you laugh, but there's nothing funny about Harley's punches. Her brass knuckles leave a hilariously cruel message...on your face.

Someone warned Harley once about bringing a knife to a gunfight. She's pretty well prepared for either situation, I'd say.

(Check out the smiley face on the cork in her gun! DETAILS!)

Speaking of guns...Harley knows that hers is just a joke. The cork is attached with a string, and can pop in and out to match your desired pose.

Harley is never without her signature mallet. Be careful when trying to pose with this prop -- the folks at Sideshow Collectibles did the best they could to make it lightweight, but the mallet is still top-heavy, and not meant to be balanced with one hand.

(While we're peeping her favorite weapon, take a look at the detailing on that costume! The lace is super delicate and lovely, and the corset comes with straps that widen the shoulder profile of the suit. I'm pretty sure that sans corset, she's wearing an Animated Series-faithful Harley suit, but the lace is super elegant.)

Don't forget that Dr. Quinzel is medically trained -- and clinically insane!

The direct link to Harley Quinn is HERE.

Pick up Harley (or surprise your puddin' for Valentine's Day) this February. You can pre-order her now at the Sideshow Collectibles site for $189.99.

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Edited by longbowhunter

My girlfriend would love to have this. The alternate head and extra accessories really make me wanna buy it.

Posted by Cyborg6971

Very lovely.

Posted by Rafa Lee

I think they could put a bit more effort on her clothing texture, alternate head looks awesome!

Posted by MissJ

@rafa_lee: This is one of those cases when I kinda wish the costume weren't made of fabric, because at the super macro, all of the knit is visible. Spandex is tight, but not as perfectly smooth as some sculpts (although I do love the articulation!). She looks awesome from a not-right-up-in-there view.

Posted by Ms. Omega

Man I want one.

Posted by AlKusanagi

Really not a fan of those head sculpts. Wish they could have done a more stylized one for it more along the lines of animated Harley.

Posted by Dr_Harlequin

I'm tired of the corsets...

Posted by Jokergeist

Same here. Her "harlequin cap tips" are way too short.

Edited by Dr_Harlequin
Edited by Jokergeist

@dr_harlequin: I find it funny that they bend at a 90° right angel. They're supposed to be curvy and full of life! I must say however that I do love her alternate face. Much more "Harley" in its expression.

Posted by Dr_Harlequin

Man, $ valentine of mine is worth $189.99...

Edited by bob808

Must have

Posted by iceslick

@missj: I totally agree with you, it's a nice figure. But I disliked the costume they made for it. I rather have the original skin tight costume she always worn. The costume they have here looks too strange and making it fabric is even worst for me.

Edited by Joygirl

Somebody get me this. D: I got a birthday coming up. D:

Posted by Queso6p4

I like it. Well-done Sideshow. That price is pretty cheap for them, too.

Posted by Ostyo

@joygirl: Depends, have you been good this year?

Edited by AmazingWebHead

Well, that is an awesome figure (DOUBLE ENTENDRE!)

Edited by Dr_Harlequin

@joygirl said:

Somebody get me this. D: I got a birthday coming up. D:

Me too! Mine's on the 14th.

Edited by RulerOfThisUniverse


Posted by SupBatz

Pretty cool. Though the smiling head looks a bit off. But the alternate head makes up for it plenty.

Posted by Jokerpoker

On gawd, it looks like heaven. I was gonna get the batman 1/4 scaled figure, but it cost like $500 and so does the Joker one....

Edited by Blitzkriegtrenchwolf

I got the Hot Toys Mime Joker for 3 Kings Day and my wife will be getting this for herself.

Posted by andy_117

I was always under the impression her ouftit was supposed to be rubber/latex, this clothing looks more like a soft fabric. I could be well mistaken. And I'm quite happy that it looks quite a lot like the famous Alex Ross cover, is that the primary source on this one?

Posted by Krazy_Carmine

@dr_harlequin: at first I hated it when I saw this a while back... I decided to pre order the Premium Format Figure coming out in March by SideShow it's classic harley 19inches, I can't wait to get her next to Poison Ivy!!

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

This makes me think if it was the 90s Fairuza Balk would be PERFECT to play Harley