What's in the Box? -- Funko Marvel Mystery Minis

Watch as we open up some mystery boxes to see what's inside.

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Awesome Toy Picks: Funko Marvel Mystery Minis

Some cool collectibles you'll want to add to your collection.

Each week we take a close look at a comic book collectible. That means taking it out of the package. With this week's feature, we really had no choice in taking it out. Blind box figures have made a big comeback. This week we try our luck with the Funko Marvel Mystery Mini figures.

These are mini bobble-head figures and they stand just under three inches. You can see from the back of the box, there are sixteen different possible characters you can get. Actually, some, like Loki and Deadpool, have two different figures in different poses.

Hopefully you watched the video at the top of the page already.

If you did, you know what figures we got. In order to share the unboxing experience with us, be sure to check out the video first. Then come back and look at these close up images.

I actually got these figures back during WonderCon. I saw a vender selling them for $6 each. At C2E2, I saw some more venders selling them. At one, they were going for $8 each and another had them for two for $15. So you might have to shop around to get a good deal.

Have you watched the video yet? If so, you know I got two of the same figure. That's the luck of the draw. The good and the bad is you don't know what you're going to get. The vender I got these from was willing to trade figures if you opened them there. They had a couple opened but I chose to take them with me in order to open them on camera and share the experience with all of you. You're welcome.

Here's shots of the bobble-heads:

You can see these are cute little figures. The size makes it easier to buy more to display on your desk or shelf. I'm not the biggest fan of bobble-heads but I do own a couple. These don't really stand out as much as others, the ones with the incredibly large heads.

I am tempted to get more. The main factor is finding them at the right price since it seems some people are willing to mark them up higher. Let me know if you bought any of these and who you got. I do still really really want a Doctor Doom, Galactus, and Thanos...

That's it for this week. We'll have another glorious item featured next time.

Posted by dcfox

I hate blind boxes so much! I always end up with duplicate figures.

Posted by G-Man

@dcfox: I guess the best thing is to try to find others interested so you can try to trade. But yeah, getting duplicates is no fun.

Edited by Vulshock

I hope they make more of these. One with Vision would be great.

Edited by snarkybits

Must have Surfer and Galactus!

Posted by E1000

2/24 = 1/12 Just sayin'...

Who has money to buy those ? they look awesome, but seriously who has ?

Posted by ravisher

damn 2 hulks

Posted by LCazT1996

@vulshock said:

I hope they make more of these. One with Vision would be great.

Vision, Cap, IM, Venom (and/or Black Suit Spidey), Wolverine, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, and a few others would be suuuuuuuper cool. Nightcrawler and Venom especially :)

Posted by pauatt

Bought 2 a couple weeks ago and got Thor & Silver Surfer. Meh

Posted by G_leno


Did the 2nd Hulk figure stand up any easier?

I may try to grab a few boxes, hope I get both Deadpools, Spidey and Galactus.

Edited by iaconpoint

Eff those blind boxes man. Not gonna do it, especially when I just want Thor, Doom, Galactus and the Surfer. I could buy 12 boxes and get 10 Deadpools and 2 Phoenix's. No thanks.

Posted by G-Man

@g_leno: The second one did stand up better. Looks like the spring part was glued in a slightly different area inside his head. Just off center a tiny bit. The first does stand, as seen in the video. The second stands way better.

Posted by G_leno


Ah cool. When you rage quit over getting 2 hulks the second one didn't get much screen time lol. This is one of those things where if you haven't got a trading buddy, you have no chance of getting the whole set in a reasonable budget.

While I can see the frustration of blind boxes, its not really any different from stickers and the like. Plus, when they tell you on the back that there is hardly any chance of getting Ultron, you can either buy 200 packs and prepare not to get it, or you can just but a set amount of boxes and stick to what you get.

Posted by Billdevil

It’s Daredevil’s 50th anniversary. No flippin’ figure?

Posted by andy_117

I bought five Lego Simpsons blind bags today and got no dupes. I was so happy. When I bought Lego Movie minifigures I got only dupes. Oh well. That's the fun, I guess.

These Marvel guys look pretty slick. I wasn't happy with it seeing the Hulk but was pretty impressed with the Deadpool and Pheonix ones, so it's pretty much just Hulk's figure I don't like. Alas, I don't collect bobbleheads. Also there's the problem of... well if I started buying I probably wouldn't stop. And I'm trying to save space enough as it is. I have little to no room for toys right now. (I should probably, ergo, stop buying toys. Pfft.)

Posted by FearTheLiving

I usually don't by figures but they make a Hawkeye one, I'm so down to get it.

Posted by Knightsofdarkness2

Too bad they didn't make a venom figure

Posted by tupiaz

This is why I don't buy these boxes. To few characters I care about and to much randomness. The marketing is set up so the company earns money because people buy multiple version of the same item not because of the value of the item/product itself.

It’s Daredevil’s 50th anniversary. No flippin’ figure?

Marvel sadly don't care much for Daredevil. They have proven that again and again.