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Awesome Toy Picks: Dex-Starr, B'Dg and Galactus

A look at toys available in stores and some you might have to search to find.

Last week we gave you a look at some of the new Young Justice action figures available in stores as well as the harder-to-find Mötley Crüe box set. This week we're going to look up to the stars. We have a couple galactic options for your toy collecting choices. One selection you should be able to find in stores and the other, you might have to search online.

There's been a lot of Green Lantern action figures since the Ryan Reynolds movie hit theaters. The movie tie-in figures have been okay but it has helped to open the door for other non-movie figures. One selection that went unnoticed from the DC Universe Classic line is Dex-Starr, B'dg, Despotellis.

Not only are these guys cute, but they're also bad-asses. Okay, maybe Despotellis isn't really cute or bad-ass looking. He feels more like an added bonus to make up for the other two being more on the smaller size.

There is some articulation. Dex-Starr and B'dg both have movable arms, legs, heads and tails. You can see that the tail is crucial if you want to make them stand. Positioning it just right allows them to stand with ease for your display purposes. Dex-Starr even comes with removable blood. Despotellis...just sort of sits there doing nothing. Again, added bonus.

How big are these guys? They're not very big as they would be in scale with your other DC figures. Even though they're small, they do still retain the detail that DC has been giving figures of this scale.

If you're wondering why they come with such a large package, it's because there is a Stel in the build a figure option, you buy all the figures in the line and you can build the over-sized figure. Because of the build a figure option, you would think that all the figures in the line would come in the same ratio.

I hadn't seen this package in stores before I got lucky and found it. I would imagine if 'collectors' saw these in stores, they might be tempted to snatch them all up. I mean, could you pass up on them if you saw them? The $15-20 price tag might put some people off. Doing a quick search for Dex-Starr on ebay shows a range of prices along with the option of in package or loose.

Speaking of ebay, that's where you might have to look if you want a Galactus figure. An over-sized, 21-inch version is available at Toys R Us and online at amazon. There have been other Galactus figures so let's look at a couple different options.

The first is from the 1995 Fantastic Four line from Toy Biz. His 14" might not have been in scale to the other 5" figures in the line. The mid-90s weren't known for their ultra level of detail that we would see in the years to follow but this is still a nice looking Galactus that can be found on ebay for a decent price.

Besides just being a regular big figure, you'll notice he comes with an accessory. It's actually a...giant drill. Galactus eats planets' energy so why not have him come with a giant drill. It's absurd but that adds to his cool factor.

Also, this Galactus is electronic. You pop in some batteries and turn him on and his eyes and drill lights up. If that wasn't enough, he also makes noise.

The second Galactus is the Mighty Muggs version. He might be easier to find since he was released in 2008.

If you're familiar with the Mighty Muggs figures, you know what he is about. This is another figure that was just too hard to pass by when sitting on the toy shelf. Surprisingly there is a wide range of prices on ebay. Some of them are even higher than the 1995 Galactus.

What it comes down to is you can never have too many Galactuses.

That wraps up this week's edition. Be sure to look for another installment next week to see who gets featured.

Posted by keith71_98

LOL...Lil' Galactus rocks!
Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Dex-Starr all the way! Of course, I'm a cat lover.

Posted by keith71_98
Dex-Starr is fantastic. I gotta agree.
Posted by DoomDoomDoom

I bought this the other day! Just for Dex-starr.

Posted by JonesDeini
@keith71_98 said:
@RedheadedAtrocitus: Dex-Starr is fantastic. I gotta agree.
My favorite Red Lantern!
Posted by ArkhamInmate

Totally agreed to G-Man the Lanterns look cute AND bad-ass...Despotellis is creepy but nice idea to make an action figure of him now I'm waiting for Leezle Pon ;) 
And Galactus in  the NO PARKING area....with his giant drill... made my day!!

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k
Posted by longbowhunter

I wish I would have bought the GL figure pack when I saw it. Dex-starr needs to go on my dashboard so he can watch me drive. You know like lil plastic Jesus does.
Posted by The Impersonator
Posted by Bestostero

That's one good thing about the movies, good or bad they do bring back some life into the brand and spawn various merchandise.

Posted by thanobomb1124
@keith71_98 lol yup
Posted by shawn87

No parking or Galactus will devour you lol

Posted by themanwoaname

really? this article only gives a toybiz galactus and a retarded muggs whatever it is as other options for galactus action figures?
 zilch mention of that marvel legends build a figure? they mention a scale and sculpt issue with the toybiz one and then show an obviously completely totally out of scale, ZERO DETAIL SCULPT and function muggs toy.
if you cant get the hasbro galactus, you know...the marvel legends build a figure galactus is THE NEXT OBVIOUS OPTION.
does the author even collect toys? or did he type "galactus toy" in a google/ebay search?
awful article. absolutely awful.

Posted by Asok

I want Dex-Starr.

Posted by tonis

man, I so want all the Galactus shwag :)

Posted by lady_sinestro

Haha, Dex-Starr is so cute! I could squish him. .... maybe.

Posted by maxicere

Dex-Starr rocks!! Amazing action figure!

Posted by slick23

Lol cute toys! haha :p

Posted by Radread

I know the Dex-Starr is the best. 

Posted by Trodorne

Everyone knows Dex-starr is the best. Whose the pretty kitty *lobs off my own head.*

Posted by dondasch

@trodorne Burns off would be more accurate :)  Off to Amazon to find my Dex-Starr.

Posted by Comicfan47

I really like that Dex Starr
Posted by ImperiousRix

Mighty Muggs are something that I'd really like to start collecting.  I need to start looking into what's available!

Posted by Abriel

I got the Dex-Starr figure.  I love it.  DC needs to come out with a Dex-Starr plush, I would buy one in a second.
Posted by Blue_Shield

Little G' for the win!