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Awesome Toy Picks: Deathstroke and Minimates X-Men: First Class

A selection of cool action figures you should add to your collection.

It's time once again to rip open the toy packages and get a look at some cool toys. Each week we take a look at some action figures and comic collectibles to see what they're like out of the package. You can almost say we're thinking outside the box.

For our first selection this week, we're looking at the DC Universe All Star figure of Deathstroke.

Deathstroke is currently enjoying a violent and action-packed series written by Kyle Higgins. I am starting to get used to his new, bulkier armored look in the comic but there's always been something about his original costume. You wouldn't think orange and blue would go together that well and I always dug the Captain America-style boots.

This isn't necessarily a brand new figure but DC has been selling figures from previous lines once again. At least they've been showing up in places like Toys 'R Us, Target and online stores. For those (like me) that didn't pick these figures up when they first came out, it's a great chance to pick up some pretty cool figures.

As with most of the DC figures, there is a great amount of detail with Deathstroke. There is plenty of articulation that allows you to put him in a bunch of different positions or poses. He comes with a few accessories: a sword (that fits in a sheath), his staff, a gun (that fits in his side holster) and a nice big machine gun. Deathstroke isn't the nicest guy around and this action figure represents that well. He might be capable of taking on his foes with his bare hands but the inclusion of so many pieces of weaponry makes him even cooler.

Check out these action shots.

== TEASER ==

My daughter happened to see this pics the day I took them and asked if Batman was okay. I told her it wasn't the real Batman. That's why he looked a little different. Then I changed the subject.

Last week we looked at some Power Man and Iron Fist Minimates from 2004. There's simply something special about the Minimates that practically beg for a story to be told with them. Recently Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum released a four pack for X-Men: First Class.

We're not talking First Class as in the movie but the original comic book X-Men.

The four pack includes Cyclops, Jean Grey, Angel and Iceman. Unfortunately poor Beast was left out of this selection. Perhaps he was at the groomers or something. Although that doesn't really make sense since Hank McCoy wouldn't be in his blue furry state during this time period. Maybe he was just too busy or didn't want to risk the type of pictures that you can see below.

You do get a little more than just the four X-Men members. There is a couple changes of hair, blonde and brunette. I assume the blonde is for Angel. His mask does come off so you can have him showing off his golden locks.

The brown hair could be Cyclops but if you remove his mask (and visor), you just see his glowing red eyes. Obviously that's not safe; he should have his ruby quartz glasses. You could put in on Iceman but it looks a little weird seeing brown hair on his ice-form.

Iceman does come with a big ice-blast you can fit over his arm (if you remove his hand) and Angel has some pretty cool looking wings that attach to his back.

Let's take a look at just a few things you could do with these little guys.

"I believe I can fly..."

Uhm...don't tell my daughter what events transpired in those last couple pics. I assure you, they tidied up the place (with the help of H.E.R.B.I.E.) and she has no idea of the festivities that occurred in her playhouse.

That's it for this week. Hope you enjoyed the selections. Let us know if you own them or plan on hunting them down. Be sure to check out the next installment of Awesome Toy Picks. We might just be doing something a little different.

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Posted by danhimself

that is the most awesome Deathstroke figure that I've ever seen

no Beast in the Classic X-men pack? what kind of nonsense is that?

Posted by sinful

BEAST!?!!? where art the!?

Posted by AwesomeAquaman

@sinful: They made a deal, Beast would be in the First Class movie, but not the First Class toy set.

Edited by BlackArmor

Deathstroke Awesomness!!!! and the real originol X-men not the ones from that god-awful movie....y'know except for beast

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Uh oh, you foreshadowed the Dark Knight Rises poster in a sense by having Slade take down Bats in that one shot, except for one obviously big difference. Awesome stuff though!

Posted by Or35ti

Poor Beast :(

Posted by moywar700

lol what happend to beast???

Posted by cmaprice

Deathstroke is fun to pose with Deadpool and/or Taskmaster.

Posted by Sawcesome

That Deathstroke WILL be mine.

Posted by TDK_1997

The Deathstroke one is great and I want to have it

Posted by Baddamdog

Great pics this week Tony!!

Posted by Grim

@danhimself said:

that is the most awesome Deathstroke figure that I've ever seen

no Beast in the Classic X-men pack? what kind of nonsense is that?

Posted by frochez

I think Beast wasn't included as he's not as recognisable in his pre-blue form if its targetted at a modern audience, but it wouldn't have really made sense in context for him to appear before his accident. I guess the whole 'should we make him blue or not?' dilema just made things too complicated: either way, SOME fans would have complained about it.

Posted by dylanbaldwin19

This death stroke takedown of batman and night wing has inspired me: I will make a youtube show with pics of heroes and villains fighting, like a story, with silent movie screens for dialogue. thanks for reminding me! By the way, those last two X-Men pics and the takedown of batman and night wing were the most awesome things that i have ever seen. tell me if the youtube show is a good idea, or if it isn't, cause I really want to do it. BYE!

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I used to have an Iceman figure that was clear normally but when you put it in the fridge it turns blue, I put it in the freezer and left it there for two days, when I took it out and tried to move it's arm it snapped right off :(

Edited by kfhrfdu_89_76k

She`s worried about Batman? What about Dick Grayson!?


Painful memories...


The toymakers couldn`t capture him.

Posted by The Impersonator


Posted by PhoenixoftheTides

Jean Grey was known as Marvel Girl during this period, so they messed up the label since she actually had a code name.

Posted by Bluefox170

I've got that Deathstroke figure :D Best toy purchase I've made.

Posted by SamAndMax

getting a lot of use out of the bob and doug mckenzie playset accessories eh?

Posted by GothamRed

nice set ups, can't wait till next sunday

Posted by Jolt92

Wow this was the best Awesome Toy Picks yet. Really fun pics!

Posted by SpidermanWins

Those Deathstroke ones are really cool

Posted by Miss_Garrick

Your pic stories are HYSTERICAL!!! I love them!

Deathstroke: "I just killed Batman and Nightwing!! I'm going to get so drunk!!

Iceman looks like he's pinching Jean. o_O

I love how your x-pics show us how they were high school students at the beginning.

Too awesome for words! X^D

Posted by DarkLantern

I picked the Deathstroke figure up @ Target.

Posted by JonesDeini

Wish I had that Deathstroke, I need that Catman you had in this feature recently as well. My figure collection is very much Marvelized.

Posted by TheMadMonkey

Orange and blue are complimentary colors on the color scale. Of course they work together.

Posted by Ganthetsward20

Seeing you have fun with these shows you can never be to old to play with toys, im loving that

Posted by Dex_Starr

Gotta get the Deathstroke one

Posted by LooseChange

WAY too much fun going on here Tony. C'mon.

Posted by Eyz

Haha, awesome shots, as always! XD

Posted by DKing_CiCADA

Putting Deathstroke on my christmas list!

Posted by hydrabob--defunct

I already have the Deathstroke, but the red Nightwing looks awesome. MUST HAVE!!!!

Posted by Iron Fist Angel

@danhimself said:

that is the most awesome Deathstroke figure that I've ever seen

no Beast in the Classic X-men pack? what kind of nonsense is that?

These Minimates sets seem to always be sets of 4 so someone gets the shaft every time. Angel was left out of the X-Factor set - you had to get him separately, (with Warpath I believe), and he was hard to find.

Posted by ScarlettWitch

love the make out scene! these toys look awesome!!!