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Awesome Toy Picks: Captain Cold and Dark Knight Returns

A selection of new and old action figures you should add to your collection.

Each week we stroll down the toy aisle to see what cool action figures are on sale. This week's pick is that cool villain from the Flash's Rogues gallery, Captain Cold.

This Captain Cold figure is from the DC Universe Classics line. I've been surprised to see figures from earlier this year popping up at my local Target and Toys R Us stores (yes, I do check out different ones from time to time). Whatever the reason for these recent figures making their way back to store shelves, it just means they're that much easier for us to get our hands on.

Unfortunately you can see, poor Kid Flash had to fill in for some...background scenery. No need to worry though, he's doing fine right now.

== TEASER ==

He has some pretty good articulation. You can actually make his stand in slightly different poses. The only real problem is his gun is a little loose in his hand. But it stays in there. Here are some more shots of Captain Cold.

Along with the newer figures, we also pick out some older ones that you might have to search online if you wanted to pick these up (if you haven't already). You can check out action figure online sites or ebay and even amazon. I decided to go with Batman and Superman from the DC Direct The Dark Knight Returns line.

These are some pretty solid figures. The line also included Joker and Carrie Kelly. Originally I only picked up Batman when the line first came out. I bought C2E2 this year, I think. My favorite part of the Superman figure is his curl. There's not a lot of articulation but, to me, that's a good thing. Multiple points of articulation can be good but sometimes causes difficulty in just trying to get them to stand.

Norm (from took all the shots this week. It's always funny to see people walking by give us looks as we stand outside the office posing the figures.

Dark Knight Returns Batman is such a crotchety old man. You just gotta love him.

Posted by Zinc

Nice stuff.

Posted by TheRedRobin96

THe Superman and Batman look kind of lame, the Kid Flash is probably my favorite.

Posted by Or35ti

Love these.... I just don't like Superman's face much

Posted by Daveyo520

I want that DKR Batman so much.

Posted by cmaprice

Oh, DCUC Captain Cold. How I remember you clogging up the clearance bins. Glad someone is giving you love.

Posted by GRider

Batman looks fat...

Posted by Billy Batson

Darn kids!

Posted by J1ml33

I hope that Frank Miller gets his Royalty check in the mail ^_^ ( loving the dark Knight Returns )  figures

Posted by Ulyverse

I want my authentic Reggan-Superman!

Posted by Decept-O

Ice cubes were sacrificed for this article.

Oh, the humanity....

Posted by StarKiller809

I like the Dark Knight Returns figures. 
Captain Cold is cool, but i could go without.

Posted by Mutie199

batman looks like an annoying old man -.-'

Posted by GothamRed

I think a bigger kid flash may have improved the CC images, but these still look sweet

Posted by darksoul7th

the look sooo bulk!

Posted by TheWalkingDeadGirl24

Flash is cool! But Batman looks like someone sat on him. He's a little short squat old man! :P Love Superman's muscles!

Posted by Aiden Cross

Batman has no neck..

Posted by Clifftothemax

Just a note; that Kid Flash figure is from the Young Justice toyline. So, he wouldn't be Bart Allen as mentioned in the text, he'd be Wally West.

Posted by DoomDoomDoom

I've also noticed a couple figures from previous waves of the DCU Classics line turning up at my local Target. In fact I just picked up Amazo and the Riddler figures which are either wave 5 or 6. My guess is Mattel forgot a couple boxes in a warehouse somewhere.

Edited by UpUpAndAway

It doesn't bother me as long as it's not over the top and not too love triangly, but I am really disappointed that Barry and Iris are no longer together and now he's dating that stupid girl from his work. I don't even like her.

Posted by maxicere

Nice pics with Captain Cold!!

Posted by Bestostero

The dark knight return toys are kinda funny

Posted by The Impersonator
Posted by ImperiousRix

That Captain Cold is awesome.

Posted by longbowhunter

Love the detail on Cold.
Posted by Mrfuzzynutz

ha! I can see G-man going outside in his driveway taking these pics for us....good stuff

Posted by Wolverine0628

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Super-Elvis!!

Posted by christopherwalken

Awesome seems too strong a word.

Posted by mikeclark1982


Posted by jordama

Batman looks so funny

Posted by Wavelength

sooo yea agreed with the wtf on the batman just oozes with detective culture

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

The Dark Knight Rises figures look great, though they do make me smile with humor at the bulkiness. Captain Cold and Bart Allen in those pictures scream humorous dialogue!

Posted by Bearded Justice

oh man i really wish i had that batman figure 
...oohp wait a minute, i totally have that batman figure!

Posted by PowerHerc

I like how Superman looks except for the fact that his legs are to short.

Posted by BatUniverse

@GRider: He looks like that because in that story arc he is a 50-year-old Bruce Wayne...

Posted by MetropolisKid41

The Superman & Batman figures from TDKR are awesome, that Superman is in my top 5 favorite DC Direct figures
Posted by Final Draft85

I've always wanted that Captain Cold figure, but couldn't find it... I might ordered it from Amazon. I do have Batman from the Dark Knight Returns figures, but he's still in the box & when I find another I'll open one. =)

Posted by jordama


Posted by sa5m

Just like from the show I saw

Posted by Samimista

Superman's face reminds me of the "Handsome Squidward".

Posted by SuperDoahBoy

Love the Superman figure.

Posted by gothicshieldagent

Ahahaha Flash frozen!