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Awesome Picture: Futurama Meets X-Men

You gotta love it.

There's been different "mash-ups" of Simpsons and Futurama characters with other franchises. Here's one I felt I had to share with everyone here. It comes from a Deviant Art artist gottabearl (found via Sci Fi Wire). 
There's not much to say besides the fact that it's pretty awesome (click to enlarge). Check out gottabecarl's gallery to enjoy more of his stuff. 
And as always, do not post images from Deviant Art into the image galleries here without giving credit and getting the artist's permission.
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Posted by Shadowdoggy

thank you for the new wallpaper, G-Man 
much appreciated
Posted by Shadowdoggy

and I LOVE that Claculon is know, because they're both so cool 
awesome find!
Posted by Final Arrow

LMAO thats epic
Posted by sora_thekey

Two Words: Awe-Some!

Posted by mimschkin

Wow, this guy is becoming an internet sensation by the hour.

Posted by xerox_kitty

That's just genius!  I love the attention to detail!  Although the skanky old lady as Dazzler is gonna give me nightmares!

Posted by ComicMan24

Funny picture!! I used to watch Futurama, it was good.
Posted by Shadowdoggy
yeah, that spandex-clad paunch of hers is.....disturbing
Posted by CellphoneGirl

OMG that is so amazing :D

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

That's glorious! :D

Posted by LT1085
Posted by KRYPTON


Posted by ComicMan24

The funniest for me are Magneto and Emma Frost.

Posted by Shadowdoggy
yeah, Mom as Emma is so right, it's a little eerie
Posted by Scoobypuff

is nixon juggernaut?lol

Edited by ArtisticNeedham

Awesome, some of those combination aren't what I would have expected.  Very cool.
The Preacher Robot as Deadpool, Zap as Magneto.

Posted by Shadowdoggy
Posted by Knox


Posted by Moomin123
@Final Arrow said:
"LMAO thats epic "
Posted by Kid_Zombie

I love that Zoidberg is wolverine ha ha

Posted by Jordanstine

Here's one I did a few weeks ago (not a mash up but a compilation):  105 Heroes (I updated it to 120 since then, but have yet to link it).


Posted by Theodore

haha niceeeeeeeee

Posted by kerukun878

This is perfect.
Fry as Cyke, Leela as Jean.. Mom as EMMA.

Posted by geraldthesloth

Hah, it reminds me of this.

Posted by ComicMan24
That's good too.
Posted by Shadowdoggy
oh I love that pic 
I'm so glad you posted that 
I needed to see it again  
it warms the heart ; )
Edited by Scike

Brilliant!  X-men.  Futurama.  Two of my favorite things combined.  Like peanuts and gum.

Posted by aztek_the_lost

Robot Devil/Mr. Sinister FTW!

Posted by cmaprice

But that Deadpool bot that's on the top-center--
Is the Mad Hatter there supposed to be indicative of Wade's insanity, or are they referencing the Batman Villain (or I guess the Lewis Carroll character himself)?

Posted by longbowhunter

Awesome, the Zap as Magneto is my favorite!
Posted by bmank17

bender as colossus ftw

Posted by cmaprice

Are there two Rogues?
Blonde in the green between Archangel and Lady Deathstrike? Or is that someone I'm just clearly not picturing?
And that's clearly Rogue fighting Blob.

Edited by Shadowdoggy
the blonde is Meggan from eXcalibur
Posted by cmaprice
@Shadowdoggy said:
" @cmaprice: the blonde is Megan from eXcalibur "
Ah! There it is. Meggan. I knew something was odd about the ears. Thanks!
Posted by Shadowdoggy

no worries, man
Posted by ninjadude853

i don't believe it
this guy includes hermes as bishop, but theres no cable!?!
what is this world coming too?

on the other hand i like zoidburg as wolverine and scruffy as gambit

Posted by sparty-dbq

My god... 
It's beautiful.
Posted by Nova`Prime`

By far the greatest picture ever. Dr. Z as Wolverine, epic.

Posted by NXH

Hahaha! Awesome! 
Good find, G-Man.

Edited by IronPatriot78

Logical & amusing.

Posted by talyn00

Scruffy as Gambit 
Robot Devil as Mr. Sinister 
Robot Santa as Apocolypse 
Flexo as Quicksilver 
Bubblegum Tate as Gladiator 
To many Funny and great things about this picture.

Posted by TheMess1428

Where is Quicksilver, Kitty Pryde, Rogue, and Gambit?

Posted by Rabbit Tots

Posted by ComicCrazy

LOL. So good.
Posted by DH69

ewww at dazzler (chick from nutley) 
lol at scarlet witch (angleene) 
rofl at toad (kif) 
angry stare at storm (hermes wife)(yeah im suprised too, i usually dont give a **** about storm) 
YES!!! at gladiator (harlem globetrotter leader) 
awww at beast (seymour) 
rage at emma frost (mom) 
heh at quicksilver (flexo) 
who's hypnotoad?

Posted by Korg

This image is officially approved by the Space Pope:

Loved Wernstrom as Shaw, Morbo as Omega Red, and Hedonism Bot as Mojo 
@TheMess1428 said: 

" Where is Quicksilver, Kitty Pryde, Rogue, and Gambit? "

Flexo is Quicksilver, he's running on a tube in the background in the top right corner of the image. 
The Countess is Kitty Pride during the time when she worse her blue jacket costume with mask: 
Hattie is Rogue, and is seen fighting the Horrible Gelatinous Blob as... the Blob, alongside Scruffy as Gambit, and Dwight as Sunfire.      
@DH69 said:

"who's hypnotoad?"

Posted by evilhomer
@LT1085 said:
" "

two of my favorite things ever put together...cant go wrong =]
Posted by CrimsonInuTears

Zappy as Magneto... hahahahahahaha!
Posted by Pizawle

Very cool.

Posted by Captan Avenger

Looks great
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