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Awesome Art Picks: X-Men, Superman, Doctor Fate and More

The coolest comic book art you won't see in comics.

Each week we search the internet for the best comic book art that will never appear in actual comics. The reason they won't is because artists often draw sketches for fun or commissions and post them on their websites, blogs and Tumblrs. Some artists even arrange commissions through their sites so be sure to check them out.

Marcio Takara's commission list may be closed but he's still working on some and posting them on his Tumblr.

Phil Noto's BLACK WIDOW #1 is on sale last week. While we wait, here's a couple sketches he posted on his Tumblr.

Skottie Young posted some art on his Tumblr this week. The Kingpin sketch was one of his Daily Sketches that he puts up for sale on his site.

Ray-Anthony Height posted a sketch cover of Nightcrawler on his Tumblr.

Patrick Zircher was called upon by the Lords of Chaos to draw and post this sketch on his Twitter Page.

Dustin Nguyen drew and posted a Usagi Yojimbo pic on his Tumblr. Stan Sakai's wife is fighting a debilitating illness and they have some big medical costs. This pic is up for sale HERE to help the Sakai family.

Philip Tan posted this Phoenix sketch on his Facebook Page.

Chris Giarrusso posted some new art on his website this week.

Michael Cho posted this watercolor and ink sketch of Batman on his blog.

Rod Reis posted this "fan art" of Francesco Francavilla's Black Beetle on his Tumblr.

Brett Booth continues with his weekly sketches and posted this Raphael sketch on his blog.

Joel Gomez posted some Marvel Now sketchcards on his Tumblr.

Yildiray Cinar posted some new sketches on his Instagram Page.

J. Scott Campbell posted a Baroness and Destro sketch on his Instagram. It was for an abandoned interlocking statue concept for Sideshow Collectibles. It's a shame they abandoned it. He also posted a Spider-Man/Doc Ock sketch as well.

Ron Salas shared some holiday spirit on his webiste.

Todd Nauck posted another "sketch cover" for the Hero Initiative on his Tumblr. Of course calling this a sketch is kind of ridiculous. It'll be up for auction sometime this year. Todd also posted some more X-Men copic sketches.

This might be breaking the rules a tiny bit. Francis Manapul posted some process art for his SUPERMAN UNCHAINED variant cover. So while the art will be seen on an actual comic, seeing his sketch and process is pretty cool. Check out his Tumblr for the first thumbnails of this pick.

That's it for this year. Hope everyone had a great New Year Day. We'll be back next time with more art.

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Posted by WaveMotionCannon

Todd Nauck is a machine.

Posted by ZeroPlus


Edited by longbowhunter

Hey, Patrick Zircher! Lots of different artists this week.

Posted by lykopis

Loving Todd Nauck, Noto is sublime and great seeing Takara play with different styles.

Posted by The_Titan_Lord


Posted by bunkerbuster05

The last Superman by Francis Manapul is so beautiful, I can't handle it.

*Brain explodes.*

Posted by ARMIV2

Woah...that Manapul Superman piece...woah...

Posted by bizzy4chem

How does Nauck do it?

Posted by Pokeysteve

Tan's Phoenix wins the week for me.

Posted by Aatami

Awesome :D

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Oh man that Usagi Yojimbo is amazing, SOME ONE BUY IT NOOOOOOW!

Posted by wmwadeii

Another great week. It's always fun to see when an artist with a diverse style, Takara's Ivy and Emma are similar to his style yet distinctly different. Also love Tan's Phoenix. After seeing Nauck's cover for Battle of the Atom for this weeks deviantArt Picks, I'm almost tempted to maybe bid on it.

Posted by Battle_Forum_Junkie

IDW needs to give Brett Booth a Ninja Turtles book.

Posted by pingclang


Posted by Ninjablade09

I wish there was more to the Spidey/Doc Ock sketch by Campbelll. I always love to see his work.

Posted by wundagoreborn

I was psyched about the Dr. Fate and Phoenix images, until I got to that Superman sequence. Wow. Seriously, .... wow.

Posted by Arkhamc1tizen

Todd Nauck and it. Francis Manapul are amazing

Edited by RulerOfThisUniverse

That Doctor Fate, the Brett Booth TMNT turtle, and the Francis Manapul Supes Unchained cover are great. Also,

"BLACK WIDOW #1 is on sale last week. While we wait,"

Posted by SoA

its been said before and it will be said after: Todd Nauck can draw anything!!

Edited by RulerOfThisUniverse

And I honestly don't understand what's so great about Todd Nauck's sketches. They're...sorta 'eh' to me.

Edited by HushoftheWind


sorry for that lil episode lmao

Posted by AlKusanagi

And I honestly don't understand what's so great about Todd Nauck's sketches. They're...sorta 'eh' to me.

Same. He definitely has his own style and is technically proficient, but it's just not for me.

Posted by Decept-O

Nice to see some great art featuring the entire bodies of characters by Todd Nauck. Sounds like I am griping but it just seems like all I've ever seen of his colorful art has been profiles or "busts" and never any full images. Not only did he wow me with that but the faux X-Men cover was very nice. Incredible and prolific, great work.

That Francis Manapul Superman is over the horizon. Whoa.

Everything on display is superb!

Edited by fallbrigade

Holy damn shit! The Francis Manapul Superman cover is absolutely amazing. I love it! Also loving Todd Nauck's and of course Dustin Nguyen's work.

Posted by HeraldofGanthet
Posted by G-Man

@decept_o: the reason for that is he charges different rates for his commissions. Full body shots would cost more since they require more detail. Many go for the head shots or bust versions.

Posted by OnyxArtist

If the Tan working on GL was Phillip, that would be the best "looking" book out right, Billy Tan doesn't do so good

Posted by PunyParker

Kingpin is beyond comparable....fantastic!

Posted by SandMan_

That unchained looks good.

Posted by staypuffed

Chris G is so overrated. You guys pick his stuff every week and I've yet to see something actually good from him.

Posted by Night Thrasher

This series of articles has actually made Philip Tan one of my favorite artists and this Phoenix sketch just confirms that.

Patrick Zircher has been, to me, one of the most underrated artists in the industry for many, many years.


Todd Nauck's Storm, Emma, & X-Men variant cover are beautiful.

Posted by VoodooPenguin

Skottie Young and Batman are the best.

Posted by G-Man

@staypuffed: sorry dude. It's not all about you. A lot of people like him and buy his books (and art). Why not just enjoy the variation here and focus on what you do like?

Posted by Batman404

I'm not a Turtles fan but that Brett Booth Raphael is fantastic.

Posted by Decept-O
Posted by Tensta

Great picks! I like every single one of them

Posted by nappystr8

Todd Nauck really went above and beyond on that Battle of the Atom cover! Don't know if I've ever seen a commission that intricate. Bet it wasn't cheap. Cinar showed some pretty impressive stuff this week too.

Posted by Tensta

Brett Booth is phenomenal and I would love to see Yildiray Cinar draw some Punisher in a kind of a Laurence Campbell style

Edited by JeanRalphio

Brett Booth wins again.

Posted by Donovan Montgomery

Captain "Santa" Marvel and Phoenix are the stand outs this week.

Posted by Celineness

How did the artist for that Battle of the Atom comic cover miss out both regular and future Jubilee?


Edited by Celineness

@soa said:

its been said before and it will be said after: Todd Nauck can draw anything!!

Anything except Jubilee, apparently.

I mean, there were only two versions of her right in the middle of that battle!

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