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Awesome Art Picks: X-Men, Batman, Joker and More

The coolest comic book art you won't see in comic books.

It's time for some more cool comic book art that won't be appearing in comic books. The internet is a vast and exciting place. You can find almost anything.

Because we spend so much time online, every so often really cool comic art pops up. What separates this art for the millions of comic art that is uploaded each day is this art is done by professional comic book artists. I'm always amazed at the quality of art they do, mostly just for fun. This is art that deserves to be seen but will never be printed. Imagine if you could produce art of this quality on a whim whenever you wished.

The first piece you see here is from Cliff Chiang. He posted this the other day on his Tumblr page. I know I mentioned this art won't be in comic books but this piece did actually come from a Splash Page comic art book but was originally in black and white. The X-Men from the brings back such memories. Uncanny X-Men was such a different comic back then. This is where I get sad trying to imagine Cliff doing an 80s X-Men miniseries and I know it would never happen. But this would make an excellent poster or print. Somebody make it so!

What else do we have this week?

== TEASER ==

How about one more Cliff Chiang piece?

This picture of Black Canary, Green Arrow and Hal Jordan is actually from a private commission he did back in 2006. Both of these makes me want to read September's Wonder Woman #1 all the more.

What about Batman? Who doesn't like Batman? What about Batman drawn by David Aja?

David did this while at the France Comic Con. Based on his Twitter, he apparently does sketches for free. We'll see if he continues to do so after making that statement. I would think he'd get slammed by people asking for pics. It's just so good. So good that I had to include more than one. I limited myself to only posting three even though he was posting a few on Twitter.

His Joker is pretty creepy and Batwoman has a touch of elegance.

What about Tim Seeley?

This picture of Tigra was done for a Things From Another World auction supporting the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. You can fine more information here.

How about Rick Remender's Fear Agent? How about Fear Agent drawn by Brian Shearer?

Brian posted this on his blog the other day and mentioned he's heading to Comic-Con. Sounds like he'll be doing commissions.

To wrap things up, how about a couple images from Phil Noto? The first is another classy image (like his classy Sue Richards pic posted a couple weeks ago). Check out his version of Crystal from his Tumblr.

And here's a last minute addition posted yesterday called “Waiting for the Professor”, Xavier Mansion, 1966.

That's it for this week. If you missed any of the previous editions,

Posted by JePx

That last one was amazing.

Posted by cyberninja

Whoa, that's just awesome. 

Edited by batflasharrow96

I love Cliff Chiang

Posted by TDK_1997

Cliff Chiang is amazing and I liked the Joker pic

Posted by longbowhunter

Really like that Tigra pic!
Posted by Sobe Cin

Like Tigra, and the Black Canary, Green Arrow/Green Lantern pic. The last one was pretty good too.
Posted by tonis

wow, nice finds, it's like a comic art gallery :)

Definitely loved those Aja sketches, that Joker is totally wicked.

Posted by Billy Batson

Awesome. KillerZ will love that Tigra, lol. :p 


Posted by sa5m

I like theses arts ^^

Posted by Black_Kn1ght

pretty good art

Posted by IrishX
@tonis said:

Definitely loved those Aja sketches

Posted by Utandi

Batman is killer!

Posted by VprVnmSRT10

Love David Aja's Joker. WOW.

Posted by Pizawle

The Aja ones are nice and unqiue.
Why doesn't Noto draw a major book? His work screams class.

Posted by The Impersonator


Posted by Shimmy

Yeah Batwoman.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

The Tigra one was so...GIGGITY

Posted by Decept-O

That 80's era X-Men style art by Cliff Chiang, wow. I thought it was Alan Davis and I mean that as a compliment. Really playful, great crisp lines. Sweet. Then all the other art posted. Where to begin? I am loving everything posted, this is fantastic but I think the Tigra and the X-Men waiting for Xavier 1966 stand out quite a bit to me. Thanks again, G-Man!

Posted by GreenLantern1694

Love the Joker's art, it's like a rorshack that say ''I smile to your face''. 
The Batman one is cool, hard to tell how he looks like just as in the comic when someone see him.

Posted by ARMIV

They're all so great! But my favorites would have to be the Batman, Tigra, and the Crystal/"Waiting for the Professor". 

Posted by Tigerstriper

Awesome stuff! That has to be my second favorite Tigra, right after Mike Deodato Jr.  I love the 80's X-Men pic too, I'd like to see Cliff Chang on one of the x-titles. The Batman and Joker remind me of the art from the Grant Morrison Arkham Asylum book. 

Posted by Aiden Cross

I love how David Aja drew the lips on Batwoman, it really draws the attention. =)
And Phil Noto is always awesome!

Posted by antoniostark

i freaking love tigra

Posted by Krakoa

Fear Agent looks like Wally Wood

Posted by Mahzian

great artwork there, have to agree that those  Cliff Chiang pieces want me to read the new Wonder Woman series even more also, haven't really heard of Phil Noto much before but seeing his fantastic art in these articles has got me interested, thanks Comicvine!

Posted by B'Town

I particularly love the work of David Aja. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite CV columns. Great job Tony.

Posted by thesilverbeatle

Whoa I'm obsessed with the Joker and Batman pictures. So dark and creepy.

Posted by Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!

Thought the fear agent was Spider-man.... XD

Posted by Kingfalcon

That Joker is fantastic!

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

Really liking David Aja's Batman art, though they are all good!

Edited by lapis2

I really love Noto but Im starting to think hes drawing the same face for every female.

Posted by ProjektGill

I love this weekly article. It's awesome to see what artist draw up in their spare time.

Posted by Eyz

Love that Green Lantern/Green Arrow/Black Canary piece! :D

Posted by ClawRavenscroft

Great pics. I mostly love the batman aquarell and the last pic. ^^ Lovely!
Posted by They Killed Cap!

this is a good segement every week.
Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k
@RedheadedAtrocitus said:
The Tigra one was so...GIGGITY
( : o  
(Sorry for being a sexist, but I`m a man. Well, I`m not old enough to be one yet, but still.) 
All the other picks are cool too. 
Posted by FesteringNeon

That joker pic above reminded me of a couple pieces my buddy "Noodle" did (First Avenue Parlour in Fargo,ND)

Posted by Roddy010

All the art here is pretty amazing...

Posted by GT-Man

like them all except the joker one is kinda creepy