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Awesome Art Picks: Wonder Woman, Space Ghost, Batman with a Broom & More

The coolest comic book art you won't find in comic books.

San Diego Comic-Con may is over and everyone is still recovering. We saw a lot of amazing art and comic related news which is why we did not have an installment last week of Awesome Art.

In searching my usual areas for some picks for this week, I noticed that there hasn't been much in terms of updates. It's understandable as most artists have been busy the week before Comic-Con in preparing for everything. This week, everyone is trying to get back to their schedules and focus on their deadlines. There is still some nice pieces, only they may not be totally brand new.

This first amazing picture of Wonder Woman was done by Phil Noto. He always manages to add a simple touch of style and grace to his images. At Comic-Con, Phil was doing commissions and selling sketches. He mentioned on his page that this image would be for sale as well. Some lucky person just might have this piece hanging in their living room, kitchen or where ever right now. I'm curious what it would sell for.

What else is there?

== TEASER ==

Do you like Alex Ross? What about League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? What about both of those mixed with 30 Rock?

Thanks to The Dark Huntress for pointing this in my direction.

Chris Samnee did an impressive job this week on Captain America and Bucky. A couple weeks ago he posted both of these great pics.

I'm a big fan of Space Ghost. I'm talking about the original Space Ghost show. There was a pretty cool miniseries that came out in 2005 that you should check out if you haven't read it. The second pic is (obviously Godzilla).

I posted some quick sketches David Aja did at the France Comic Con. Here's another 'fast-free-sketch' he did.

Am I the only one that misses Aja on The Immortal Iron Fist?

To make up for the lack of new Awesome Art, I thought I'd share the awesome Batman with a Broom images from San Diego.

Here is Francis Manapul's:

Dustin Nguyen:

Chris Giarrusso:

Peter Nguyen:

Joel Gomez:

And Dennis Calero:

Be sure to check out the video in order to see them as they're being drawn.

In case you were wondering, there was a reason I had them draw Batman with a broom. Actually, there really isn't much of one. I wanted everyone to be able to see their drawing process. Drawing Batman should be easy for all of them. A broom added a different element that allowed them to interpret the idea however they saw fit. Hope you enjoyed.

Posted by J1ml33

Comic Con is like a box of ( insert  what you will ..) :You Never know what your going to get :D  
Love the sketches and thanks for pointing out the good stuff on the net for all of us to marvel at (thanks tony for making my day :D ) 
and Batman on brooms is very classy ( I like it a lot !) wish I would have drew on but oh well ,it`s back to the drawing board for me .

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Godzilla looks pretty hot.
Batman with a broom also ended with some pretty great and hilarious outcomes.

Posted by Aiden Cross

The Alex Ross one is pretty epic!

Posted by ARMIV

These are all so great! 

Posted by Morgaine_Levesque
@Aiden Cross said:
The Alex Ross one is pretty epic!
Posted by DoomDoomDoom

That Godzilla and Space Ghost by Samnee are amazing.

Posted by Skaddix

Man 30 Rock League is awesome.

Posted by Billy Batson



Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

I really want a comic book drawn by Samnee  right now.

Posted by The Poet

very cool!

Posted by longbowhunter

I love David Aja. He drawing anything currently? Those Chris Samnee pics are stellar! I'd heard his B/W stuff was awesome.
Posted by Bestostero


Posted by Samimista

Pretty Wonder Woman picture. <3

Posted by TheGoldenOne
Cool pics,
Posted by xoxoX23xoxo

I always love the awesome art segment! Would love to have Wonder Woman in my kitchen :D

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

They're all good, but I really like that take on Wonder Woman. Also, Godzilla!

Posted by G-Man

@kfhrfdu_89_76k: Captain America and Bucky #620 just came out. Bettie Breitweiser does the colors. Samnee's art combined with Bettie's colors are amazing. I gave it a 5 out of 5.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

All of them are so good! Alex Ross of course always shines. The Batman and Broom ones are great!

Posted by The Impersonator


Posted by Mbecks14
Posted by Jenna

My respect for Alex Ross just went up about 200%.  Tracy's EGOT button, Frank the Martian...perfection all around.  And I love how Kenneth's hair is still visible.
Also, that's a good-lookin' Wondy. 

Posted by Decept-O

Nice assortment again!

Posted by shawn87

That Alex Ross piece is pretty cool

Posted by Gambit1024

Space Ghost! 
What ever happened to that guy?

Posted by ImperiousRix

The Phil Noto additions never fail to impress me.  Love that dude's work!

Posted by 1fearless1

Wow Ross, are you that stupid to NOT know the difference between a black dude and an Indian/Pakistan/Middle eastern dude? That is AWFUL Ross! By the way your watercolor is overrated! So drop your ego down 4-5 notch will ya? 

Posted by 1fearless1

Oh I remember who that black dude is now. That's Tracey Morgan! 

Posted by FesteringNeon

awesome article :)

Posted by ryu_talkative_batman

SPACE.... GHOST. AND Bat-broom

Posted by KRYPTON

Great art pics

Posted by EdwardWindsor

the league picture is amazing

Posted by mhanson108

love to see the space ghost!

Posted by The Psyentist

Wow, I love the Wonder Woman picture. That 30 Rock League is pretty funny!

Posted by B'Town


Posted by crusader8463

Man, those bottom ones look really bad compared to the top ones. I really like the godzilla one.

Posted by chikin_n_rofls

man, those broom pics are great

Posted by LanternCarl
@Mbecks14: Hal Jordan on the drums. I cannot stop laughing. Great job, sir!
Posted by Lovingdamnation

Alex Ross = my mind blown

Posted by Eyz

Alright, those Batman drawings are awesome and all....
I REALLY LOVE that Wonder Woman the most!! <3
So pretty~

Posted by TheChaos

That Wonder Woman is amazing!