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Awesome Art Picks: Usagi Yojimbo, Wolverine, Thor and More

The coolest comic book art you won't see in comics.

Each week we look for the coolest comic book art that won't be seen in actual comics. The reason they won't is because artists often draw sketches for fun or commissions and post them on their Tumblrs, websites and blogs. Some artists even arrange commissions through their sites.

Chris Samnee has started posting new art pretty much every day on his blog. That's great for all of us. Check out the latest.

Marcio Takara posted some more commissions on his Tumblr this week. His commission list is closing on December 15 so act fast.

Yildiray Cinar posted some more sketches on his Instagram.

J. Scott Campbell started posting some recent commissions on his Instagram including a Wonder Woman sketch in honor of this week's news.

Michael Walsh posted a Hellboy commission on his Tumblr as well as a Superman sketch on his Instagram.

Brett Booth has been busy working on BATMAN/SUPERMAN but did find time to post this Thor sketch on his blog.

Check out the Luna Lovegood sketch Paolo Rivera posted on his blog. He also posted a zombie/Walking Dead sketch.

Ray-Anthony Height posted a warm up sketch of Ryuko from Kill la Kill on his Tumblr.

Vinny Navarrete posted a Big Barda sketch on his Tumblr.

Joel Gomez posted some more sketch covers and sketch cards on his Tumblr.

Philip Tan donated a Wolverine Sketch for a Red Cross auction. You can check out it out on eBay HERE. There's still a few days left!

Chris Giarrusso posted some more new art on his website this week.

And in honor of Comic Vine's seventh birthday, here's a pic he did of me, Red L.A.M.P. (Ethan Lance) and Captain Cascader (Dave Snider) in our Comic Vine outfits back in 2008 and a certain lady the very first time I met him.

Todd Nauck, as usual, posted a mountain of new sketches on his Tumblr.

This Usagi Yojimbo will be going up for auction to benefit Stan Sakai and his wife. More information can be found HERE and Todd will post a link on his Tumblr when the auction is live.

That's it for this week. We'll be back with more next time.

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Posted by ARMIV2

This batch was delicious!

Edited by Romthelegionaire

The Wolverine sketch is really epic and so are the Miles Morales, Thor, and Nightcrawler pictures.

Edited by ALittleTooRaph

Lots of great art! I love the Usagi Yojimbo!!!

Posted by ssejllenrad

Brett Booth's fast becoming my favourite artist.

Posted by sinestro_GL


Posted by ColaNicole

I love that Supergirl piece. It's great. I love Brett Booths's art but only in black and white.

Posted by LenSnart

dat gambit

Posted by Lykida

Brett Booth's Thor. That's all this week.

Edited by Z3RO180

Brett Booths Thor is epic. I want it.

Edited by Hel

Good work by Yildiray Cinar & Brett Booth

Edited by TheIncredibleSuperHulk8642

Brett Booth's Thor, Philip Tan's Wolverine and J Scott Campbell's Wonder Woman are gorgeous.

Edited by Battle_Forum_Junkie

That Brett Booth Thor was awesome!

Edited by wmwadeii

Another great week. Missed last weeks while I was on vacation. Now I'm back and have two weeks worth of deviantArt picks posted.

Posted by kilomac29

Really love Brett Booth, and dig his work on Batman/Superman so far.

Todd Nauck has a really cool style, and he's so damn prolific.

As much as I dig Paolo Rivera's professional work, this personal item might be the best thing I've ever seen.

Chris Samnee is the best artist working right now, IMO.

The Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom- Chris Samnee Cover

I picked this up from one of my LCS's that's unfortunately going out of business. Really dig that cover.

Posted by Battle_Forum_Junkie

Can someone tell me who this guy is? I have a feeling I should know, I just can't place his name.

Posted by longbowhunter

Damn I love that Marcio Takara Chamber so much. I wish Marvel would do something with that character.

Edited by AllStarSuperman

Brett booths Thor is terrible. Tiny head huge arms.

Edited by HeraldofGanthet
Edited by Battle_Forum_Junkie


Oh, yeah! Thanks. :) I just finished Final Crisis, I feel a bit dumb for not remembering. :P

Posted by EvanTheMexiJew

Samnee's Doom Patrol is rad.

Posted by akbogert

I'm still in awe of the fact that that (awesome) Campbell piece file name is "stanerine.jpg."

Posted by HeraldofGanthet


It's all good, playa. If the pic was in color, you would've recognized him immediately. I'm sure of it!

Posted by snarkybits


Posted by fables87

Usagi Yojimbo! Also I really like that Luna Lovegood!

Posted by NightFang
Posted by iaconpoint

Was just commenting to a friend about how Brett Booth gets many negative comments when his art is so awesome. Not this week though!

Posted by G-Man

@akbogert: haha. That was my doing when I grabbed it from his Instagram.

Posted by akbogert

@g_man: Well done, sir. Well done.

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

Great stuff!

Edited by staypuffed
Posted by ZeroPlus

Great Art.

Posted by BoyWander


Edited by CitizenJP

That Thor drawing was boss.

Posted by glclemg

Todd is pretty awesome!

Edited by Farkam

Jeez, what is with people and Usagi Yojimbo .

Posted by


Loved everything this week Samee and Takara especially. And I was glad to see some characters that need more love: Pre New 52 wonder girl, Doom Patrol, Chamber, Boom Boom, and Absorbing Man.

Edited by timelord

Really looking forward to Yildiray Cinar and Tony Bedard taking over Supergirl. It should be the start of an amazing run after Green Lantern: New Guardians.

Posted by Perfect 10

that j scott campbell wonder woman is awesome she even resembles my girl Gal Gadot. NICE

Posted by zero_00


Posted by simonchan

omg when is that paypal donate site going to be fixed? its already 3 weeks broken!