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Awesome Art Picks: Thing, Fantastic Four, Iceman and More

The coolest comic book art you won't see in comics.

Time again for some of this week's coolest comic book art that you won't see in comics. Why won't you see them in comics if they're so cool? Artists often do sketches and pictures for fun when they're not working on their actual comic book assignments. They'll post them on their Tumblrs, blogs, Twitters, etc.

Our first comes from the amazing Skottie Young.

I didn't realize he had started doing a Daily Doodle on his website. What could be cooler than that image above of the Thing? How about being able to own it? Actually, this doodle is already sold. What Skottie is doing is posting the images and offering them for sale in his online store. A great way for you to pick up some original Skottie Young art, if you're quick enough.

== TEASER ==

Here's some more from Skottie.

I've heard people compare Apocalypse to Darkseid before. Check out Dustin Nguyen's version of Darkseid. Who would win?

Practically every week we can count on Phil Noto to deliver some sweet drawings. He's been pretty busy this week.

The Iceman image was an unused Iceman Origins cover. What? That's crazy. The second image is more insanity. It's an unused cover for Superboy #4. The sketch of X-23 was a result of Marjorie Liu and Gail Simone's friendly banter via Twitter with each other over which character was better, X-23, Batgirl or Black Canary. The final image is a friendly poke at DC. Phil does wish them luck with the relaunch.

But wait, there's more.

It's another one of Phil's 1960s images that needs to be collected with his other ones.

Do we have any Doctor Who fans in the house? Francesco Francavilla is a big fan. Each week as a new episode airs, he plans on doing a spoiler free 20 minute poster. This one was for the "Let's Kill Hitler" episode.

Peter Nguyen decided to give Jubilee some attention on his Tumblr.

What's up with his "Age of Jubilee"? His reasoning was, "A lot of X-Men have been touched by Apocalypse. I felt Jubilee was always being left behind again."

And finally, last week we had a few pictures from Cameron Stewart. Here's one more of the Red Skull from his Tumblr.

If you missed any of our previous editions, go up to the search bar, filter it to articles and type in "Awesome Art." You'll see a selection of past articles. Be sure to look for another installment next week.

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Posted by Crimson Thunder

Love the Red Skull, Great Pictures
Posted by EdwardWindsor

The Mojo pic is awesome!

Posted by obscurefan

Haha, I love when artist do little mash up things, so the Jubilee Apocalypse thing is super creative.

Posted by SexualLobster

Is the one with the sword Magma?

Posted by dondasch

Going to have to go with Phil Noto again.  Rest just looks bad to me.

Posted by Billy Batson



Posted by thechessclub

Tony, how much is Noto paying you? lol

Posted by Or35ti

The unused Iceman and Superboy covers rock!!

Posted by TDK_1997

Nice picks

Posted by eregecardoso
@SexualLobster: It seems like it 
Posted by jubilee042

jubes is cool

Posted by TheMess1428

The Wolverine/Superman one was priceless. :)

Posted by pikahyper

That Cloak is pretty epic, I've been a fan of Scottie's since he started out, extremely talented guy.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

I think that the greatness that these pics transmit, is gonna increase the size of all of my bloodcells to be 10 times bigger, thus causing my death. Curse you, awesome artists. 

Posted by hitechlolife

Ascended Jubilee is awesome.! That Iceman pic by Phil Noto wins my desktop though.

Posted by Ultimate_MiracleMan

Love the one of Wolverine and Supes. In fact all of the Phil Noto pics are awesome

Posted by xkoenig

Tony, this is a great feature! Keep this up :)

Posted by longbowhunter

Dig Skottie Young's Apocalypse. His head looks like a big blue banana. I like bananas.
Posted by Mr. Kamikaze

@SexualLobster: I'm pretty sure it's Magik

Posted by PhoenixoftheTides

I love the picture of Magik! Phil Noto's art is great, especially at depicting younger women!

Posted by kingspawn

wow! i do really love the art gallery! that's fantastic and beautiful. oh,right! i forget i'm artist tattoos. lol.
Posted by Decept-O

Fantastic art all around. Phil Noto is incredible, just wow. Thanks again G-Man for posting all the great art!

Posted by SUPER-MAN 23

Best week yet

Posted by Bestostero

Wolverine raises a good point :)

Posted by Gambit1024

The Red Skull, the 60's FF and the Wolverine/Superman are the best ones. 

Posted by frochez
I'd guess Magik (Colossus' sister)
Posted by Mrfuzzynutz


Posted by JoeyF

Haha, that Mojo piece is pretty great! Looks like something that could live in Nightmare Before Christmas.

Posted by Grim
@TheMess1428 said:
The Wolverine/Superman one was priceless. :)
Posted by mattydeNero

Skottie Young has entertained me on a almost a daily basis for years now with his random sketches.  His evolution as an artist is amazing. 

Posted by shawn87

Pretty cool selection this week

Posted by Aiden Cross

Awesome selection, Pretty much love them all ^_^ Especially Young's art =)

Posted by DoomDoomDoom

Noto is amazing. I love signing into CV and seeing an article with his work in it on the main page! The FF and Magik ones are my favorites by far. Young's stuff was good, except for that cyclops something about it I didn't care for. The Thing looks amazing in this style reminds me of the Maxx a little.

Posted by keith71_98

Hmmmm, really weird artwork this week. Not my thing.
Posted by goldenkey

Apocolypse looks like something from Songe Bob.   He's soooooo good tho.
Posted by Joe Venom

~Random thought~

If I was superman I would save the world in my underwear and only my underwear...

Posted by jNerd

I love Skottie Young he has such a unique style. His art is amazing.

I got my girlfriend into comics with his Oz books.

Posted by _transgojobot_
Weekly Art Picks ought be renamed Phil Noto Presents. ::grin::
Posted by WildOrchid

X-23 is ridiculously awesome especially knowing it came about in response to the incorrigible antics of Simone & Liu.  =) 
Jubilee is fabulous.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Dustin Nguyen's Darkseid's amazing! Everything else I love too. Awesome picks! :)

Posted by _Zombie_

This has to be my favorite installment so far, Noto delivered some pretty awesome art once more.  Especially the one making fun of Supes' costume. xD

Posted by The Impersonator
Posted by THE_unnamed
@SexualLobster@SexualLobster said:
Is the one with the sword Magma?
its like MAGIK TO ME 
Posted by Kid_Zombie

Cool stuff! But like I say always, lets see some art picks from stuff other then marvel and Dc, maybe image Vertigo or other independent companies. This site loves their big 2 love. Understandable but it is nice to see more of other stuff also. Like that doctor who one which was awesome by the way! And love that Iceman and 60's fantastic four pics!

Posted by entee

Phil Noto's become a favorite of mine in these awesome art picks. His cover including Iceman is awesome, and I'm loving his 1960s Marvel heroes.Great artist!

Posted by thechessclub

@jNerd said:

I love Skottie Young he has such a unique style. His art is amazing.

I got my girlfriend into comics with his Oz books.


Posted by rokusan23

HAHAHA. APOCALYPSE!! like an egg!! xD hahahahahaha!!

Posted by MrUnknown

Skottie Young's looks a bit too striking for my taste, Phil Noto's stuff is great though!

Posted by commonlyuncommon
@SexualLobster:  It's Magik with the Soulsword.
Posted by They Killed Cap!

love the wolverine superman
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